Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3960, Inspection


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“Little friend, please take no offence.” Old Yu extended his hand and stared fixedly at Yang Kai as though he was attempting to look deep into his Soul.


To the side, Luo Hai Yi turned pale and balled up her fists as she was anxious. She wasn’t certain if Yang Kai could pass this inspection, but he most likely couldn’t; however, she didn’t have much on her. Otherwise, she could lend him some first.


On the other hand, Yang Kai appeared calm and collected. Faced with a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he still sported a nonchalant smile, “Is there such a rule in the Wind and Cloud Auction House? Why am I not aware of it?”


Hearing that, Old Yu knitted his brows. There wasn’t such a rule in the past because everyone behaved themselves; however, this brat was apparently up to no good, so how did he have the gall to talk about rules? Furthermore, how dare a mere Emperor Realm Junior act so impudently in front of him? That was the reason Old Yu was furious and spoke forcefully, “Little friend, please cooperate.”


“Brat, stop spouting nonsense. Scram if you don’t have the money and stop embarrassing yourself.”


“Heh heh, isn’t it too late for him to leave? How can he leave just like this after making a scene?”


“Old Yu, it’s pointless to be polite to him. Just make a move against him.”




Many voices were heard coming from those private rooms. Obviously, they wanted the auction house to kick Yang Kai out as quickly as possible so that the auction could go on.


Yang Kai looked slightly away as his intention was indeed to make trouble in this auction house. That was because they refused to pay up and treated him disrespectfully; however, he hadn’t expected to attract public outrage in the process. If he were in their shoes though, he probably would have also thought that his actions were annoying; therefore, despite the fact that those from the private rooms were acting spitefully, he remained unperturbed. Staring fixedly at Old Yu, he said, “I don’t mind cooperating with the inspection, but what if I do have enough to pay for the items I’ve bid for?”


Hearing that, Old Yu frowned, “In that case, the auction will go on.” Despite what he had said, he didn’t believe Yang Kai possessed such an immense fortune. Everyone was required to showcase their wealth before entering the venue. If Yang Kai were so wealthy, he would’ve been given a private room.


Barely anyone sitting in the lower hall had more than a few hundred thousand Open Heaven Pills.


Yang Kai replied impassively, “What you’re trying to do will stain my reputation. Do you think you can get away with it by just resuming the auction after such disrespect?”


“What do you want, then?” Old Yu frowned, thinking that this brat was difficult to deal with.


Yang Kai sneered at him, “Don’t you think you need to apologise for making a mistake?”


Instantly, Old Yu became incensed. If they weren’t in the auction house, he would’ve let Yang Kai know the consequences of talking to him in such a manner. However, even though Yang Kai was suspected of causing trouble, he couldn’t possibly make a move on a guest in his house in public. That would make him look like he was oppressing a Junior and it would greatly damage the auction house’s reputation; therefore, regardless of how infuriated he was, Old Yu could only hold it in.


Yang Kai went on to say, “I can cooperate with the inspection. If you can prove that I don’t have enough capital, you are free to do as you please with me; however, if I pass the inspection, you will apologise and give me some compensation.”


A sharp glint flashed across Old Yu’s eyes, but after giving it a thought, he nodded, “Good.” [He’s just bluffing. Does he think he can make me back down just like that? He’s still too young and naive.]


While Old Yu was lost in his own thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly put on a faint smile, “Old man, I hope you won’t go back on your words.”


After he finished speaking, he fished out a Space Ring and passed it to Old Yu.


Old Yu hadn’t expected that Yang Kai would directly take out a ring for inspection, so he frowned and wondered whether this brat was really so wealthy.


Doubtfully, he took the ring and scanned it with his Divine Sense, only for him to stiffen in place with his hand trembling so hard he nearly dropped the ring. Quickly, he composed himself and narrowed his eyes, but upon scanning the ring again, he widened them in disbelief.


He almost couldn’t believe his eyes as mountains of Open Heaven Pills were sitting inside the ring, so many it was impossible to count them all immediately.


No one could possibly do that in an instant as there were too many pills. Old Yu was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and he had been in charge of the auction house for a long time now, so it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen transactions worth millions before; however, he really hadn’t ever come across such massive mountains of Open Heaven Pills before.


How many Open Heaven Pills were there in the ring? 100 million was the minimum, but it was likely closer to 200 million. It was no wonder that Yang Kai never even batted an eye when he bid.


With so many pills with him, he could have bought every item on auction today for just a small fraction of his fortune. Not to mention that the items were only worth several ten thousand to several hundred thousand so far.


[Who is he? Why does he possess so many Open Heaven Pills? He’s still quite weak, but he has the guts to walk around with such an immense fortune! Although those from Great Battle Heaven would ensure everyone’s safety in the city, isn’t he worried that an accident might happen?]


He was flabbergasted as he became rooted to the spot with the ring in his hand.


Just then, someone was heard saying from a private room, “Old Yu?”


They were all preparing to mock and ridicule Yang Kai, but Old Yu was unmoving after the inspection. Many of the Open Heaven Realm Masters were sharp-eyed, so they could see the shock behind Old Yu’s gaze, and they wondered what had happened. What was it in the ring that could make a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master lose his composure so completely?


In Room A6, Pei Bu Wan suddenly recalled something and muttered, “This brat is truly brazen.”


