Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4175, Three Moves


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The Flowing Time Temple hovered in the sky while at its front steps stood Yang Xiao and Yang Xue with solemn expressions.


In the past, they had obtained the inheritance from Flowing Time Great Emperor, and went on to live and cultivate together for several centuries. Over the years, they had become so close they could read each other’s minds. Therefore, they would also fight against their enemies together.


Since Yang Kai wanted to test their abilities, they naturally had to join forces.


They had grown tremendously over the years as they now had the strength of Second-Order Emperors. If they activated the Flowing Time Temple together, most Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters wouldn’t be a match for them. Despite that, they still felt immensely pressured when facing Yang Kai.


Yang Kai was just standing there, and he didn’t seem to exude any aura. Yet, he was like an insurmountable mountain that had appeared in their way. Although they had looked up, they still couldn’t see its peak.


“Little Aunt, we have to give it our all.” Yang Xiao’s palms were drenched in sweat, but his eyes appeared fervent as though he was determined to turn the world upside down.


Yue Xue nodded and gently took a breath, her amber eyes seemingly glowing with light.


With his hands behind his back, Yang Kai stood a thousand metres away from them. Appearing to be calm and collected, he said with a smile, “I’ll not bully the two of you. Whatever you do, I’ll not activate the World Force of the Star Boundary. Furthermore, I’ll suppress my cultivation and make it equivalent to yours. If you can hit me within three moves, you’ll be considered the winner.”


Yang Xiao bellowed, “Father, stop looking down on us! Over these years, I haven’t wasted my time. I’m much stronger than I was in the past.”


“It’s pointless to boast. Make your move.” Yang Kai crooked a finger at him.


While Yang Xiao was gritting his teeth, Yang Xue yelled, “In that case, meet our first move!”


As soon as she finished speaking, they started performing a set of hand seals together. There wasn’t a discussion, nor did they exchange glances, yet their movements were identical, as though they were done by the same person.


Seeing that, Yang Kai nodded lightly. The two of them were able to read each other’s thoughts and intentions after cultivating together for so many years. Even twins couldn’t be so in sync, but the two of them could easily achieve this. It went to show that they had really cultivated hard.


Seeing the hand seals they were forming, Yang Kai broke into a laugh and commented, “Time Flies Seal? I can do that as well.”


Then, he formed a seal with both hands.


Time Flies Seal was the signature Divine Ability of Flowing Time Great Emperor that Yang Kai had learned a long time ago, which allowed him to gain a slight understanding of the Dao of Time. Then, he made use of his Small Sealed World to devour the continents in Demon Realm and found an ancient battlefield, where Flowing Time Great Emperor had once fought a life-and-death battle against Great Demon God.


Traces of the battle were left behind in that ancient battlefield. Yang Kai had been mesmerised by it as though he could see the fight between the Flowing Time Great Temple and Mo Sheng. That was how he mastered the Time Flies Seal; therefore, it was almost as if Flowing Time Great Emperor had personally taught him this Divine Ability.


Unlike Yang Kai, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had obtained the Flowing Time Temple and the true inheritance of the Flowing Time Great Emperor, which they had cultivated diligently for many years, so it could be considered that they had been personally taught by the Flowing Time Great Emperor as well.


As Time Principles undulated, both parties used different hand seals and the energy around them surged. Despite the fact that Yang Kai began forming seals later, he was actually the first to activate the technique.


A rumbling sound spread across the place. 


Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream! 


He pushed out his palm!


Yang Xiao and Yang Xue extended their palms at the same time from the Flowing Time Temple.


The Time Principles from both parties clashed in mid-air and fought against one another. Thousands of years seemed to have passed in the void at that moment.


Yang Kai arched his brow as he could feel a different kind of fluctuation coming from Flowing Time Temple. They were equally matched at first, but the situation was soon tipped. The Time Principles used by the duo solidified and suppressed Yang Kai’s Time Flies Seal.


“Is that one of the uses of the Flowing Time Temple?” Yang Kai was shocked.


The fluctuation coming from Flowing Time Temple seemed to have strengthened the Divine Ability of Yang Xiao and Yang Xue.


Yang Xiao guffawed, “Little Aunt and I have obtained the inheritance of our Honoured Teacher, and this temple was his residence; therefore, when we activate Time Principles in this temple, it will be strengthened. Father, are you surprised?”


As they spoke, Yang Kai’s Time Flies Seal was defeated while the Time Principles from the duo became more ferocious even though its power had been reduced.


Following that, Yang Xue bellowed, “The second move!”


As soon as she finished speaking, a petite hourglass suddenly appeared in front of her. Divine sand could be seen flowing out of the hourglass, exactly 10,008 grains in total.


This was the Flowing Time Divine Sand that Flowing Time Great Emperor had expended a great deal of resources and effort to refine.


The Flowing Time Divine Sand soared and streamed into the Time Flies Seal. As the two Divine Abilities blessed one another, they became horrendously powerful.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai hurriedly retreated.


“Four seasons have passed, and you’re now extremely sleepy.” Yang Xiao gently waved his hand, whereupon an invisible power gushed out of his palm and mingled with the Flowing Time Divine Sand. Then, he looked smilingly at Yang Kai, “Father, you’re exhausted now. Have a rest.”


Three moves had been combined into one, which further enhanced its power.


Yang Kai’s vision seemed to have been filled by 10,008 grains of sand. Before the attack even reached him, a sense of exhaustion was rising within him. Even his eyelids had become leaden.


