Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4139, Who Are You?


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Lu Xue was a powerful cultivator; after all, she was one of the Leaders of Sword Pavilion in the past, and she was a Master of the Sword Dao which was especially adept at killing. When they were still in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary previously, the Scarlet Flood Dragon was almost killed by her Third Eye Sword, which went to show that she had exceptional battle prowess.


On the other hand, Ou Yang Bing was just average among Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, and he had to join forces with his brother to use their Combined Attack Techniques. Now that Ou Yang Lei was dead, sending him into a fluster, there was no way he was a match for Lu Xue, not to mention that Yue He was also coming at him at this moment.


Initially, he could barely parry Lu Xue’s attacks but not fight back, and presently, he was in an even more perilous situation. At that instant, he seemed to have lost all hope.


In the other battle, the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon were able to easily defeat their opponents with ease. Initially, Yang Kai was worried that these two exotic beasts might not be useful in the Outer Universe, but now, it seemed that they were able to gain the upper hand against the Low-Rank Masters. As the Scarlet Flood Dragon let out a flame, the disciples of Scarlet Star struck by it would turn into fireballs and wail. On the other hand, as the Earth Dragon widened his mouth, he could easily swallow several disciples at once. The expressions of those disciples changed drastically as they wouldn’t dare to go near the Earth Dragon.


Yang Kai wasn’t standing idly by either. After destroying Ou Yang Lei’s head with his spear, he summoned the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd and opened its lid, whereupon a multi-coloured light burst forth and swept across the land.


He was just an Emperor Realm cultivator who had condensed four Elements into his Dao Seal. Without using external forces and his Divine Manifestation, he was not a match for any Open Heaven Realm Master.


However, things became different when he used Yuan Magnetic Divine Light. This thing was of a Sixth-Order Metal Element Power, so the average cultivator couldn’t resist it.


As the Divine Light swept out, the Scarlet Star’s disciples who were not Open Heaven Realm Masters were killed on the spot as holes were formed in their figures.


The small number of Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm cultivators widened their eyes and surged the power of their Small Universes to counter this light.


Strictly speaking, the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light could only be neutralised by another Sixth-Order Element Power, but that was only in a confrontation between two powers. An Open Heaven Realm Master had condensed the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements, which mutually reinforced one another in an endless cycle, allowing one to split Heaven and Earth apart within their bodies to form a Small Universe, granting access to World Force. Therefore, even though they were just Low-Rank cultivators, they were able to resist the power of Yuan Magnetic Divine Light.


Nevertheless, they couldn’t possibly fend it off forever. A Sixth-Order Element Power was still too menacing for Low-Rank Masters.


Before long, a shriek was heard as Ou Yang Bing’s vitality was rapidly leaving him. He died shortly after.


He was not a match for either Yue He or Lu Xue to begin with, to say nothing of the fact that they had joined forces. After just a dozen breaths of time, he was killed by Lu Xue’s sword. Even after his death, his eyes were still wide open in disbelief.


Perhaps he could not understand why he had come across Yue He and Lu Xue in Seven Wonders Land.


After two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were killed, the rest of the disciples were powerless to resist. Yue He and Lu Xue charged towards the battlefield and sent all the disciples on the road to the Yellow Springs in just a moment.


The battle ended just as quickly as it began. The entire process took only several dozen breaths of time.


Several dozen Scarlet Star’s disciples and two Managers all lost their lives. It could be said that Yang Kai achieved an overwhelming victory in this sneak attack.


Next, he threw all the corpses into the Small Sealed World and cleaned up the battlefield so that no one would find out what had happened. Following that, he put Yue He, Lu Xue, the Scarlet Flood Dragon, and the Earth Dragon inside the Six Fated Paths Bag before heading to Water Spirit Land.


Based on the information Yue He had gathered, the Ou Yang Brothers were in Earth Spirit Land, and there was a Manager in Water Spirit Land whose identity was unknown. Additionally, there were two people in Fire Spirit Land. Naturally, Yang Kai would deal with the weaker party first.


One hour later, after another great battle ended. Yang Kai let out a breath and collected the corpses.


The person in Water Spirit Land was none other than Lady Qin. She had several Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters as well as more than a hundred disciples with her at the time. Yang Kai used the same trick and approached her with a changed face. Then, he released Yue He and the others to catch her completely off guard.


Just like the Ou Yang Brothers, after obtaining a territory, Lady Qin was excitedly leading her subordinates to survey the land and thinking about the bright future ahead of her. It never crossed her mind that danger was looming.


An unsuspecting Lady Qin was badly injured by Yue He’s initial strike, and there was no suspense about what happened next.


In just two hours, three Managers and over ten Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters of Scarlet Star lost their lives. It could be said that the great force had suffered immense losses.


The reasons for this outcome were that, first of all, those from Scarlet Star didn’t have the slightest vigilance, and secondly, the moves Yang Kai used were completely surprising. He had the Six Fated Paths Bag to hide Yue He and the others inside and Seven Faces to alter his appearance and aura. Since he was well prepared while his opponents were caught off guard, the outcome wasn’t so surprising.


However, they were still far from achieving their goal. Zhao Bai Chuan, Chen Tian Fei, and Bei Yu Shan were still alive. Seven Wonders Land would only belong to Yang Kai after they were all dead.


Although the two battles were not dangerous as they were at an advantage, they were still tired. After taking a rest, Yang Kai headed straight to Fire Spirit Land.


There was no doubt that Chen Tian Fei and Bei Yu Shan were in Fire Spirit Land. Although Bei Yu Shan was powerful, he wasn’t the sharpest of individuals. Therefore, he could be fooled easily. On the other hand, Chen Tian Fei was a scheming person, so it wasn’t easy to deal with him. Yang Kai had no idea whether Chen Tian Fei would see through his disguise when he approached him.


