Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4016, You’re Nothing Much


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

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Everyone around was horrified at the sight of this. Some people silently backed away, moving as far away as possible from the Earth Dragon. In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t display their full strength, so it was really difficult to deal with this kind of Ominous Beast. No one wanted to fight against it.


An elderly man looked at Yang Kai as a slight furrow appeared on his brow, “Friend, that man just spoke a single sentence, and you killed him for that. Isn’t that too much?”


The old man had a calm and composed aura, but the look on his face was serious; obviously, he was an Open Heaven Realm Master and there were many people behind him, as many as thirty.


Someone recognized the old man and whispered, “It’s Orchid Union’s Manager Hu Yi.”


Hundreds of thousands of people were swallowed into the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog and fell into the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, so in addition to the three great forces of the Star City, Thunder Light, Scarlet Star, and Sword Pavilion, other cultivators knew that it was best to stick together. This gave birth to many big and small organizations, just like how Ding Yi timely raised his flag and established Emperor Heaven. Orchid Union was also a similar influence established in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Such great forces were like fish in the river, countless in number.


Most of the great forces didn’t have Open Heaven Realm Masters; after all, the Open Heaven cultivators weren’t pebbles by the roadside that could be seen at will. Only a few great forces had Open Heaven Realm Masters leading them.


Although Orchid Union didn’t have many people, Hu Yi was a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. He was strong and could subdue the public.


“Senior Hu is right, this boy regards human life like nothing. He doesn’t seem like anything good,” another young man agreed, looking at Yang Kai with a sinister gaze.


“Profound Clouds Society’s Boss, Liao Yi Bai!” Someone identified the young man.


Liao Yi Bai raised his head with a proud look on his face.


“Young man, I advise you to remove the bag; otherwise, it will be difficult to dissuade the crowd,” another great force’s Manager stated.


With these three people speaking up, the rest of the group immediately became emboldened. Everyone had seen the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light appear, so they had rushed over to investigate, but when they arrived, the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was nowhere to be seen. Originally, they had been somewhat puzzled, but the bald man’s shout before his death had enlightened them.


Although they didn’t know what was so special about this bag, it was the most suspicious thing on this mountain. It was definitely this thing that had blocked out the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, so how could they be willing to accept it? For a moment, the crowd was filled with rage. Even though the Earth Dragon had killed more than a dozen people at the outset, they were still cursing at Yang Kai.


Liao Yi Bai stared greedily at the Six Fated Paths Bag. A bag that could block the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was definitely extraordinary, and in this situation, this bag could actually collect the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light. This trip to the Yuan Magnetic Mountain would not have been in vain if he could obtain this bag.


Thinking so, Liao Yi Bai angrily shouted, “Brat, are you taking this bag away or not?”


The loud noise lingered in Yang Kai’s ears, but he remained calm, the threats around him like a cool breeze. Hearing the loudest shouts, Yang Kai turned to look at Liao Yi Bai, “So what if I take it away? So what if I don’t?”


Liao Yi Bai coldly snorted, “If you take it away, everything will be fine, but if you don’t, you’ll have to bear the consequences.”


Yang Kai grinned at him, revealing a mouthful of white teeth, “I’ll wait and see!”


Displeased, Liao Yi Bai turned to Hu Yi and asked, “Senior Hu, what do you say?”


Hu Yi stated in a low voice, “Since this boy is so stubborn, let’s see what kind of end he will face after causing public outrage.”


Liao Yi Bai burst into laughter, “That’s exactly what I want. A mere Emperor Realm cultivator dares to speak so arrogantly here, he really doesn’t know how high the sky is or how deep the earth is! Does he really think he can do whatever he wants just because he has this beast? We might as well join forces to capture this beast first before carefully teaching him how to show proper respect!”


“Good!” Hu Yi nodded his agreement.


Liao Yi Bai summoned his spear with the shake of his hand and pointed it towards the Earth Dragon, shouting, “Kill!”


Saying so, he was the first to rush forward and thrust his spear out at the Earth Dragon. Although this spear was not as powerful as Yang Kai’s Azure Dragon Spear, it was still quite extraordinary. Following right behind him were the people from Profound Clouds Society.


As soon as he made his move, a hundred or so other people present immediately launched their attacks at the Earth Dragon, especially the Open Heaven Stage Masters.


However, not everyone was attacking. Most of the cultivators present still maintained a wait-and-see attitude; after all, they had no grievances with Yang Kai before, so at this time, they were unwilling to offend him easily.


The Yuan Magnetic Divine Light had already injured the Earth Dragon, leaving it quite miserable, so now that these countless attacks had struck it causing its blood to splash everywhere, in pain, it opened its mouth and spewed its corrosive mucus everywhere at random.


Many cultivators were caught off guard and were hit by the sticky mucus, causing them to cry out in pain. It was too late for them to retreat as the sticky mucus was extremely corrosive and instantly melted their flesh, revealing their white bones.


In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen people had died.


Hu Yi, Liao Yi Bai, and the other Open Heaven Stage Masters were all shocked. Originally, seeing the Earth Dragon riddled with wounds, they had thought it was a soft persimmon, but who would have thought that this fellow would be so ‘slippery’? Many of their attacks landed on it, but none of them caused significant damage. On the contrary, many of their allies suffered heavy wounds after it retaliated.


They really didn’t know how this strange beast had suffered such grievous injuries.


However, since they had already taken action, it was naturally impossible for them to back down now. The deaths of these dozen or so people didn’t cause them to retreat and instead attracted even more to attack.