“A Soul Technique?” Yang Kai arched his brow and smacked his lips, “Interesting.”


If it were any other kind of Soul Attack, he wouldn’t have had any regard for it; however, this Soul Attack carried Time Principles with it, so while it might appear simple, it could make a person feel as if countless years had passed. If aeons seemed to pass by, one would feel lethargic. No one was able to resist this.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai stopped in his tracks and let the 10,008 grains of sand come at him. While Yang Xiao appeared elated, Yang Xue balled up her fists.


The sand was about to engulf Yang Kai, and when that happened, he would be defeated.


Just then, Yang Kai gently raised a finger and pointed forward. At that instant, he used Near Distant Horizon.


The smile on Yang Xiao’s face froze while Yang Xue was stunned. That was because they could sense that even though Yang Kai was just a couple thousand metres away from them, it also felt as if there were several thousand kilometres between them.


All 10,008 grains of sand also became frozen in mid-air. In truth, they were not frozen and were still moving forward, but so slowly it appeared as if they weren’t. It was apparent that there was only a short distance between them, but it was also as if they were as far apart as the Heavens and Earth. Following Yang Kai’s move, the distance between them seemed to have extended infinitely.


That was the power of Near Distant Horizon.


“We lost!” Yang Xiao said through clenched teeth.


Yang Xue gently sighed and broke her hand seal. As her Flowing Time Divine Sand had been restricted by Yang Kai’s Space Secret Technique, she couldn’t even retract it now.


Yang Kai smiled and waved his hand to disperse his Divine Ability, whereupon the 10,008 grains of sand returned to the hourglass. The two Divine Abilities contained in the sand were also shattered.


“Senior Flowing Time was indeed a rare genius. Given his heritage in the past, he could’ve broken free of this Universe World’s restrictions; however, in order to shatter Mo Sheng’s plot, he took the risk of sneaking into the Demon Realm to battle against him. Although he fell in the end, he managed to bring a glimmer of hope to the Star Boundary. It could be said that the reason the Star Boundary is still around is thanks to Senior Flowing Time. If not for him, this world would’ve become the second Demon Realm long ago.” Yang Kai sighed, “Although Senior Flowing Time lost his life, he still managed to leave behind his inheritance. Since you two have had the luck to obtain such an opportunity, you should also inherit his will. If the Star Boundary falls into danger in the future, you must do whatever you can to protect this world even if it costs your lives so as not to disappoint your Honoured Teacher.”


“Father, I’ll never forget what you’ve said today,” Yang Xiao spoke with a solemn face.


“Get ready and follow me to the Outer Universe in two months.” Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai disappeared.


Yang Xiao and Yang Xue traded glances. A moment later, Yang Xiao scratched his head, “Little Aunt, are my ears playing tricks on me? I think I heard Adoptive Father tell us to follow him to the Outer Universe.”


Yang Xue smiled with her lips pressed together, “Isn’t that what you want?”


Instantly, Yang Xiao’s gaze brightened as he placed his palms on his hips and guffawed, “I knew that he’d bring me with him. Outer Universe, here I come!”


He had always been an adventurous soul, so now that his dream had been realised, he was over the moon.


When Yang Kai returned to High Heaven Peak, the ladies had awakened. Ji Yao was standing there with a red face, and she seemed to be on pins and needles. Seeing Yang Kai, she shot him an aggrieved look.


At that instant, the other women also glared at him. Yu Ru Meng’s gaze seemed to suggest that she was ready to skin him alive, while Shan Qing Luo sneered and gritted her teeth.


Yang Kai scratched nose and meekly asked, “Have you all had a good rest?”


Ji Yao’s face was already red, and it became scorching when she heard his question. It was as if some steam was going to puff out of her head.


Yu Ru Meng replied in a weird tone, “What difference does it make whether we have taken a good rest?”


In response, Yang Kai smirked.


Walking over, Yu Ru Meng pinched his waist and said through clenched teeth, “Why are you smiling so foolishly? Since this has happened, you have to take full responsibility.”


An unfazed Yang Kai asked doubtfully, “What do you mean by that?”


An infuriated Yu Ru Meng pointed at Ji Yao, who had hung her head low, and demanded, “Aren’t you supposed to give her a confession?”


“Haven’t I already given it to her?” Yang Kai was speechless at that.


Yu Ru Meng bellowed, “Is this how you’re supposed to do it? What about Bing Yun? How are you going to explain it to her?”


“Well…” Yang Kai batted his eyes, thinking that it wasn’t necessary to explain anything to her; however, after giving it a thought, he realised it was proper etiquette to do so. After all, Bing Yun was Ji Yao’s Honoured Master, so it would be inappropriate if he didn’t at least inform her about their new relationship.


If he were to head to Ice Heart Valley and tell Bing Yun about it, he believed that she’d be happy; after all, she must have noticed something long ago, so she wouldn’t object to it. However, it’d be embarrassing for him to personally explain it to her.


Then, he looked pleadingly at Yu Ru Meng, who snorted and scolded, “Why didn’t you think it through earlier before you acted? Do you feel guilty now?” 


She shot him a glare, “Good. I’ll head to Ice Heart Valley tomorrow and have a talk with Bing Yun.”


Then, she turned to look at Su Yan, “You come with me.”


Su Yan nodded, “En.”


Ji Yao was Bing Yun’s Third Disciple while Su Yan was Bing Yun’s youngest disciple, so they were technically Senior Sister and Junior Sister. It would be of great help if Su Yan could go over as well.


With this, Yang Kai felt relieved.




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