In the orchard of Fire Spirit Land, Chen Tian Fei and Bei Yu Shan were examining the fruits with numerous other disciples. Red fruits were hanging on the fruit trees, and seeing them all made Chen Tian Fei and the others elated.


There were seven Spirit Provinces in Seven Wonders Land, and every Spirit Province had special fruit trees, which corresponded to Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements. The spirit fruits could be used to make Open Heaven Pills, which was the biggest source of income for Seven Wonders Land. From now on, this became Scarlet Star’s business.


While they were examining the fruits, they saw a ray of light rapidly approaching from a distance before it reached them and revealed a figure.


Chen Tian Fei raised his head and saw the person cupping his fists, “Manager Chen, both Managers Ou Yang have a message for you.” Upon finishing his words, he held out a jade slip with both hands.


The person was none other than Yang Kai, who had said something similar to the Ou Yang Brothers and Lady Qin some time ago.


Bei Yu Shan muttered, “What do those Brothers want?”


Then, he reached for the jade slip. However, Chen Tian Fei stopped him and looked dispassionately at Yang Kai, “What’s your name? Why have I never met you before?”


Yang Kai hung his head low, “This one is just a lowly disciple, so Manager Chen probably doesn’t remember me.” He felt annoyed at the fact that it was indeed difficult to deal with this fatty. Previously, when he used the same trick on the Ou Yang Brothers and Lady Qin, they had never asked a question, but when he did the same to this damn meatball, the latter immediately appeared doubtful.


Chen Tian Fei chuckled, “This King has the trust of the Head Manager, and has been managing Scarlet Star for many years. Presently, we have 3,351 members in total, and I remember all of their names and faces, but I have never seen you before. Where did you come from?”


At that, Yang Kai felt speechless. Was this fatty serious when he said that he could remember the names and faces of all 3,351 people in Scarlet Star?


Before Yang Kai could figure it out, he heard Chen Tian Fei letting out a sigh as he asked, “The Ou Yang Brothers and Lady Qin are dead, right?”


Bei Yu Shan widened his eyes and gazed at Chen Tian Fei in disbelief.


Yang Kai forced a smile, “Manager Chen, you must be joking. Both Managers Ou Yang are patrolling in Earth Spirit Land at the moment.”


Chen Tian Fei shook his head, “If that’s true, why didn’t they reply to me when I sent a message to them just now? Besides them, it was the same case for Lady Qin.” Then, he narrowed his eyes as a cold glint flashed across his gaze, “Just who are you?”


“It seems that I can’t hide it anymore.” Yang Kai sighed and stared at Chen Tian Fei, “Manager Chen is indeed intelligent to be able to see through everything at a glance. You have this Young Master’s respect.”


He spoke in his original voice.


Chen Tian Fei widened his eyes, “Yang Kai?”


Since Seven Faces could alter a person’s appearance and aura, it could naturally also change his voice. Now that Yang Kai had revealed his original voice though, Chen Tian Fei immediately recognised it.


He was stunned as he had no idea why Yang Kai was here. After the people from Flying Smoke Temple left, he sent some disciples to keep guard at the gaps of the Grand Array, so there was no way someone could sneak into this place. Was he already here prior to their arrival? But if so, how did he get in?


Despite not knowing the reason, Chen Tian Fei was still ecstatic, “Brat, we’ve been looking for you for a long time now! You had a chance to flee, but you decided to reveal yourself instead. Let’s see how I’m going to kill you.”


Yang Kai guffawed, “Since I have the guts to reveal myself, I’m naturally not afraid of you. The ones who are going to die today are all of you!”


Then, he raised his hand and swung the Six Fated Paths Bag, whereupon Yue He and the others appeared.


At the same time, Chen Tian Fei waved his hand and shouted, “Activate the array!”


He already had many disciples around him and these disciples appeared to be scattered everywhere casually, but there was a great purpose behind their positioning as they were well prepared. Chen Tian Fei was a prudent man, so after failing in his attempt to contact the Ou Yang Brothers and Lady Qin, he immediately realised that something had happened to them.


In that case, it was expected that he would make some preparations. The reason he was staying in this place was that he was waiting for the opponents to walk right into his trap. Yang Kai just barged into this place without knowing anything.


Following his order, the Scarlet Star’s disciples hurriedly activated an array. Besides that, Chen Tian Fei raised his chubby hand and tried to land it on Yang Kai’s head.


Yue He moved to parry him with her palm, which frightened Chen Tian Fei greatly. Naturally, he wouldn’t dare to meet this attack; after all, he was an Order below Yue He. If they were to fight head-on, he would be the one suffering a setback. Thus, he exclaimed, “Head Manager!”


“Hm?” Yue He was stunned as she turned to look in a particular direction, only to see a ripple spreading out in mid-air. Like a ghost, Head Manager Zhao Bai Chuan abruptly appeared and flicked his sleeve, upon which an immense force swept over Yue He.


Hurriedly, Yue He used a different move and blocked his attack. Both of them shook and stepped backwards. The outcome suggested that they were equally matched.


“Lady Yue He, you’re indeed powerful,” Zhao Bai Chuan gazed impassively at her and praised her.


Yue He smiled, “Head Manager isn’t bad either.”




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  1. i lost interest in this scheming sneak attacks.
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  2. I recall Kai boy using the local fire land array, and then upgrading his authority to overseer back in the day – I suspect MoMo chose Fire Spirit land for this reason exactly.

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