Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4164, End Of The Road


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Thousand Inspirations World was directly under Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land. In other words, the great force was in this Great Territory, and it wasn’t far away from this place. It was just like Three Brilliances World and Golden Sun Continent, which were directly under Void Land.


Presently, Void Land controlled over ten Universe Worlds, with Three Brilliances World and Golden Sun Continent being just two of them. The products and human resources from these Universe Worlds belonged to Void Land. With these Universe Worlds as their foundation, there would never be a lack of talented people to recruit from, and many of these Universe Worlds might even nurture some rare treasures.


Certainly, Yang Kai was aware of Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land. In the past, when he was trying to snatch the Golden Crow carcass on the Sun Star, he came across a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from that great force.


After giving it a thought, he shot a glance at Qi Hai, “Do you know Yuan Xiao Man?”


Hearing that, Qi Hai became elated, “Sir knows Senior Xiao Man?”


Yang Kai grinned, “Of course I know her; however, even if Yuan Xiao Man was here, she wouldn’t dare to disobey this King’s order! Who do you think you are to go against me? Guo Zi Yan, destroy the city, now!”




“Stop! Stop!” Qi Hai was utterly flustered. The reason he mentioned Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land was to make Yang Kai become wary of the great force behind him; however, it never crossed his mind that Yang Kai had no regard for the great force at all. Despite knowing that this world was directly under Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land, he was still unafraid.


[What have we from Thousand Inspirations World done to deserve this calamity?] Qi Hai was incensed. He and everyone else in this world couldn’t afford to offend such a big shot.


“I’ll lead the way for you! I’ll lead the way for you! Sir, please let us off!” Qi Hai was dejected as he secretly resigned himself. He didn’t know the background of the Open Heaven Realm Master who had snuck into this place earlier, but if he couldn’t appease the Devil Lord before his eyes, the million people in the city below would die.


After weighing the pros and cons, Qi Hai had no choice but to make this decision. He secretly decided that when this incident was over, he would head to Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land and inform his superiors about it.


“You should’ve agreed from the beginning.” Yang Kai snorted, “Lead the way!”


Qi Hai sighed and moved in a particular direction.


Yang Kai summoned Guo Zi Yan, whereupon the three of them followed the elderly man. Soon, they reached an ocean and were hovering above it. Looking down, they saw an island in front of them. Qi Hai stopped moving forward and gave Yang Kai a hint with his eyes.


Upon getting his hint, Yang Kai sneered, “Is this the place? Good, the environment is quite picturesque.”


Then, he released his Divine Sense, but he couldn’t detect Hei He’s aura. This couldn’t be helped as Hei He was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and there was a huge gap between their cultivations. Presently, Hei He was hiding on this island, so without the Great Emperor of this world leading the way, they would never have been able to locate him.


“Scram if you don’t want to die.” Yang Kai waved his hand at Qi Hai, who appeared horrified and ran for his life. Soon, he disappeared into the distance.


To him, leading the way for Yang Kai to locate Hei He was already the best he could do. There was no way he’d meddle in the fight between Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Looking down, Yang Kai asked, “Do you see anything?”


Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue shook their heads, meaning that they discovered nothing.


Yang Kai knew that there was no way Qi Hai had lied to him. Since he had led them to this place, there shouldn’t have been any mistake, unless Hei He was able to deceive the old man as well.


Nevertheless, that wasn’t likely to happen. As a Great Emperor, Qi Hai had obtained part of the World’s Will, so he could detect any movement happening in this world.


The island was small, and it was basically deserted, so Yang Kai directly waved his hand and ordered, “Flush him out.”


Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue immediately charged forward as they bombarded the island with their Secret Techniques. 


Soon, the island shattered and a faint aura suddenly appeared as a glint flashed across Lu Xue’s eyes, “Found him!”


Her sword slashed across the air, whereupon a radius of ten thousand kilometres of the ocean was immediately frozen.