Seeing this, Yue He couldn’t help but take action, while Guo Zi Yan and the others were also filled with righteous indignation, each of them secretly circulating their strength, waiting for Yang Kai’s command to rush forward.


Yang Kai raised his hand to stop them and whispered, “It won’t die so easily.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the Earth Dragon shook its head and flicked its tail before plunging into the ground, creating a large hole, and disappearing.


If it had been in its peak state, it would have been able to hold out for a while against the hundred or so people’s attacks, but now that it was seriously injured, how could it be a match for them? 


If it couldn’t beat them, it would naturally flee. The Earth Dragon’s instinctive reaction was to burrow underground, so everyone’s attack hit nothing but air. The death of more than a dozen people had been in vain.


Looking at the huge hole in the ground, no one dared to pursue, all of them standing there stunned.


In the crowd, a figure suddenly appeared. It was Liao Yi Bai, who was rushing straight towards the Six Fated Paths Bag with one hand holding a spear and the other reaching towards it with an excited expression.


Seeing that the Fated Paths Bag was shaking non-stop, it was obvious that it had already collected a lot of Yuan Magnetic Divine Light. Liao Yi Bai secretly made up his mind that he would immediately flee after snatching this bag. As for the rest, he couldn’t be bothered with them. This bag was a treasure, and the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light stored inside was also a treasure. His harvest would be excellent as long as he could succeed!


Although his movements were fast, it was impossible for him to hide from the observation of the Open Heaven Stage Masters present. Seeing this, they secretly cursed Liao Yi Bai for being so quick to act as all of them swiftly used their respective Movement Skills and chased after him.


The space in front of the Six Fated Paths Bag trembled as a figure appeared like a ghost. Liao Yi Bai, who was charging at the forefront, looked up and saw that it was that stubborn Emperor Realm brat from before.


Immediately, he shouted in anger, “All who dare block my way will die!”


As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his spear and thrust it forward with an unstoppable might.


If it was an ordinary Emperor Realm cultivator facing such a thrust, they would not be able to do anything other than dodge; Yang Kai obviously had no intention of doing so.


“A spear user? I’m also a spear user!” Yang Kai smiled at Liao Yi Bai, stretched out his hand, and gripped the Azure Dragon Spear. With a wave of his hand, Yang Kai also thrust out his spear in a simple way without any fancy movements.


Liao Yi Bai was enraged at the sight of this. A mere Emperor Realm brat actually dared to be presumptuous before him? From another perspective, it meant this boy simply didn’t put him in his eyes; otherwise, how could he have so boldly thrust his spear forward?


Enraged, Liao Yi Bai poured all his strength into his spear, determined to kill Yang Kai on the spot.


In the blink of an eye, the two spears collided as a violent shock wave spread outward. Liao Yi Bai, who was originally full of confidence, had his eyes bulge in shock.


Under the watchful eyes of everyone present, the long spear in Liao Yi Bai’s hand shattered and its fragments flew everywhere.


Immediately afterwards, Liao Yi Bai’s figure suddenly came to a stop in mid-air as he felt a sharp pain in his chest.


Looking down, he saw a long spear piercing through his chest, coming straight out of his back.


He couldn’t help but gulp in fear before looking up at Yang Kai, his eyes filled with disbelief.


“You’re nothing much,” Yang Kai lifted his nose and looked up at him arrogantly.


Liao Yi Bai opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but how could Yang Kai give him a chance? With a wave of his Azure Dragon Spear, a burst of power swept out, causing Liao Yi Bai’s body to explode into a blood mist that scattered everywhere.


Yang Kai waved his hand and took Liao Yi Bai’s Space Ring, stuffing it into his own without even looking at it.


Everyone fell silent!


Everyone stared at Yang Kai, dumbfounded, unable to regain their senses for a long time.


The Open Heaven Stage Masters who had followed behind Liao Yi Bai and were preparing to snatch the Six Fated Paths Bag all felt a chill run down their spines as they froze in place, not daring to move forward.


None of them could believe what they were seeing. An Open Heaven Stage Master was actually blown into smithereens by a single spear thrust from an Emperor Realm Junior? Not even Liao Yi Bai’s artifact remained intact! Was this young man really an Emperor Realm cultivator? Was he some kind of High-Rank Open Heaven Stage Master in disguise?


However, under the perception of their Divine Senses, Yang Kai really didn’t have the aura of an Open Heaven Master. On the contrary, traces of him being only an Emperor Realm cultivator were extremely obvious.


Guo Zi Yan sneered in his heart. [A ragtag mob wants to make an enemy out of the Sixth Manager? They’re really overestimating themselves!] 


The hundreds of Thunder Light cultivators, who had ganged up on Yang Kai before, had been half slaughtered. Even a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Bie Jian had died on the spot, let alone a piece of trash like Liao Yi Bai.


It was undeniable that Guo Zi Yan had never imagined that an Emperor Realm cultivator could possess such terrifying combat strength before today. Everything he had seen had completely toppled his understanding of the Martial Dao, but the hot blood surging in his veins told him that compared to Du Niang Zi, he was more willing to serve under Yang Kai. Being able to follow such a leader was not an opportunity everyone could have.


The corners of Hu Yi’s eyes twitched as he stared at Yang Kai, and then at the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand, asking bitterly, “What did you do?”


In that confrontation just now, none of them had been able to see what had happened clearly. In an instant, all they saw was Liao Yi Bai, who was at the front of the crowd, suddenly coming to a stop. The next thing they knew, he exploded.


Everything happened too quickly!




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