Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4188, Vile Woman


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“Kill… Kill me?” Shangguan Yu was very shocked, “Why would Big Brother Wei want to kill me? I’ve never done anything to upset him before.”


Shangguan Long sighed. Walking over to the table, she pulled her daughter by the hand to sit down next to her, and gently explained, “I know that you’ve never done anything to upset him before. I believe you, but how much does your Big Brother Wei believe in you?”


“What… What do you mean?” Shangguan Yu looked puzzled.


Shangguan Long said, “It has been over two years since you were kidnapped by Mo Ning, right? Mo Ning is an infamous scoundrel. Who doesn’t know that he is a lustful man? Relying on his status as the Black Feather Sect Master’s Son, he ruined the reputation of many women and girls over the years. You were kidnapped by Mo Ning for two years, and we didn’t hear from you at all during this period. We could only rely on the Soul Lamp in my possession to confirm that you were still alive. All the bastards in Black Feather Sect were fleeing for their lives, but Mo Ning kept you with him. What is your Big Brother Wei supposed to think?”


Shangguan Yu replied pale-faced, “Mother, you are saying that Big Brother Wei thinks that I… But, I have never done anything that will wrong him in any way! After I was kidnapped by Mo Ning, I immediately performed the Secret Technique you taught me and sealed myself in ice. By the time I woke up, I saw Father and I…”


“Will your Big Brother Wei believe you?” Shangguan Long interrupted, staring at her daughter coldly.


Shangguan Yu could not answer.


“What I think doesn’t matter. It is what your Big Brother Wei thinks that is important. Silly girl, have you ever considered it yourself?”


Shangguan Yu spoke in a shaky voice, “I-I can explain the situation to him. H-He will surely understand.”


Shangguan Long laughed, her voice filled with mockery, “Good. Even if your Big Brother Wei believes you, what about all those in Rising Heavens Pavilion? Will they believe you?”


“I don’t care whether other people believe me or not. It is enough as long as Big Brother Wei believes me.” Shangguan Yu shook her head. There was a look of firm determination in her eyes. It was clear that she strongly believed in her beloved.


“If Wei Wu Shuang was just an ordinary man, he could ignore the opinions of others, but he is the Young Pavilion Master of Rising Heavens Pavilion. This decision is not up to him!” Shangguan Long patted the back of her daughter’s hand and persuaded earnestly, “If you married into the Wei Family and became the Madame of the Young Pavilion Master of Rising Heavens Pavilion, then Wei Wu Shuang would never be able to lift his head with pride anymore. Even if he tries to force his way through, Wei Jiu Weng will never agree to your marriage either.”


Shangguan Yu’s expression went pale.


Shangguan Long gave a long sigh, “From the moment you were kidnapped, this matter became irreversible. Wei Wu Shuang might truly have been worried about your safety in the beginning and wanted to rescue you, but in these two years, his heart has probably undergone many changes. You and he are childhood sweethearts and there is no doubt about this fact. The two of you should have been a perfect match, but unfortunately, it is also precisely for this reason that Rising Heavens Pavilion cannot dissolve the engagement easily. Otherwise, they would offend our Flying Flower Boat! So then, are you saying Wei Wu Shuang has no choice but to marry you just because they are unable to break off this engagement? In this situation, there is only one method for them to resolve this problem!”


“What method?” Shangguan Yu’s body trembled and her eyes stared listlessly at her Mother.


“Everything will be resolved if you are dead!” Shangguan Long looked at her daughter coolly, “If you die, there will be no need for Wei Wu Shuang to marry you. Rising Heavens Pavilion will not offend Flying Flower Boat either. It is killing two birds with one stone.”


Shangguan Yu stood up in shock and involuntarily took several steps back. She seemed to be in a great panic and her thoughts were a mess as she shook her head and denied, “That’s not true, Mother. That’s not how it is! This is all just your speculation! Big Brother Wei is not that kind of person!”


Shangguan Long faintly replied, “If it isn’t true, then why are you so flustered? I’m afraid you believe it a little yourself, right? Do you know why you have such thoughts? It’s not because my words make sense, but because you yourself have already noticed it. You just haven’t realised it yet.”


“I noticed it?”


“Although you sealed yourself away for the past two years, you did not lose all your perception of the outside world. Think about it. In these two years, how many battles did that old dog Mo Yu experience? Among these battles, there were some where Flying Flower Boat succeeded in chasing him down and fought with the people of the Black Feather Sect. Rising Heavens Pavilion is most likely the reason for the rest of the battles. Have you ever heard your Big Brother Wei calling for you during those battles? Have you ever felt as though Rising Heavens Pavilion was there to rescue you?” Shangguan Long smirked coldly, “If my guess is correct, Rising Heavens Pavilion did their best to destroy that old dog’s entire ship and slaughter every single person in those battles. As long as they could wipe out the entire Black Feather Sect and get rid of you during the process, then they could report to me that Black Feather Sect killed you in their desperation. Without any proof of your death, what could I do to them?”


Every word Shangguan Long said stabbed into Shangguan Yu”s heart painfully. Unable to take it anymore, she reached up and covered her ears, “Mother, I don’t believe you. I don’t believe that this is the case!”


“Whether you believe me or not, this is the truth!” Shangguan Long coldly snorted, “Flying Flower Boat and Rising Heavens Pavilion were pursuing Black Feather Sect together and we agreed to inform the other party as soon as we found traces of them so that we could form a pincer attack together. However, there had been several occasions where Rising Heavens Pavilion did not inform us in time even though they discovered Black Feather Sect. By the time we rushed over, that old dog had already escaped! If Rising Heavens Pavilion had no other intentions, then why would they do that?”


