Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4147, Void True Monarch


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The Grand Array opened up and allowed the people outside Seven Wonders Land to come in. There were several hundred visitors in total.


However, Yang Kai secretly observed them and realised that despite the large number of visitors, they represented only twenty or thirty forces, which meant that more than one person from every great force had come.


These forces were mostly led by Open Heaven Realm Masters, but they were all in the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm, most of them Third-Order while there were a small number of them in the Second-Order. Surprisingly, there were also great forces represented by mere Emperor Realm cultivators. Yang Kai couldn’t wrap his head around that idea. Were the great forces so weak that they couldn’t even afford to have an Open Heaven Realm Master?


The person at the front was a grey-haired elderly man who seemed quite energetic despite his age. After landing on the ground, he cupped his fists and said, “Golden Light Dock’s Hong Ji greets Madame!”


He was speaking to Yue He because he had no regard for Yang Kai, an Emperor Realm cultivator.


The representatives of the great forces behind him stepped forward and said in unison, “Greetings, Madame.”


Hurriedly, Yue He waved her hands and refuted in a clear voice, “You’re mistaken.”


A puzzled Hong Ji asked, “What do you mean by that, Madame? Please enlighten us.” Secretly, he breathed a sigh of relief. Before coming to this place, they were wondering what the new owner of Seven Wonders Land was like. It would be great if the person was mild-tempered; however, if the new ruler was a tyrant, all of them would be in trouble. They might have to cough up a lot of resources to appease this new Master.


After observing Yue He’s demeanour and the way she spoke though, they realised that even though she was powerful, she wasn’t a difficult person to speak with. They reckoned that she probably wouldn’t make things hard for them.


With her lips pressed together, Yue He said, “I am not the new ruler of this place, I am just a maidservant. The owner of this place is my Young Master.” Then, she pointed at Yang Kai.


Everyone was stunned upon hearing that. Most of them were not certain about Yue He’s cultivation as only the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters could vaguely sense it. This inscrutable woman was certainly a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


However, now, a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master claimed that she was a maidservant, and the young man in the Emperor Realm beside her was the new owner of Seven Wonders Land. Just what was the background of this young man!? 


Regardless, all of them wouldn’t dare to offend him as they straightened their faces and saluted, “Greetings, Sir.”


Hong Ji’s head almost came into contact with his knees as he said respectfully, “Sir, please forgive this old man for having eyes but failing to see.”


With a smile, Yang Kai waved his hand lightly and said, “I don’t blame you because you didn’t know. All of you, please stand up.”


“Many thanks, Sir.” Everyone straightened their backs and gazed at Yang Kai with respectful expressions. Earlier, they had seen Yang Kai, but none of them took him seriously, thinking that he was just Yue He’s subordinate. Nevertheless, it turned out that Yue He, a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, was the servant instead.


Hong Ji secretly brushed away the cold sweat on his forehead and gazed at Yang Kai with a fawning smile, “Sir is indeed an imposing and extraordinary young man. It is no wonder that you were able to take control of Seven Wonders Land. The fact that you’ve become the new owner is good news to all of us in Seven Wonder Territory.”


Many of them covertly despised the elderly man for buttering Yang Kai up so thickly, but they still nodded in agreement. They had no other choice. Previously, they all had to pay respects to Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch, and now, they had to obey Yang Kai.


As smaller forces, they had no choice but to submit to the strongest around, unless they left Seven Wonder Territory.


Even if they wanted to leave this Great Territory though, where else could they go? The Outer Universe was expansive, but most decent Spirit Provinces had already been occupied. If they barged into someone else’s territory, there were bound to be conflicts.


The faint smile on Yang Kai’s face made him look inscrutable.


Hong Ji said, “Forgive this old man for being abrupt, but how should we address you, Sir?”


Yang Kai was slightly startled as he hadn’t thought about this before, but he soon replied with a smile, “Just call me Void True Monarch.”


His title in the Star Boundary was Void Great Emperor, so he reckoned that he could also use that title here.


In fact, only the Leaders of Third Class great forces had the right to be called ‘True Monarch’. For example, the Leader of Great Moon Province was known as the Great Moon True Monarch. The Leader of a Second Class great force was called Heavenly Monarch. One such example was Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch.


Yang Kai was just an Emperor Realm cultivator, so supposedly, he didn’t have the right to hold such a title; however, none on the scene thought there was anything wrong with it. 


After all, he had a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master as his maidservant, so he must come from a powerful background. There was nothing wrong with him calling himself True Monarch.


All of them saluted him again and addressed him as True Monarch.


Yang Kai said with a smile, “All of you are my guests. Please come in and have a chat.”


Hong Ji bent his back, “We shall be imposing on True Monarch’s hospitality then.”


Several hundred people followed Yang Kai and Yue He into the spacious Grand Hall. There were many chairs inside, so as the guests took a seat on both rows of a long table, Hong Ji directly took the first seat to the left of Yang Kai.

No one served them tea as they were currently short-staffed in Seven Wonders Land; however, Hong Ji and the others wouldn’t dare to complain as all of them were seated with straight backs and solemn expressions.


Then, Hong Ji rose from the chair and said loudly, “True Monarch, congratulations on becoming the new owner of Seven Wonders Land. On behalf of Golden Light Dock, this Elder has come to deliver a gift of 200,000 Open Heaven Pills, 10 drops of Diamond Rain Dew, and a 1,000 year old blood coral to congratulate you.”


Then, he raised a Space Ring above his bowed head with both hands.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Many thanks to Golden Light Dock. I shall remember this courtesy.”


Yang Kai then tilted his head a little, whereupon Yue He stepped forward and accepted the ring. After that, Hong Ji said with a smile, “This Elder is afraid these gifts do not enter True Monarch’s eyes. It is quite embarrassing.”


