Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3864, Revenge?


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Zhou Zheng took the Space Ring coldly, and scanned it with his Divine Sense and found that there were only twenty Open Heaven Pills in it. Following a cold snort, he threw the Space Ring on the ground and flicked his sleeve, “Never mind. I’m leaving!”


Normally, Zhou Zheng would gladly accept twenty Open Heaven Pills, but the situation now was a different case. Twenty Open Heaven Pills were nothing compared to the rewards Yang Kai received.


“Manager Zhou, Manager Zhou…” Old Fang quickly picked up the Space Ring and chased after him.


After a long time, Old Fang came back looking dispirited. By the look of his face, it was obvious that things did not go well.


When he came back, he found that Yang Kai was checking the Open Heaven Pills in the Space Ring, smiling from ear to ear. Old Fang was infuriated and pointed at him, “Tell me, why did you have to make enemies with him? You should’ve just given him some benefits.”


Yang Kai sneered, “I wouldn’t mind giving him some benefits if the previous gift had worked, but it’s clear that he did not bother saving us even when we had given him such a big gift. So, why do we need to be generous to him?”


Old Fang stomped his foot, “He is still the Orchard Manager! You should make friends with him with the money rather than offend him like this. Can you stand it if he causes you trouble in the future?”


“There is always a solution to a problem!” Yang Kai sneered, “Although he is a Manager, he can’t just do whatever he wants, and I’m not afraid of him even though I am just a Worker.”


Old Fang sighed, “Let’s stop talking about this matter. It’s useless to say anything now.”


After sitting down and drinking a cup of wine, he saw that Yang Kai was still smiling and he could not help but ask, “How much did Venerable reward you this time that you keep smiling like that?”


“See for yourself,” Yang Kai tossed the Space Ring in his hand to him.


Old Fang caught it, and exclaimed after scanning it with his Divine Sense, “So many?”


He did not count them properly, but there should be at least four or five thousand Open Heaven Pills in the Space Ring! This was a terrifying number for a Worker.


Although Old Fang expected the Venerable to give a great reward, the amount was still out of his expectation. He thought it would be just a few hundred to a thousand at most.


Yang Kai disclosed, “Five thousand pieces exactly! Though I’m not sure if Zhou Zheng took some beforehand.”


Old Fang shook his head, “Of course he didn’t. This is a direct reward from the Venerable; as a trivial Orchard Manager, Zhou Zheng wouldn’t dare touch it. Otherwise, his life would not be spared if Venerable found out. I see… No wonder he was uninterested in the twenty Open Heaven Pills that I just offered him.”


Yang Kai laughed “Now you understand why I pretended to be ignorant. If I share the benefits with him, how much would be an appropriate amount? Judging by his character, I’m afraid he won’t be satisfied without at least a thousand Open Heaven Pills. Since he was useless previously, why should I give him a thousand Spirit Pills for free?”


Old Fang nodded, “That’s true. He will only be more resentful if he gets a smaller share, but we will suffer losses if he gets too many. It’s better to just ignore him.”


“Exactly!” Yang Kai took back the Space Ring with a grin.


Old Fang admired Yang Kai for being able to gain five thousand Open Heaven Pills so easily. None of the Workers in Seven Wonders Land were a match for him. Old Fang had seen others making big contributions before, but the largest reward given out for those had been 60 Open Heaven Pills. 5,000 pills were equivalent to the pay of about a thousand Workers without any other expenses for almost two years. In addition to Yang Kai’s previous income, it was not an exaggeration to say that he was now the richest Worker in Seven Wonders Land.


And how long had he been here? It was only less than three months!


“Old Fang, don’t you think this reward is too much?” Yang Kai suddenly frowned. Although the Fourth-Order Open Heaven material was worth 150,000 Open Heaven Pills and Yang Kai had contributed greatly to its acquisition, such a massive reward was still somewhat surprising.


“Isn’t it good that it’s too much?” Old Fang was bewildered, “This is the first time I’ve heard someone complaining about being rewarded too much. If you think it’s too much, you might as well share half of it with me. I don’t mind.”


Yang Kai pretended he did not hear him.


Old Fang sighed again, “But after this, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to get rid of this small plot.” As Workers, everyone naturally wished to take care of as many fruit trees as they could. In this way, they could earn extra income, and also have more opportunities for making contributions.


None of the Workers in the Worker’s Room would be upset about managing a large area of the orchard. They all wanted it to be as big as possible.


“It doesn’t matter.” Yang Kai chuckled, “I don’t rely on this land to make money.”


After a single thought, Old Fang agreed with him. Yang Kai had his own way to earn a fortune now. Unlike the ordinary Workers, the size of his orchard made no difference to him. It could even be said that a smaller orchard would be more convenient and better for him.


He had been here for hundreds of years, and it was the first time he had seen a Worker acting so carefree. Old Fang could not help but admire Yang Kai.


Everything was calm for the next few days. From time to time, people would come to sell Jade Fire Silkworms to Old Fang, and Old Fang bought all of them without hesitation, then passed them to Yang Kai to feed the Ruler of the Dawn Great General, while the Great General spat out Open Heaven Pills seemingly endlessly.


Old Fang was beaming every day all day. He had experienced more glee these past two months than in the past few hundred years combined.


A few days later, Yang Kai, who was sunbathing under a fruit tree, suddenly opened his eyes and looked in a certain direction.


