Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4068, Bearer


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Void shook, and Yang Kai’s vision changed. Space moved turbulently around him, returning him to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Looking up, he was no longer above the ocean and was now rapidly falling down. He quickly urged his power to stabilize himself.


The vitality in his chest surged and he coughed up a mist of blood. His face was slightly pale.


His travel through the Void using the Space Beacon was interrupted by the Leviathan Shark, which also damaged his body. But it was not a severe injury and he would recover in just a day or two of rest.


Looking around him, he found himself standing in a forest of huge trees, each one thousands of metres tall. The ground was covered in the staggered roots of the trees while the canopies stretched across the sky. He had no idea where he was.


Yang Kai was still shuddering at his previous experience. Despite knowing that this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was not as simple as he had imagined, and even housed Divine Spirits, he never expected the Sea Clan to actually have a Divine Spirit as an Ancestor.


[A Leviathan Shark!] This thing had the bloodline of the Kun Peng and Hai Sha. With the Kun Peng Clan being arch-rivals of the Dragon Clan, Yang Kai estimated that he would likely die a miserable death if he fell into that Leviathan Shark’s hands.


Others may not be able to detect the aura of his bloodline, but a Leviathan Shark surely would be able to.


The Leviathan Shark was so powerful that it was even able to interrupt the Space Beacon, which made his positioning fail, sending Yang Kai and the rest of the group hurtling out of the Void mid-transit.


Yang Kai had no idea how they were doing right now.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had exchanged contact information with Xu Zhen because he wanted to ask him for help in arranging a Grand Array in Scarlet Star’s Star City, so he quickly took out his contact bead and tried to get in touch with Xu Zhen. After a few moments, Xu Zhen sent over a message saying that he was safe, but he had no idea where he was.


Yang Kai put his mind at ease and asked him to find out how the others were doing, to which Xu Zhen agreed.


Yang Kai looked around and landed on the ground, finding a tree cave to enter. While adjusting his breathing, he waited for further news.


After about an hour, Xu Zhen sent a message to him. Qu Hua Shang, Gu Pan, and Ning Dao Ran were still alive, but just like them, they had been randomly dropped somewhere in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary after being swallowed up by the Void Cracks and had yet to ascertain where they were.


The only one they failed to contact was Lin Feng, and they had no idea whether he was alive or dead.


Hearing that Gu Pan was still alive, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief.


After a brief exchange with Xu Zhen, they agreed to meet at Scarlet Star’s Star City. Only then did Yang Kai put away his contact bead. While quietly recovering from his injuries, he checked out the harvest that he gained during this trip.


Immersing his consciousness into the Sealed World Bead, he transformed into his Soul Avatar.


As soon as he appeared, Yang Kai could not help but shudder. The Small Sealed World had never been this cold before, and when he looked up, he saw a full moon hanging high in the sky, emitting an icy cold light.


“Master, Master, something big has happened! There’s suddenly an extra moon here!” Mu Zhu and Mu Lu flapped their little wings over and shouted in a panic.


The two little ones had been staying in the Small Sealed World this whole time, taking care of the precious treasures in the medicine garden. Aside from Zhang Ruo Xi, they were the only companions that came out from the Star Boundary with Yang Kai.


While they were tending to the medicine garden earlier today though, they suddenly saw a full moon rising into the sky, and were both startled.


“En, it’s not a moon!” Yang Kai responded, somewhat curious. How come the Ice Soul Moon Pearl became a moon when it arrived here?


This showed that even though the Ice Soul Moon Pearl was not a moon, it was likely related to one.


The two Wood Spirits flew onto his shoulders, one on each side, before Mu Lu asked curiously, “If it’s not a moon, then what is it?”


“I have no idea what it is either,” Yang Kai shook his head. He had never encountered this thing before. The Cave-Heaven and Paradise disciples also had no idea what it was. He would have to ask the Proprietress later to try and figure it out.


Mu Zhu was calmer, but still frowned as she mentioned, “Whether it’s a moon or not, it’s too cold. If you don’t do something about it, then everything in the medicine garden will freeze to death. Mu Lu and I will also freeze to death!”


Mu Lu’s eyes were tearful, “I don’t want to freeze to death!”


Yang Kai turned his head and saw that sure enough, the herbs in the medicine garden did not look right. They all looked droopy, and some of them even had frost growing on their leaves. Their medicinal properties were fading fast.


As the Master of the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai dominated everything in this place. All the barriers around the Small Sealed World’s medicine garden were created using the condensed power of the entire world, so trivial energies were simply unable to encroach upon it. From this, it was easy to see how shocking the power of this new moon was if it could even affect the things in the medicine garden.


“Don’t worry. I’ll reinforce the barrier around the medicine garden.” Yang Kai went to work as soon as he thought about it. Communicating with the Small Sealed World, he used World Force to reinforce the barrier, restoring the medicine garden to its original state.


But very soon, he frowned, because he could clearly feel that no matter how he tried to reinforce the barrier, the moonlight would still slowly erode it. It would probably not be able to last more than a year before being broken.


“Remember to call me every six months to reinforce the barrier.”


Mu Zhu nodded, “En.”


Yang Kai looked up at the full moon again and shook his head slowly. Then, he left the Small Sealed World.


At the same time, above the great sea, Lin Feng’s body transformed into a stream of light that instantly travelled hundreds of kilometres in one breath, fleeing rapidly. He cut through the sea, breaking through the waves.


All of a sudden Lin Feng halted. He looked ahead of him with a frightened look on his face.