To Yang Kai, these gifts were indeed not good enough for him to bother about; after all, he had hundreds of millions of Open Heaven Pills, so 200,000 more didn’t matter to him. Diamond Rain Dew was supposed to be a local product from Golden Light Dock, but it was most probably a Third-Order resource at best. The only thing worth noting was the 1,000-year-old blood coral. It might be useful in some way, but it obviously wasn’t worth a lot of money.


However, these things were costly for a mere Third Class force to offer up as 200,000 Open Heaven Pills were enough to buy a good quality Fourth-Order material. Meanwhile, a Third Class great force didn’t even have a single Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


Following Hong Ji, another representative from a different great force presented his gifts.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t turn them down as he told Yue He to accept them all. These great forces must have had a discussion before coming to this place as the values of their gifts were similar. There was no doubt that these gifts were expensive for them, but they hadn’t cost them an arm and a leg.


Naturally, Yang Kai could understand them. When they presented the gifts, they never forgot to introduce their background, and soon, Yang Kai learned that besides Seven Wonders Land, a Second Class great force, there were seven Third Class great forces in Seven Wonders Territory.


Apart from these seven great forces, the rest were the representatives of various Universe Worlds. It was then that Yang Kai understood that Seven Wonders Land had dominion over ten or so Universe Worlds. These Emperor Realm cultivators were the most powerful cultivators in their respective Universe Worlds.


The gifts given by them were inferior to those of the Third Class great forces and were almost all local products from their respective Universe Worlds, but it was still better than nothing. In any case, these ten-plus Universe Worlds were controlled by Seven Wonders Land, so everything they possessed also belonged to the latter.


Upon this realisation, Yang Kai’s gaze brightened.


He didn’t really care about these gifts. To him, the most valuable gifts in the Grand Hall were the Universe Worlds themselves.


Having control over these Universe Worlds meant that he would have an infinite supply of new talent.


Then, he secretly spoke to Yue He and found out that this was a common practice in the 3,000 World. Any great force had control over a number of Universe Worlds. For example, the great force that Hong Ji was in, Golden Light Dock, ruled over a small number of Universe Worlds. Certainly, they were not comparable to Seven Wonders Land in this regard, but it was still a valuable resource.


On the other hand, the Cave-Heavens and Paradises were in charge of all the Universe Worlds in their own Great Territories and even the neighbouring Great Territories. By selecting talented people from these Universe Worlds and nurturing them, they could ensure that there would never be a shortage of new blood.


The Star Boundary was located in a remote place and detached from the outside world, so they knew nothing about the customs of the 3,000 Worlds.


Chatter and laughter could be heard coming from the Grand Hall for a time. Although Yang Kai wasn’t particularly good at managing subordinates, he was familiar with the idea of using a carrot and stick. Now that he had established his authority with the help of Yue He, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he could show these people some kindness, so soon all of them thought that it was easier to get along with the new True Monarch than Qi Qiao.


“Since Qi Qiao is dead, the name Seven Wonders Land is no longer suitable. I’d like to change the name of this place to Void Land. What do all of you think?” Yang Kai gazed at them and asked.


Hong Ji was the first to reply, “You’re absolutely right! True Monarch, with you in charge of Void Land, Void Territory will definitely become famous in the 3,000 Worlds, and no one will dare to look down on us.”


Yang Kai just wanted to change the name of Seven Wonders Land, but Hong Ji directly replaced Seven Wonders Territory with Void Territory. It was apparent that he was flattering Yang Kai again, but the way he did so wasn’t off-putting.


With a smug expression, Yang Kai guffawed and replied, “Of course, of course.”


Then, he furrowed his eyebrows, “However, we have just gone through a great battle, so the Grand Array has been damaged. Although I’ve sent someone to invite a Grandmaster to help with the repair, we’re currently lacking people…”


Before Yang Kai finished his words, Hong Ji immediately said, “True Monarch, please rest assured. After this Elder returns to Golden Light Dock, he will have some disciples come over to assist you. However, we don’t have many disciples in Golden Light Dock, so I can only mobilise 500 at most. Please forgive me.”


Then, another person rose from the chair, “True Monarch, on behalf of Soaring Crane Sect, I am willing to dispatch 500 disciples to assist you.”


The representatives stood up one by one and offered to mobilise several hundred people to come over to help. Soon, all seven Third Class great forces had promised to lend several thousand people in total.


With a bright smile, Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “Very good. All of you are so thoughtful. In that case, after you go back, please quickly send your disciples over. Don’t worry, I shall not make them work for free. Every one of them will receive two Open Heaven Pills per day of service. If there are any experts in Spirit Arrays, they will receive higher compensation.”


Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard that.


Two Open Heaven Pills a day was not a lot, but by sending 500 disciples, they would get 1,000 pills in total each day. Moreover, it would take a long time, probably six months to a year, to repair the Grand Array. In that case, their income would be lucrative.


None of them could have expected that they could gain some benefits from this small favour, so they were incredibly grateful to Yang Kai; after all, even if he gave them nothing, they would still have to lend him their disciples.


At that instant, many were regretful that they hadn’t promised to send more people.


After chatting for a bit, they started bidding Yang Kai farewell. Apparently, they realised that there were benefits to be gained, so they were eager to go back and send some disciples over.


Soon, the people from the seven Third Class forces were gone, so the remaining representatives of the ten or so Universe Worlds were left looking imploringly at Yang Kai, their eyes were filled with hope.


Silavin: BTW, just for readers to note. Qi Qiao is the same as Seven Wonders. The author sometimes uses it as the name. Thus, we just use Qi Qiao. Another reason is in the earlier chapters, they just refer to him as Heavenly Monarch.




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