Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3895, Three Golden Tail Feathers


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Dié You and Ah Sun quickly followed after him and saluted.


Mie Meng swept her eyes across the crowd before stopping on Yang Kai. She nodded slightly as she sent him a Divine Sense transmission, “Many thanks little one.”


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Senior is too polite. You’ve also helped this Junior greatly, so it was mutually beneficial.”


Mie Meng continued, “You’d better not let others know about your Dragon Vein!”


Yang Kai asked bafflingly, “Why?”


Mie Meng sneered, “Your Dragon Clan has many enemies in this vast world. What do you think will happen to you if you let those enemies know that you are a Dragon?”


Yang Kai was enlightened, and thanked solemnly, “Many thanks for your reminder, Senior, this Junior will remember your advice.” It seemed like he could not simply use his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique in the future, at least not before he got stronger, otherwise, he may bring himself some trouble.


Yang Kai learnt of the arrogance of the Dragon Clan back when he was still in the Star Boundary and guessed that the reputation of the Dragon Clan in the Outer Universe was not much better.


Mie Meng solemnly added, “However, your Dragon Clan is one with great unity. Although the Dragons are mysterious with their whereabouts, the others will certainly avenge you if you encounter disaster. Therefore, if you encounter any unavoidable danger, you might as well reveal your Dragon Vein as it may make others think twice before hurting you.”


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “This Junior has been enlightened!” 


After a pause, he proceeded, “Does Senior know where I should look if I want to find other Dragons?”


Mie Meng snorted coldly, “Didn’t I just mention that every Dragon of the Dragon Clan is mysterious with their whereabouts? Most never lay eyes on one. However, it was said that the Dragon Clan lives in the Dragon Altar, which serves as both their homeland and origin. However, no one is sure where the Dragon Altar is as only members of the Dragon Clan can find it. Try to improve your Dragon Vein, and maybe one day you will be able to sense the location of the Dragon Altar.”


“Improve my Dragon Vein…” Yang Kai was slightly baffled. If he wanted to improve his Dragon Vein, he had to continue to assimilate the Golden Divine Dragon Source into his body. Although Yang Kai now possessed a 2,000-metre-tall Half-Dragon Form, he could feel that the Dragon Source in his body had not been fully integrated yet, and he still had a lot of room for growth. However, the growth of a Dragon was time-consuming and he could not afford to wait.


Great General jumped out of Yang Kai’s arms, flapped his wings, and flew up and down unsteadily towards Mie Meng. Mie Meng lowered her head, grabbed him with her beak, turned her head and place him on her back.


Great General crowed for a while, and Mie Meng listened to him attentively. Then, she looked at Yang Kai again, and sent him a message, “Little boy, take care of yourself. Here are three golden tail feathers sealed with three Divine Abilities of this Queen. If you run into danger, you can activate them to resist your enemy. Farewell!”


As she finished, a gust of wind so strong that everyone had to close their eyes blew and by the time they recovered, Mie Meng had already disappeared, leaving only a faint trail of golden light in the distance.


To Yang Kai’s surprise, three thirty-meter-long golden feathers were floating in front of him, as if they were made of pure gold without any impurities.


Yang Kai was stunned as he did not expect Mie Meng would leave such benefits to him. It was probably the result of the last request from Great General, because Great General did seem to be communicating with her before their departure.


Yang Kai reached out towards the feathers before they rapidly shrank down to palm length. He then stuffed them into his Space Ring. Looking in the direction of Mie Meng’s departure, he raised his hand and waved goodbye. After today, he probably would never see them again.


Old Fang stared at Yang Kai’s Space Ring fixedly. Although he was clueless about the use of the three golden feathers left by Mie Meng, he naturally saw that they were not ordinary. Following a gulp, he asked, “What did Senior Mie Meng tell you just now?”


Previously, Mie Meng and Yang Kai communicated through Divine Sense transmissions, so Old Fang and the others could not hear them at all.


“She didn’t say too much, just thanked me for helping her.” Yang Kai simply responded, looked at the crowd, and continued with a smile, “Where should we go now?”


All four of them were all relatively new to this Outer Universe, as although Old Fang and Dié You had left their Universe Worlds many years ago, they had been trapped inside Seven Wonders Land most of that time. Their understanding of this Outer Universe was no better than that of Yang Kai and Ah Sun.


Before, they still at least had a goal by following the guidance of Great General; however, with the departure of Great General, they truly were like headless flies with nowhere to go.


Ah Sun proposed shyly, “Do you want to go to a place with me?”


Yang Kai turned to look at her, “Where are you going?”


“Great Moon Province!” Ah Sun looked guilty.


“Where is that?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


Old Fang looked at Ah Sun thoughtfully, and explained slowly, “There are countless great forces in the Outer Universe. If these great forces are divided into three grades, the top are naturally the Thirty-Six Cave Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises, where there are the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Below these Cave Heavens and Paradises, there are Second Class forces which are led by Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters like Seven Wonders Land. Further below, there are various Spirit Provinces, which have neither High-Rank nor Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm cultivators. In these places, there are only Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Great Moon Province must be one of them, “


Ah Sun nodded, then shook her head, “I’m not sure, but it should be.”