At the same moment, Old Fang, who was calculating his recent income, also turned to look. Then, his face changed slightly and called Yang Kai, “Little Brother, get up.”


Yang Kai turned over lazily, turning his back to him.


Old Fang was speechless as he got up and greeted the visitor. After a few minutes, a man approached him. It was Zhou Zheng, so Old Fang hurriedly saluted.


“En.” Zhou Zheng scanned around, but seeing that Yang Kai did not show him any respect at all, his face immediately turned cold and he snorted heavily.


A few days ago, he was upset that he did not get a share of benefits from Yang Kai. He had naturally checked the Open Heaven Pills in the Space Ring before, and he knew that there were 5,000 of them. With a twenty percent ‘gift’, he would acquire 1,000 pills. However, Yang Kai did not give anything to him at all.


If Du Ru Feng had not given him an order in advance, Zhou Zheng would have taught Yang Kai a lesson already. He was hoping Yang Kai would come to his senses and make up for his mistakes, but he did not expect Yang Kai to ignore him outright.


Coming here and seeing Yang Kai still lying under the sun, the anger almost blew out of Zhou Zheng’s chest.


“Yang Kai, what is the meaning of this!? As a Worker, why are you not taking care of the fruit trees and instead lazing around here!?” Zhou Zheng shouted.


Yang Kai turned over and squinted at him. Then he got up, and cupped his fists, “So it is Manager Zhou who came. Does Manager Zhou need anything?”


“You…” Zhou Zheng was maddened, “I’m asking you, have you finished taking care of the fruit trees in your orchard?”


“I’ve finished my task properly. If Manager Zhou doesn’t believe me, you may inspect it yourself. If there is anything wrong, I will correct it immediately!”


“Are you that confident?” Zhou Zheng sneered repeatedly. If he wanted to find fault with Yang Kai, it would be futile even if Yang Kai took perfect care of the fruit trees.


Old Fang noticed something was wrong, knowing that Yang Kai was digging his own grave. Taken aback, he quickly went forward to apologize, “Manager Zhou, please calm down. I went to see his fruit trees myself, and this little brat indeed has taken care of them. Since Manager Zhou came all the way here, please sit down to have some wine!”


Then he went to pull Zhou Zheng.


Zhou Zheng reprimanded as he looked at him coldly, “Go away, what thing are you?”


Old Fang’s hand froze mid-air, and embarrassment filled his face. He knew that Zhou Zheng was really mad this time, otherwise he would not say such words. In the past, he was just greedy, but he always had an amiable attitude towards the Workers. Of course, the premise was that they had paid him enough, but today he actually rebuked them with harsh words.


Zhou Zheng turned back to Yang Kai and suppressed his anger because he needed to settle something with him today. Although he was upset with Yang Kai’s attitude, he could not delay this matter anymore. This matter should have been done a few days ago, but he was too enraged at the time, so he did not mention it. But he was getting anxious after a few days, and he was afraid of getting into trouble if he continued to delay.


“Yang Kai, come with me,” Zhou Zheng snorted coldly. Although he could not harm Yang Kai due to Du Ru Feng’s order, it did not mean he could not punish him slightly. With his identity as a Manager, it was too convenient for him to teach Yang Kai a lesson.


“I wonder if Manager Zhou has anything to tell me?” Yang Kai questioned.


Zhou Zheng retorted, “Enough nonsense. Just follow me as I ordered!” After saying so, he soared to the sky and rushed off.


Yang Kai frowned, for he had no idea what Zhou Zheng was going to do. [Could he be angry and want to beat me up? I don’t think he has the courage to kill me.] Although the status of the Workers in the Worker’s Room was low, each of them was a valuable resource to Fire Spirit Land. Otherwise, the Venerable Protector would not have gone out to attract more; therefore, Zhou Zheng definitely would not kill him. Only the Venerable Protector had the authority to execute Workers in the entire Fire Spirit Land.


Old Fang looked at Yang Kai worriedly, “Be patient and don’t be so impulsive later. Speak softly, and if Manager Zhou wants to do anything to you, bear it if you can and don’t fight back, otherwise, you’ll be doomed in the future.”


Yang Kai said nothing and glanced in the direction Zhou Zheng had left, having no choice but to keep up as he thought to himself, [If Zhou Zheng really attacks me later, what should I do?]


[Good, I will grab Ruler of the Dawn Great General and throw him at him. Let’s see if he dares to fight back then!]


After he decided, Yang Kai caressed the Ruler of the Dawn Great General on his head, [I’m putting my faith in you for later!]


Great General did not understand what was happening and just crowed twice.


Yang Kai sped after Zhou Zheng, and after a stick worth of incense, he saw him plummeting straight into the orchard. Yang Kai also landed and looked around suspiciously.


Even if Zhou Zheng wanted to teach himself a lesson, he should not have chosen this place. Zhou Zheng could not afford it if their fight caused any problems for the surrounding fruit trees.


If he was not here to teach him a lesson, what was his intention of bringing him here?


While Yang Kai was still puzzled, Zhou Zheng suddenly bellowed, “Where’s the Worker of this plot!?”


After only three breaths of time, a rumbling sound approached rapidly, as if thunderstruck across the ground, causing it to tremble. Then, a burly figure rushed towards them from a distance and bowed, “I’m here, I’m here. So it is Manager Zhou here. Please forgive this Xiang for being far away just now. Hahaha, Manager Zhou, have a seat.”




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