Following a loud boom, a figure broke through the ice and flew up into the sky. The person appeared battered, and his aura was unsteady. He was none other than Hei He. Previously, he was injured by Lu Xue’s Third Eye Sword, and while he was fleeing, he was repeatedly attacked by her. Even though he was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was unable to continue like this; otherwise, he wouldn’t have snuck into this world to recuperate.


However, not long after that, his whereabouts were exposed. Both shocked and infuriated, he snarled, “Brat, don’t do too far! We might meet again in the future and there is no blood feud between us, so why are you so determined to ruthlessly kill me?”


Yang Kai snickered, “You are the one who found fault with me first, but now you’re saying such nonsense? Aren’t you ashamed at all?”


Certainly, Hei He wasn’t ashamed. If he had known that Yang Kai had a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master by his side, he wouldn’t have acted recklessly. He was certain that Yang Kai had killed his Junior, but the dead couldn’t be resurrected, and it was unwise to challenge a fellow Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master for a dead Junior.


Since he was able to ascend to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, there was no way Hei He was an impetuous person; instead, he was adept at examining the situation he was in and making logical decisions. If Lu Xue had revealed her Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm aura earlier, he would’ve pretended that he hadn’t seen Yang Kai. Nevertheless, it was too late to regret it now.


After Hei He was forced to appear, Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan pounced on him as they joined forces and relentlessly attacked. Guo Zi Yan was just a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it was difficult for him to deal with a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master; nonetheless, Hei He was in a terrible state, so Gui Zi Yan just had to distract him from the side. Most of the pressure was borne by Lu Xue, so he wasn’t in danger.


Things were going south for Hei He. He appeared dejected, and he had a feeling that he might lose his life here on this day. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to flee, but he was unable to do so. At that moment, he was both resentful and regretful as he bellowed, “What do you want? Tell me and I’ll do it for you!”


Yang Kai sneered without saying a word, seemingly determined to end his life.


Hei He felt his heart sinking. Due to Yang Kai’s behaviour, he made up his mind to perish together with them. Despite the fact that he might exhaust himself, he still expended a lot of energy to activate his Secret Techniques to fight back.


Guo Zi Yan was quickly defeated as he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Earlier, Hei He was holding back his power as he believed he had a chance to survive, so Guo Zi Yan was still able to meddle in the battle. Now that Hei He no longer cared about his own life and was acting recklessly, Guo Zi Yan could not join the battlefield again. Left with no choice, he wandered around the perimeter and sent out some weak Secret Techniques at his opponent.


Following a loud boom, a depression with a diameter of several hundred kilometres appeared on the ocean. The water that had been there evaporated in an instant and a buzzing sound reverberated around the world. Countless Void Cracks appeared and flitted about like a big school of fish.


With two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters fighting against one another, this world was unable to withstand the impact. Fortunately, the Great Emperors had been secretly observing this battle and continuously mobilised the World Force to dampen the fallout of the battle. Otherwise, all the lives in the ocean would’ve been destroyed by now.


In fact, Hei He had yielded some results by going all out.


It had only been a short time since Lu Xue ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so she didn’t have enough time to consolidate and solidify her foundation. Previously, the reason she could injure Hei He with her Third Eye Sword was that Yang Kai had caught him off guard by using the gourd vine. Furthermore, it was extremely energy-consuming to use the Third Eye Sword, so she was unable to use it again after such a short period of time.


Soon, she fell into a disadvantage in this fight as her tender body was sent flying away like a sack. While in mid-air, she sprayed out a mouthful of blood, and her aura withered.


[An opening!] Seeing that, Hei He turned around and shot into the sky without hesitation.


Guo Zi Yan wanted to stop him, but he was sent flying away by his whip. Yang Kai pushed his Space Principles and appeared in front of Lu Xue before supporting her weight.


Lu Xue coughed out some blood and said through clenched teeth, “Sir, I can still fight!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly and comforted, “Don’t worry. He can’t escape us.”


