Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3977, Death Trap


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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“I was just wondering why Fifth-Order Yang Sprites had appeared all of a sudden. So, that’s the reason behind it.” The Proprietress nodded slightly, “A Sealing Yang Domain is immensely valuable to any great force. Aren’t you worried that a battle will destroy this domain?”


Qin Ji’s gaze appeared serious, “If I can get rid of you for good, I won’t mind losing a mere Sealing Yang Domain.” Despite what he had said, there was a look of distress on his face; after all, if a battle took place here, he wouldn’t be able to save this Sealing Yang Domain, which would be a great loss for Golden Rainbow Province.


“It seems that all of you are determined to kill me here.”


Right then, an elderly man, who was standing on the left of Qin Ji, bellowed, “If a crazy woman like you doesn’t die, all of us won’t be able to live a peaceful life!” Although his hair and beard had turned grey, his face remained ruddy. His ferocious aura seemed to suggest that he had killed countless people in the past.


Then, he snorted, “You’re only a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master, but you’re already able to kill innumerable people and dye the 3,000 Worlds with blood. If you ever ascend to the Seventh Order, there’s no way we can survive.”


The Proprietress stared at the elderly man and said lightly, “Ling Chun Qiu, if you can’t kill me today, I’ll definitely storm your Boundless Altar and slaughter your people to the last.”


The elderly man called Ling Chun Qiu had his expression changed and took a step backward as he was intimidated by the imposing Proprietress. Nevertheless, he soon said through clenched teeth, “Since we’re all here now, we won’t let you leave this place alive.”


Unwilling to speak to him any further, the Proprietress swung her sleeve and stared coldly at the last person. She was an alluring woman that looked like she was in her thirties. She had an hourglass figure, and her peach-like eyes seemed able to suck the beholder’s Soul into them.


“Are you going to oppose this Queen too?” The Proprietress asked dispassionately.


The alluring woman didn’t even dare to look her in the eyes as she took a step forward and saluted in an elegant manner, “Greetings, Big Sister Lan.”


The Proprietress said, “Oh, you still remember that I am your Elder Sister? I thought you’d forgotten about it.”


The woman said, “Yue He is eternally grateful to Elder Sister for nurturing me in the past. I would never dare to forget.”


“How could you have the courage to come here if you wouldn’t dare to forget what I’ve done for you?” The Proprietress said through gritted teeth, “I’ll forgive you if you leave now. If you’re obstinate, don’t blame this Queen for severing our ties with you.”


The woman called Yue He slowly shook her head, “Big Sister Lan, I’m eternally grateful for the care you’ve shown me in the past, but if it weren’t because you were so stubborn, he… wouldn’t have passed away. I did not mean to come here today, but I want to put an end to the incident in the past. Please forgive me.”


The Proprietress stared fixedly at her for a long time before bowing her head, “Good, since those are your intentions, I shall grant your wish. From today forth, we owe each other nothing; however, remember that injuries and deaths are inevitable in any battle. If you’re accidentally killed by me, don’t ever blame me on the road to the Yellow Springs.”


“Yue He wouldn’t dare.” The woman bent her back.


“Enough nonsense, kill her!” A malevolent aura could be seen weltering around Ling Chun Qiu as his gaze was filled with murderous intent. It seemed that he was eager to hack the Proprietress into pieces; however, he was only a Fifth-Order cultivator, so he was still afraid of a powerful Master like the Proprietress, who was infamous for her ferocity. Therefore, he had to wait for the leader of Golden Rainbow Province, Qin Ji, to make a move first. Since Qin Ji hadn’t begun, he wouldn’t dare to take the lead.


With his hands behind his back, Qin Ji bellowed, “Madam Lan, regardless of whether you were in the wrong for what had happened in the past, you have indeed killed countless of our disciples from Golden Rainbow Province. As the Province Master, this Qin will help those fallen souls obtain justice today! If you’re smart, surrender immediately. If you dare to resist, don’t blame us for oppressing you with numbers on our side.”


“You want me to surrender without a fight? In your dreams!” The Proprietress retorted.


“In that case…” Qin Ji took a deep breath, “Prepare yourself!” He barked.


After he finished speaking, the illusory phantom of a Small Universe World flashed behind his back. He pushed out a fist, and as the aura of World Force permeated the place, a gigantic fist shadow shot at the Proprietress.


The moment he made a move, Ling Chun Qiu and Yue He, who were well prepared, summoned their artifacts and attacked the Proprietress.


At that instant, the space around the Proprietress became as it began to tremble and warp.


Seeing that, Yang Kai tensed up. In fact, when the Proprietress was speaking to these people earlier, he was already trying to find a way to escape; however, in the face of absolute power, all tricks were futile. At that moment, he was completely clueless about what to do.


As three Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters made a move at the same time, Yang Kai felt his skin tightening as a sense of danger engulfed him. Although the attacks were not aimed at him, the mere fallout from this exchange was enough to crack the world around them and kill him on the spot.


At the most critical moment, a gentle force wrapped around him and pushed him away. Certainly, he knew that it was the Proprietress who had protected him in this perilous situation. The view around him seemed to be moving backwards rapidly, and when he was finally able to stabilize himself, he was already several dozen kilometres away from the battlefield.


After a glance, he widened his eyes in fury as the Proprietress was engulfed in a gigantic flash of light. A violent force raged, and the Proprietress’ figure could hardly be seen.