Shangguan Yu slumped to the ground limply. Her tears slid down her cheeks like pearls falling off a broken necklace as she was murmuring repeatedly to herself, “I don’t believe it!”


Shangguan Long said, “If you don’t believe me, then you can just wait and see. I’ve already sent a message to inform Rising Heavens Pavilion. They will meet up with us in a few days. At that time, you will see how your Big Brother Wei treats you!”


Upon hearing the name ‘Big Brother Wei’, a glimmer of light finally returned to Shangguan Yu’s dim eyes. She took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, and glared at her mother, “I will ask him myself. Mother, you are wrong, Big Brother Wei will not abandon me!”


Then, she rubbed her eyes and left the room, slamming the door behind her.


After Shangguan Yu left, a figure slipped into the room from the outside. It was the Right Protector of the Flying Flower Boat, Tong Yu Quan. He was also the father of Shangguan Yu and the husband of Shangguan Long.


It was just that his expression was incredibly livid at this very moment. He glared at Shangguan Long and scolded, “You know Yu’er is deeply in love with Wei Wu Shuang and will marry nobody else in her life. Why did you have to shock her like that!? Are you still her Mother!?”


Shangguan Long coldly snorted. She lifted her hand gently, poured herself a cup of tea, and responded in an indifferent manner, “It is precisely because I am her mother that I have to tell her this. I am doing this for her own good.”


“Then, what about you asking her to seduce that Yang Kai?” He clenched his fists tightly, the veins in his neck throbbing hard, “Is that also for her sake?”


“Of course!”


“Utter rubbish! You did it for your own wolfish ambitions!” He gritted his teeth and spoke scathingly, “Yang Kai is only in the Emperor Realm, but he managed to create a Second-Class great force. It is obvious that he has a bright future ahead of him. If you can create a connection with him, then it will be like giving a tiger wings! Allowing you to become even more powerful!”


She glanced at him lightly and calmly said, “Oh? So you can also tell that he will have a bright future ahead of him? If you can understand that, then what’s wrong with me asking our daughter to get along with him? Wei Wu Shuang is nothing more than the Young Pavilion Master of Rising Heavens Pavilion. Although he has decent aptitude, that is all he has. He is nothing without his status as the Young Pavilion Master of Rising Heavens Pavilion. On the other hand, Yang Kai is different. Not only did he create a Second-Class great force, he even has a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master as his bodyguard. How great would his achievements be in the future? These two could not be more different from each other. If it were you, who would you choose to be your Son-in-Law? What’s more, it’s not as if you don’t know what kind of thoughts Wei Wu Shuang has been harbouring for the past two years. Was what I told Yu’er just now untrue?”


His expression turned sullen, “Wei Wu Shuang is certainly an unreliable man, but do you even know what kind of man Yang Kai is? You and I have only met him for the first time today.”


Shangguan Long gave a soft laugh, “That’s right. It is our first meeting, but don’t you forget, I am a woman. I have quite the eye for men. Regardless of Yang Kai’s character, he will enjoy great accomplishments in the future. Yu’er will not be treated badly if she is with him.”


“It doesn’t matter what he can achieve in the future. As long as Yu’er doesn’t like him, this is complete nonsense!”


“Love will grow with time!” She coldly snorted, “If they live together in the future and Yu’er gives birth to his children, won’t she fall in love with him then? If that’s the case, not only will Yu’er find her happiness, but Flying Flower Boat might even get the chance to absorb Void Land. Our strength will surely increase exponentially!”


“Shangguan Long, when did you become like this!?” He stared at his wife in confusion, feeling as though he was looking at a stranger.


“If you have the heart to question me, then you might as well use the time to persuade Yu’er. I know you and Yu’er are very close. She listens to you, so it will work better if you persuade her than if I did it myself. Of course, you can choose to lie to her out of kindness, but she may be hurt even more deeply because of that!”


He gritted his teeth and glared at her, but she remained calm and unaffected.


“You vile woman!” Tong Yu Quan cursed. He turned and left, slamming the door behind him.


The corners of Shangguan Long’s eyes twitched before she smashed the teacup in her hands against the ground with great force, shattering it to pieces!


A few days later, Yang Kai was meditating when he distinctly sensed Flying Flower Boat’s Lotus Flower Artifact coming to an abrupt halt before continuing on its journey an hour later. Confused, he summoned Lu Xue and asked about the situation. Only then did he learn that the people from Rising Heavens Pavilion had rushed over to meet up with Flying Flower Boat. It was obvious that Flying Flower Boat had sent a message to inform Rising Heavens Pavilion about their current location.


He spread out his Divine Sense and carefully perceived his surroundings. Sure enough, he noticed that a large Palace was travelling at the same pace next to the Lotus Flower Artifact. There were many Open Heaven Realm Masters inside the palace and was probably Rising Heavens Pavilion’s artifact. Although this palace looked different from the Flowing Time Temple, it was probably also a multi-purpose artifact.


Soon afterwards, many Rising Heavens Pavilion cultivators boarded the Lotus Flower Artifact.


Another four hours later, a knock came from outside the door and Lu Xue’s voice rang out, “Sir, the Young Pavilion Master of Rising Heavens Pavilion, Wei Wu Shuang, is here. He claims that he wants to thank you in person for your life-saving grace.”


Although Yang Kai did not wish to meet the other party, he was here to thank him so it was not good of him to refuse a meeting. As such, he had no choice but to invite Wei Wu Shuang inside.




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