Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4135, Huge Harvest


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There was no way those from Scarlet Star could hide the news regarding the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, nor did they intend to do so. However, Chen Tian Fei had never expected that the Head Manager could make use of this news.


By revealing the news regarding the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, they could assure those from Seven Wonders Land that they didn’t come all the way here for no reason. They were homeless because their Star City was destroyed, and they happened to be sent to this place.


Secondly, upon learning about this news, those from Seven Wonders Land would send some people to verify this claim, which gave the people from Scarlet Star an opportunity.


It had to be noted that Zhao Bai Chuan had several dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters working under him, but presently, he only had more than ten of them with him. People like Lady Qin, the Ou Yang Brothers, and Bei Yu Shan were currently elsewhere.


In order to snatch Seven Wonders Land, they had to contact those people. Zhao Bai Chuan and Chen Tian Fei alone were not able to achieve this goal.


However, there was a Grand Array around Seven Wonders Land, so even though it was currently damaged, Zhao Bai Chuan still couldn’t contact Bei Yu Shan and the others freely. If they made any rash move, they would arouse the suspicion of those from Seven Wonders Land.


The people of Seven Wonders Land had fallen into Zhao Bai Chuan’s trap by sending disciples to gather some information.


He had gotten some people to wait in the dark and make a move at the right time, and as expected, it was a success.


A Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master couldn’t be considered powerful in the 3,000 Worlds, but he wasn’t weak either. It was easy for him to subdue a Seven Wonders Land’s disciple and plant a seal on his body to force him to send a message for them, unless the disciple valued his Sect over his own life.


Nevertheless, how many people in this world were not afraid of death?


“Who is this woman?” Chen Tian Fei looked puzzledly at the unconscious woman.


The man replied with a smile, “The disciple I sent out was a man, and I suppose this woman is his partner. With this woman in our hands, I believe he won’t betray us.”


A shocked Chen Tian Fei said, “You took her in just like this? Did anyone see you?”


The person shook his head, “Manager Chen, don’t worry. I’m sure no one saw me.”


“Good.” Zhao Bai Chuan nodded, “You’ve done well. You can leave now. This woman will stay here.”


“Yes.” The man put down the woman and respectfully left.


Just then, the woman slowly opened her eyes as her long eyelashes fluttered. As soon as she saw Zhao Bai Chuan, she was astounded. Before she could figure out what was going on though, she saw Zhao Bai Chian lifting his hand. The next instant, her vision darkened, and she could no longer feel anything.


A moment later, only a pile of ash was left on the ground. The female disciple was killed.


Seeing that, Chen Tian Fei knew that the male disciple who was forced to send a message was doomed as well. As soon as he came into contact with Bei Yu Shan and the others, he would be killed. Regardless, it was better to have fewer people who were aware of this incident. To Seven Wonders Land, it didn’t matter to lose two disciples; after all, presently, the people from Flying Smoke Temple had their eyes on Seven Wonders Land.


Otherwise, they wouldn’t have separately sent their disciples away to gather information. That was because they were worried that those disciples would be killed all at once.


Since the plot had been fully set up, all they could do now was wait. Zhao Bai Chuan never left Seven Wonders Land, but he was able to mobilise his subordinates and make appropriate arrangements. His calm demeanour showed that he was a natural leader.


Time went by slowly. Three days later, the shopping district became desolate. The shopping district was only open for three days every month, being empty most of the time.


Now, it was easier for Yang Kai and Yue He to conceal themselves. Presently, Yue He was still tirelessly refining the Array Jade. It seemed that she was interested in Seven Wonders Land; after all, it was the Headquarters of a Second Class great force.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was silently recuperating. He was seriously wounded in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and subsequently, he was hunted down by those from Scarlet Star, which aggravated his injuries. Now that he finally had a moment of peace, he had to seize the chance to heal himself.


As he was doing so, he was also going through the harvest he had obtained from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Although he had been trapped inside that place for more than ten years, the resources he had accumulated were immense.


The trip to the Yuan Magnetic Mountain alone had made him become filthy rich overnight. The Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones in the Fourth, Fifth and even Sixth-Order were all worth immense amounts of money in the 3,000 Worlds. Xu Zhen had also helped him refine the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd, which contained the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light in it. As soon as these artifacts were put up for sale, no Low-Rank Master could resist the temptation.


In addition, he had hundreds of millions of Open Heaven Pills. In the past, after he arrived at the Sword Pavilion’s Star City, he found everyone slaughtered and managed to pick up several tens of thousands of Space Rings. All the things in the rings were valuable, not to mention that he pocketed 70% of Scarlet Star’s income over the years.


Under his protection, Scarlet Star grew rapidly and became extremely profitable. In return, 70% of their income fell into Yang Kai’s hands.


It could be said that in the past over ten years, Yang Kai had accumulated a heritage that would take any ordinary Second Class force a hundred or even several hundred years to match. The resources he had were simply innumerable.


It was so much, Yang Kai had no idea how much wealth he really had. Yue He might be aware of it because it was she who had been dealing with the people from Scarlet Star over the years.


Besides that, the rewards from the Primordial Land were substantial as well.


Three Divine Medicines, Sixteen World Fruits, a large quantity of Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water, and the World Tree’s root, not to mention that Zhu Jiu Yin had promised to be his Protector for 1,000 years.


She had sworn upon her Source, so she had to protect Yang Kai at all costs for the next 1,000 years. Unfortunately, her Source had been damaged while they were fleeing, so she had fallen into a deep sleep; otherwise, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been hunted down by Scarlet Scar.