She was already at a disadvantage as she had to deal with several enemies on her own, yet at the most critical moment, she still spent some energy to send him away. How was she supposed to counter the horrifying attacks while distracted?


The flash of light soon dissipated as a white shadow stood hovering in the void. Yang Kai could clearly see a trace of blood dripping down from the Proprietress’ mouth. The blood hurt his eyes as though a blade had been stabbed into his heart, which caused him to ball up his fists and tremble.


If it weren’t because she had to protect him, she wouldn’t have gotten injured. Although their attacks were horrifying, she could have dodged them with ease had she not been burdened with him.


“Brat, you’re still in the mood to be concerned about someone else?” An old voice was heard coming from the side. Yang Kai turned his head, only to see that Old Yu from Wind and Cloud Auction House was standing in a nearby spot and looking resentfully at him, “When you were making a scene in my auction house, did you ever think that you’d fall into my trap one day?”


Although Old Yu was also a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, he was only in the Fourth Order; therefore, he wasn’t qualified to fight against the Proprietress. That was the reason he had come over to find trouble with Yang Kai instead of joining the battle.


The fact that he was humiliated previously was all because of Yang Kai, so although Old Yu was resentful of the Proprietress for having no regard for him and even hurting him, he also couldn’t forgive Yang Kai. Now that the chance was right before his eyes, he certainly wouldn’t let this boy off.


“Old fart, you should have thanked the Heavens that the Proprietress didn’t decide to kill you back then. How dare you be so insidious and set her up today? Once she overcomes this trouble, you will certainly die!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and glared at him.


Old Yu sneered, “I don’t know whether she’ll be able to escape today or not, but you definitely won’t be around to find out because… I’m going to kill you now!”


After he finished speaking, he extended his hand towards Yang Kai and clenched it. 


Following his movement, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the space around him was compressing, as though it was going to crush him into paste. Flustered, he hurriedly manipulated his Space Principles to flee.


Apparently, Old Yu hadn’t expected this to happen and was stunned to see Yang Kai actually escape his grasp. Then, he became furious out of shame, “This Old Master wanted to kill you quickly, but since you’re just so ungrateful, I will take my time and slowly enjoy your suffering!”


Turning his head, Old Yu saw a figure shooting into the sky. That person was none other than Yang Kai, who had just dodged his attack. 


With a frown, he decided not to chase after him though; after all, Yang Kai was actually headed towards where Qin Ji and the others were battling against Madam Lan, a melee he wasn’t willing to be dragged into. Nevertheless, he was amused by Yang Kai’s action. [An Emperor Realm brat like him wants to interfere in that battle. Is he sick of leaving?]


On the other hand, an anxious Yang Kai shot towards the battlefield after escaping from Old Yu.


He wasn’t sure how powerful the Proprietress truly was, nor was he aware of what she had done in the past that had caused so many people to be resentful of her; however, she shouldn’t be a match for these three as she was on her own. With that said, if he could help her eliminate a Fifth-Order cultivator, he could significantly ease her burden. It might even allow her to flip the situation around.


Given his strength, Yang Kai wasn’t useful in this battle at all; instead, he might even become a burden for the Proprietress. However, he still had a trump card with him, which was the last Mie Meng golden tail feather!


At that time, Mie Meng had given him three golden tail feathers. The first one was used in the Golden Crow Divine Palace to kill the Golden Crow who had feigned death. The second one was used on the Proprietress to force her to back off. Yang Kai now had just one left.


The golden tail feather could hurt the Proprietress, so if it was used on a Fifth-Order cultivator, it could severely injure that person, and if he was lucky enough, he could even kill that person. By then, the situation would be turned around.


At the thought of this, he escaped from Old Yu with all his might and headed towards the battlefield.


Nevertheless, he soon realised that he was too naive. Presently, figures could be seen flying around the battlefield as the powers of their Secret Techniques and artifacts exploded. The powerful fluctuations of their attacks spread out wildly so he couldn’t even approach within ten kilometres around them, let alone launch a sneak attack on one of the Fifth-Order Masters using the golden tail feather.


Instead, he was swept away by the shockwaves several times. After a glance, he realised that the Proprietress had been distracted because of his presence and was put in an even more dangerous situation when she was already at a disadvantage.


Yang Kai was flustered, and at the same time, he realised that the Proprietress wouldn’t leave the lake where the Yang Sprites existed. Apparently, she was trying to protect Bai Qi, who was attempting to achieve a breakthrough.


The Proprietress had arranged an array around the lake that could fend off some energy fluctuations; however, this was a fierce battle, and the array wasn’t able to fully ward off its impact.


That was the reason the Proprietress was restricted as she wouldn’t dare to fully use her power. On the other hand, Qin Ji and the others were not holding back at all.


[Old Bai!] Yang Kai’s gaze brightened. If Bai Qi could successfully break through at this point, he would be able to help the Proprietress as he was going to be a Fifth-Order cultivator. Although his realm wouldn’t be stabilized, he could at least hold up an enemy and help share the Proprietress’ burden.


However, the process of ascending to the Open Heaven Realm was extremely dangerous. Could Bai Qi, who was currently being disturbed, succeed?


Then, Yang Kai realised that an aura had locked on him from behind. Without the need to turn his head, he knew that Old Yu must be flying towards him.


“I’ve always heard that Madam Lan takes good care of her subordinates, and that seems to be the case. The shop hands from First Inn are extremely lucky to have a shopkeeper like her,” Old Yu said as he walked over.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai had a bad premonition.




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