Old Fang chuckled, “It seems that Sister Ah Sun also has a good background. Otherwise, how could you know such a place as Great Moon Province?”


Ah Sun could not help sticking out her tongue, “I have a Senior from Great Moon Province. I just want to find him.”


Yang Kai asked curiously, “Ah Sun, didn’t you say that the Universe World you came from had collapsed and perished, and that you were its last survivor?” He remembered clearly what Ah Sun said when he first met her.


Ah Sun explained, “Yes, that world has indeed collapsed and perished, and I am the only one left. But hundreds of years ago, a Senior from our world returned once.”


This sounded familiar… It seemed like Fang Tai had said the same before.


“That Senior left me a Faith Token so that I could find him with it one day when I entered the Outer Universe!”


This sounded even more familiar… Yang Kai was speechless for a while.


Fang Tai showed his Faith Token to Duan Hai at that time, but unlike him, Ah Sun kept it a secret. Judging from the current results, Ah Sun undoubtedly made the right choice. Although Fang Tai was sentenced to death because of assisting Zhou Zheng and Xiang Yong in stealing the Spirit Fruit, Yang Kai believed that his background might be the main cause of his death.


Thinking about it, if the senior expert from Black River World found out that his descendant, Fang Tai, was baited to be a Worker in Seven Wonders Land in the future, he would never let such a matter slide. As such, Duan Hai ordered him to hunt down Fang Tai to avoid future trouble.


If Ah Sun had followed in Fang Tai’s footsteps at that time, perhaps she might have ended up the same.


While talking, Ah Sun took out a small fox. The fox seemed to be made from an unknown Spirit Jade the size of a palm. It was white and crystal clear, looking vivid, just like a living creature.


“Can we find Great Moon Province with this?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


Ah Sun stated, “I think my Senior left the path guide in this Faith Token.”


A sudden realization dawned on Yang Kai. He immediately remembered the jade ring Faith Token left by Fang Tai. They probably had similar functions that would guide their possessor. Relying on the guidance of these Faith Tokens, one could find a specific location. Yang Kai had stored the jade ring in the Small Sealed World, but now it seemed that he needed to get rid of it as soon as possible, otherwise it could be a problem.


However, it was not enough to just get rid of the Faith Token, for he still had a mark on his body. If the mark was not removed, once he met that senior expert from Black River World, the latter would surely know that he had killed Fang Tai.


“Since you have a place to go, why didn’t you mention it before and just followed us all this time?” Dié You looked at Ah Sun as she questioned.


Ah Sun stuck out her tongue again, “I didn’t dare to run around in the Outer Universe alone, and I didn’t know what kind of people you were before…”


“So do you know now?” Dié You giggled.


Ah Sun hugged Dié You’s arm and grinned, “At least you all are not bad people.”


Dié You glanced at Yang Kai helplessly, and Yang Kai remarked, “It’s always better to be careful in the outside world. What do you all think?”


Old Fang shrugged, “I have no opinion. I can go anywhere.”


Dié You replied, “You can decide.”


They let Yang Kai make the call.


Seeing the situation, Ah Sun immediately came to Yang Kai, and shook his arm vigorously, “Senior Brother Yang, please come with me. Ah Sun really doesn’t dare to run around alone, and after you get there, you can stay there if you find it suitable for you. My Senior seems to have some power in Great Moon Province, so it shouldn’t be a problem to take in a few people.”


“Don’t simply guarantee things for others!” Yang Kai chuckled and continued after pondering for a while, “Alright, alright, stop shaking my arm. Since we have no place to go anyway, we’ll come with you.”


“Thank you, Senior Brother Yang!” Ah Sun was overjoyed.


“You only thank him?” Old Fang asked faintly.


Ah Sun grinned, “Thank you, Senior Brother Fang, Senior Sister Dié You!”


Old Fang nodded, “Good girl!”


Yang Kai pressed on, “But we can only decide whether to stay after seeing the situation there.”


Ah Sun nodded repeatedly, “Ah Sun understands, but don’t worry, if Senior Brothers and Sister really want to stay, you won’t be treated like Workers.”


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai raised his hand and tapped his knuckles on her head.


Ah Sun did not mind it. She held the fox-shaped white jade in her palm, her face suddenly turning solemn as she started muttering something. They had no idea what she was chanting, but a power surged around her, which was then poured into the fox.


A white figure abruptly shot out of Ah Sun’s palm and turned into a six-meter-long Three-Tailed Fox. The fox turned its head and looked at the people with intelligent eyes, and after nodding, it started running swiftly.


Needless to say, the fox was guiding them towards Great Moon Province.


“Keep up with it!” Yang Kai gave a low cry and the four of them immediately followed after the fox.


Fortunately, the fox was galloping in the same direction as they were travelling before. In other words, they did not waste time travelling here with Great General to save his mother and now just needed to continue to follow this path.


It seemed there was a long way to go as the four of them followed the fox, speeding along through the void.




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