Then, he extended his hand into the void and pulled out a bunch of grapes.


As soon as the bunch of grapes appeared, it grew hands and stood akimbo as he guffawing, “Uncle Pu has come!” Soon, he realised that something was off though and glared at Yang Kai, “Brat, what are you trying to do? I’ll fight you!”


He attempted to scratch Yang Kai with his short hands as though he was determined to kill him; however, Yang Kai had already picked a grape from his head and stuffed him back inside the Small Sealed World.


Then, he directly stuffed the grape into Lu Xue’s mouth, “Eat it!”


Without hesitation, Lu Xue gulped it down, and the next instant, her originally listless gaze radiated a powerful glow.


In the Primordial Land, Yang Kai had obtained three Divine Medicines, and they respectively had amazing uses. First, the Profound Multi-Coloured Illusionary Mushroom was able to make people hallucinate, so it was truly extraordinary. He also had the gourd vine. The seven small bottle gourds could nurture Fifth-Order Yin, Yang, and Five Elements Powers. With the help of the gourd vine, he could also make a strike that was equivalent to the might of a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Last but not least, even though Pu Bai Xiong wasn’t able to fight, he was a Divine Medicine with grapes that had astonishing healing properties. Yang Kai had consumed two of his grapes before, so he was aware of their potency.


The medicinal efficacies exploded in Lu Xue’s stomach as her physique and meridians were filled with the surging vitality. In an instant, half of Lu Xue’s injuries were healed, and she no longer appeared as listless as before.


“Many thanks, Sir!” Lu Xue said gratefully.


“Pursue him, but don’t kill him,” Yang Kai ordered.


After a nod, she turned into a ray of sword light and disappeared into the sky.


Then, Yang Kai approached Guo Zi Yan and checked on him. Fortunately, he was fine as he had only exhausted himself. Even though he had some injuries, they were not severe. A moment later, both of them also dashed into the sky.


After the three of them were gone, figures started appearing above the ocean, which was still in chaos. With Qi Hai as the leader, there were 9 people in total. They were the Great Emperors of this world.


Gazing at the chaotic battlefield as well as the weltering ocean and broken World Principles, these Great Emperors sported solemn expressions as they were still reeling from the shock. They had done nothing wrong, but calamity still befell them; however, since it was a battle between Open Heaven Realm Masters, there was nothing they could do. Fortunately, the battle only lasted for a short time, so their World hadn’t been severely damaged.


“There’s something here.” One of the Great Emperors discovered something a moment later and extended his hand to grab a Space Ring. After scanning it with his Divine Sense, he became rooted to the spot.


Seeing that, the other Great Emperors quickly asked him what it was, and upon learning the truth, all of them became ecstatic.


This couldn’t be helped, as the Space Ring contained some 50,000 Open Heaven Pills. This was a massive amount of wealth for any Emperor Realm cultivator.




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    1. There is a difference between nice and fair or prudent. I don’t think the author has ever wanted us to think that yang kai was a “nice” person. At the very least I have never thought he was, and I don’t think he has to be either. However in this scenario he compensated them because he knew that this world belonged to a second class force. Once word got out about what happened here, there is a good chance that they would try to question him at the very least. By compensating these people beforehand, he got rid of any bad blood between them. At the very least they won’t have much ill will towards him because of this. Now once they report this incident to the second class force behind them, they won’t make Yang kai seem as evil as they would have if he hadn’t compensated them. This way he shouldn’t get into too much trouble with the second class force.

    1. The gourd vine is one of his life saving cards. Sure he could give it to guo zi yan, but if something unexpected happens and he is attacked by hei he it would be harder for him to protect himself. Keeping himself safe is more important than defeating this guy, especially when his defeat is inevitable, even without giving guo zi yan the gourd. Besides weren’t the gourds damaged to the point they fell asleep after the last time they fought this guy? If the gourds haven’t recovered yet, then this entire hypothetical is pointless.

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