There, a thousand kilometres ahead, was a powerful figure standing in the air, looking at him with a cold expression. His gaze shot over like two bolts of lightning, piercing straight into Lin Feng’s heart.


Lin Feng paled and without even hesitating, he fled back the way he came.


“You think you can run?” That man coldly snorted, reached out a hand, and directly caught Lin Feng.


Even though they were a thousand kilometres away, Lin Feng had no way to resist this grab. He felt something tighten around his body, as if he were grabbed by a vague azure hand.


When he looked back, that man was already beside him, looking at him with a fierce smile, “How do you want to die?”


“Leviathan Shark!” Lin Feng’s face instantly paled. How could he not know that this was the 10,000-metre-long Divine Spirit from before? Unlike the Sea Clan that he saw on the island before, this Leviathan Shark was able to completely take Human form, looking no different from an ordinary Human from the outside with no traces of any Monster Beast characteristics left on him.


“It is this King!” Kun Sha grinned, revealing a set of jagged fangs, “You puny insects dare to steal my clan’s Sacred Treasure? Your courage isn’t small!”


“It’s not with me. Killing me is useless,” Lin Feng gulped.


Kun Sha laughed maniacally, “I’ve been waiting so many years for you, so how could I bear to kill you? But though your death may be exempted, your punishment may not!” Saying so, he opened his big mouth and swallowed Lin Feng in one gulp.


After an incense stick of time, he opened his mouth again and spat Lin Feng out. But now, this True Martial Cave Heaven’s disciple’s eyes were slack, as if they had just witnessed a great terror. His body also could not help but tremble.


“Where is the one who stole the Moon Essence? Bring me to him,” Kun Sha ordered Lin Feng.


Lin Feng nodded involuntarily and led Kun Sha forward.


On the way there, they encountered several human strongholds. Whenever they did, Kun Sha opened his mouth wide and swallowed down all of the Humans, chewing them up before swallowing. Blood pooled in his mouth and miserable cries could be heard constantly, but he simply showed a satisfied look.


He brought a reign of terror everywhere he passed. Lin Feng glared at the sight, but each time he resisted, he was easily suppressed by Kun Sha. But strangely enough, even though Kun Sha treated him badly, he did not have any murderous intent towards him.


When he thought about what Kun Sha said before, Lin Feng couldn’t help but have a bold guess in his heart.


When they passed by another human stronghold, Kun Sha repeated the same procedure. In a flash, he arrived above the stronghold and transformed into his true form, spanning 10,000 metres in length and covering the Heavens and Earth.


This stronghold was not big, housing only a few thousand people, so when they saw such a huge creature suddenly appear, they were all terrified and all summoned their artifacts and used their Secret Techniques against it.


But how could they hurt Kun Sha with their puny strength? Kun Sha opened his big mouth and a terrifying suction appeared. The thousands of people in the stronghold, regardless of their cultivation and strength, could not help but be sucked up into his mouth.


It was at this time that Lin Feng shouted, “Kun Sha, look here!”


As he spoke, he raised two blades in each hand, aiming one at his neck and the other propped towards his heart.


The two blades glinted brilliantly and he moved without the slightest hesitation as if he was resolved to die here.


Just before Lin Feng could kill himself, Kun Sha appeared before him. Flicking his wrist, the two blades were sent flying. Kun Sha raised his hand and lifted Lin Feng into the air, watching him with a grim look, “Brat, what are you doing?”


Lin Feng looked in a pitiful state, but he was grinning maniacally, “So that’s how it is. Turns out the records in the ancient books were true. You’re searching for a Bearer, and I am your Bearer, correct?”


Kun Sha coldly snorted, “You know quite a lot, brat. What else do you know?”


“I know a lot.” Lin Feng replied smugly, “I know you won’t let me die here. If I die, then you’ll have to find someone else, but there aren’t many people that meet your requirements. I might as well tell you that I am a True Martial Cave Heaven disciple. There are less than 5 people who can match my strength in this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. If I die, then you’re sure to have a headache in the future.”


“So you’re a Cave-Heaven disciple. No wonder you know about the Bearers. It must be a message left behind by your Ancestors,” Kun Sha coldly sneered. From his tone of voice, he seemed to know of the existence of Cave-Heavens and Paradises.


Lin Feng said, “My True Martial Cave Heaven’s twenty-seventh Sect Master visited the Grand Ancient Ruins in the past and left records of this place.”


Kun Sha nodded, “Since you know, then you best cooperate. It will ultimately be to your benefit.”


Lin Feng snorted haughtily, “I, Lin Feng, have relied on myself all through my cultivation journey. I don’t need to reap benefits from anyone else.”


Kun Sha narrowed his eyes, murderous intent surging within.


Lin Feng met his gaze without fear.


After a while, Kun Sha coldly snorted and tossed him aside before standing tall with both hands behind his back, “I need not resort to insinuations since you are in the know. If you know about the Bearers, then you’d better cooperate. Otherwise, I don’t mind killing you. I might as well just tell you that you are not my actual target. The one who stole my Moon Essence is much stronger than you.”


A trace of indignation flashed past Lin Feng’s eyes. Xu Zhen also said that he was not as strong as Yang Kai before, and now Kun Sha had said the same. This grated against his pride.


But this was not the time to bother about such things. Lin Feng stroked his neck, “Asking me to cooperate with you is not impossible, but you are not allowed to devour any more of us Humans; otherwise, I would rather die than bring you to him!”


Silavin: Kun Peng – search it up. A real mythological beast. 

Hai Sha – Sea Shark. 

Not sure why a  mythological beast will ahem* with a Sea Shark… 




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