Additionally, he also had the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon.


These two were able to face Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary without any trouble, so although Yang Kai had no idea how powerful they were in the outside world, there was no way they were weak.


Besides these tangible benefits, his own strength had also increased significantly.


In Crouching Dragon Mountain, he obtained the remains of a Great Dragon and refined its Dragon Bead to condense his Earth Element Power. Then, he picked countless Dragon Blood Flowers and refined them into Dragon Blood Pills to purify his Dragon Vein. After that, he obtained the Moon Essence and refined his Water Element before comprehending Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation. With this Divine Manifestation alone, he would be able to deal with Low-Rank Open Heaven Masters.


There was also a Space Secret Technique he had comprehended when receiving the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water in the Primordial Land.


Near Horizon! 


Previously, he wasn’t sure how to name it, but now he had finally found a suitable name.


Rather than a Divine Ability or Secret Technique, it was actually just a flexible use of Space Principles. 


Once used, Yang Kai could stretch space around himself infinitely. The two parties might appear to be near each other, but the user was actually as distant as the horizon. There was no way the other party could approach once caught in this phenomenon.


Furthermore, Yang Kai had spent the past two years comprehending over a thousand spear techniques, eliminating the bad while retaining the good to create his own original spear technique.


It could be said that in the past over ten years in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai had grown tremendously. Now, he was no longer the same man who had just broken free from his Universe World’s restraints and arrived in the 3,000 Worlds. He wasn’t the bumpkin who found everything new and interesting anymore. When it came to wealth, even the Sect Masters of Second Class great forces were no match for him, and he might even be wealthier than some High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


No one would have believed such a fantastical tale even if he told his story personally.


As he went through his harvest, Yang Kai kept smiling foolishly, making Yue He somewhat speechless.


One month later, he had fully recovered and returned to his peak.


Seizing the chance, Yang Kai snuck out of the cave and scanned the surroundings, whereupon he realised that the people from Scarlet Star were still in Seven Wonders Land.


This realization puzzled him as he wondered what benefits there were in Seven Wonders Land that could make the people from Scarlet Star stay. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t dare to make a rash move. It was easy to leave Seven Wonders Land now, as over the past month, Yue He had been refining the Array Jade, and she had now achieved over 40% control. However, things were getting harder as she progressed further. In order to fully refine the jade and take control of the Grand Array, it would take her at least six months to a year.


After all, Yue He wasn’t Xu Huang, who knew Seven Wonders Land inside and out and it still took him a long time to alter the controlling rights of the Grand Array. In the end, his plan was ruined when Yang Kai was exposed. Although Yue He was also a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it was time-consuming for her to refine something that didn’t belong to her.


“Young Master, I can’t keep refining it,” On this day, Yue He suddenly furrowed her brow.


“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai looked doubtfully at her.


Yue He replied, “I have a feeling that if I keep refining it, the owner of Seven Wonders Land will notice it.”


“What percentage of it have you refined?”


“About 50%.”


Yang Kai nodded gently, “Stop refining it then if you can’t progress any further. You can always do it after leaving this place. There’s no rush.”


In the past, before Xu Huang’s death, he told Yang Kai to help him retrieve Seven Wonders Land and get revenge on his behalf; however, it was just the last words of a dying man, an enemy no less. It wasn’t Yang Kai’s intention at all.


The reason Yue He had been refining the jade was that she had nothing else to do. Since there was now a risk of being discovered though, she naturally couldn’t keep going lest their whereabouts be exposed.


What made Yang Kai feel speechless was that two months had passed, but Zhao Bai Chuan and Chen Tian Fei didn’t seem to have the intention of leaving, which made him feel doubtful. Could it be that the people from Scarlet Star intended to join Seven Wonders Land?


He couldn’t rule out the possibility. Since their Star City was gone, they needed a place to stay, and Seven Wonders Land was the perfect place for that.


Nevertheless, was Zhao Bai Chuan really willing to work under Qi Qiao? Did Qi Qiao have the guts to accept him?


While Yang Kai was lost in his thoughts, he felt the world shake suddenly, and rumbling sounds were continuously heard. Flabbergasted, he immediately realised what was going on and muttered, “Seven Wonders Land is under attack!”


“Could it be Yu Xiu Shan?” Yue He asked.


“I think so,” Yang Kai didn’t know who Yu Xiu Shan was, but when the people from Scarlet Star arrived at this place, the Heavenly Monarch mentioned this name, which made Yang Kai realise that there were some grudges between the two parties. Moreover, Yu Xiu Shan must have launched some attacks on Seven Wonders Land before.


At this moment, no one but Yu Xiu Shan could be the mastermind behind the attack on Seven Wonders Land.


As expected, Qi Qiao soon bellowed, “Old dog Yu Xiu Shan, how dare you come here again!”


A raucous laugh was heard coming from the distance in response, “Qi Qiao, this Old Master is here to end your life. If you’re clever, you’d better open the Grand Array and allow me to kill you quickly so as to spare the lives of the others from Seven Wonders Land. Otherwise… Haha… Don’t blame this Old Master for slaughtering all of you.”


Hearing that, many disciples from Seven Wonders Land felt apprehensive.


Qi Qiao snapped back, “Old fart, all of you from Flying Smoke Temple will never be able to swallow up Seven Wonders Land! Leave now and this King will spare your life. Refuse, and you’ll only embarrass yourself!”




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