Some time ago, he had given Yang Kai 11 million Open Heaven Pills, 10 million of which was the compensation for First Inn. He thought that Yang Kai had already handed the Open Heaven Pills over to Madam Lan, but it now seemed that it was still in his hands. It was no wonder that this brat remained calm and collected when he was required to go through this inspection.


Since the beginning, the things Yang Kai had bid for were worth only 2 million in total. With 11 million in possession, he didn’t have to worry about anything.


After giving it a thought though, Pei Bu Wan realised that something was off. Even if the ring contained 11 million Open Heaven Pills, it couldn’t have made Old Yu lose his cool. Then, he recalled that he wasn’t the only one who had to pay compensation to First Inn. There were probably a few dozen shops that respectively owed the inn 10 million pills.


At the thought of this, Pei Bu Wan gasped and speculated that there were probably over 100 million pills in the ring. Although he couldn’t believe it, he reckoned that his speculation was right after examining Old Yu’s expression.


“So?” Yang Kai stared at Old Yu.


It was only then that Old Yu came to his senses and stared at Yang Kai with a conflicted gaze. After returning the ring to him, he nodded his head, “This little friend indeed has the right to take part in the auction. This Old Master has made a mistake, please forgive me.”


Yang Kai put on a grin, “Can the auction continue, then?”


After a nod, Old Yu moved and appeared at the back of the stage again.


It was then the auctioneer snapped back to reality and raised the gavel before shouting, “300,000 going once, going twice, going three times… Sold!”


The corners of the young man’s eyes twitched as he stared at Yang Kai in puzzlement. If Yang Kai was so wealthy, why was he seated with the rest of the commoners in the lower hall? Seeing as Yang Kai was looking smilingly at him, he hurriedly turned his head and looked down.


In the young man’s mind, regardless of what Yang Kai’s cultivation was, the latter must be backed by a powerful great force to have so many Open Heaven Pills in his possession. The young man couldn’t afford to offend him, so before the auction was over, he resolved to find a chance to flee.


From that point on, the auction became boring as Yang Kai became unhinged. For the following items, no one made a bid again as they were all purchased by Yang Kai. It was as though the auction was specifically set up for him, and the rest of them were just there to serve as props.


Since no one else would make an offer, the auctioneer was swift with banging the gavel. In just a quarter-hour, over ten Fourth-Order materials were bought by Yang Kai. Bai Qi had fallen silent as well. Since Yang Kai would do all the bidding, it wasn’t necessary for him to make an offer.


“The next few items are the most valuable of our auction today. If anyone is interested, please make an offer.” The auctioneer appeared slightly awkward on the stage. That was because only one person was heard making a bid in the entire venue for the past quarter hour, so it was meaningless for her to even act as a host.


Then, a maidservant went on stage and presented the item. The auctioneer said in the most enthusiastic voice she could muster, “A Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire. The reserve price is 1 million. Please make your bids.”


After she finished speaking, the atmosphere in the venue finally became lively again as those from the private rooms released their Divine Senses to scan the item.


Generally, Open Heaven materials that were up for sale were Fifth-Order at best. Sixth-Order materials couldn’t ordinarily be bought with Open Heaven Pills, unless one was extremely fortunate.


Although these wealthy VIP’s were interested in the Fourth-Order materials, they could do without them; however, they were determined to get their hands on a Fifth-Order material.


Such an item was a hot cake wherever it was sold. Even the Cave Heavens and Paradises wouldn’t refuse owning more of such materials.


Therefore, as soon as the auctioneer finished her words, someone yelled, “1.2 million!”


“1.3 million!”


“1.4 million!”



In Room A6, just when Pei Bu Wan was about to make an offer, a familiar voice was heard again, “3 million.”


Rendered speechless, Pei Bu Wan scratched his head and cursed, “This brat must be out of his mind!”


The average price for a Fifth-Order material was about 1.5 million Open Heaven Pills. Even though the prices in an auction house were generally marked up, the maximum should be no more than 2 million. Yang Kai directly offered a price that was two times the average price, so how were others supposed to continue bidding? He didn’t seem to have the intention of allowing others to buy anything at all today.


“Brat, are you still not done with your nonsense? Don’t go too far!” An enraged voice was heard saying.


“That’s right. Boy, aren’t you worried you’ll attract trouble after purchasing so many items?”


“It’s obvious that he’s here to create trouble!”


If Yang Kai hadn’t ultimately won all the previous items, they would have thought that he was hired by the auction house to push up the prices; however, it was now apparent to everyone that he was here to raise a commotion. But, what was the point of doing that? Although the auction house’s reputation would be harmed if all their items were obtained by only one person today, he would also have to pay a hefty price. Not only was he causing damage to the other party, he was also harming himself.


“Old Yu, does this little brat really have so many Open Heaven Pills?” Someone questioned.


Even the auctioneer turned to look at Old Yu. The things that were up for auction earlier were worth several hundred thousand at most, but 3 million was ten times more than the price of any previous item, which was why everyone was doubtful.


However, Old Yu didn’t say anything after inspecting Yang Kai, so no one knew how many Open Heaven Pills he had in possession.


Faced with the stares, Old Yu hung his head low and remained unperturbed. Secretly, he smiled bitterly and thought that a few million was basically nothing as this brat had almost 200 million in his ring.




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