Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4273, Blood Principles Restriction


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*Hong hong hong…* 


A series of violent explosions rang out as the two enormous figures were tangled together, fighting each other with reckless abandon. Abundance City was a mess. The city was not that large in the first place, so how could it withstand the damage caused by the battle between Yang Kai in his Half-Dragon Form and Golden Gorilla King? It didn’t take very long for half of the city to be destroyed. Countless buildings collapsed and turned into ruins.


Yang Kai could not afford to care about that at the moment though. Golden Gorilla King might be severely injured, but every attack unleashed by a peak Sixth-Order Monster Beast contained great destructive power. In his current state, Yang Kai could not defend against those attacks unless he went all out; therefore, he had no time to be distracted or worry about anything else.


Although he had an absolute advantage when it came to size, there were times when having a larger body did not necessarily guarantee a win. Golden Gorilla King’s movements were swift and agile. He would climb onto Yang Kai’s body from time to time, biting and scratching his scales and flesh with his fangs and sharp claws. As a result, Yang Kai’s back was drenched in blood and his Dragon Scales flew in all directions.


On the other hand, Yang Kai countered by grabbing Golden Gorilla King by one arm. He tightened his grip and swung his foe left to right as though he was smashing something with a large hammer.


*Hong hong hong…* 


The ground shook and the mountains shuddered. Golden Gorilla King roared furiously as his body shone brightly with golden light. Yang Kai suddenly felt pain coming from his palm, as though the sharp Metal Element Power was piercing his Dragon Claws, so he couldn’t help throwing Golden Gorilla King to the side.


As soon as Golden Gorilla King landed, he raised both arms and hammered his fists against his chest with loud thuds. He was completely enraged. Reaching out his hand, he picked up a rock beside him. He leaped up high and brought the rock smashing down on Yang Kai’s head. Like a meteor falling from the skies, his power was simply astonishing.


Everybody felt nervous at the sight. The scene in front of them was practically a battle between monsters. Nobody dared to approach within a kilometre radius.


Yang Kai clenched his Dragon Claw and threw a punch, smashing the huge boulder to pieces. At the same time, he took a deep breath and his belly swelled up rapidly. A majestic Dragon Roar sounded as he opened his mouth to spew out pitch-black flames. 


Fire Dragon’s Flaming Breath!


Even before he refined the Golden Crow’s True Fire, Yang Kai had been capable of using this particular Dragon Clan Secret Technique. After he refined the Golden Crow’s True Fire, this Secret Technique became considerably more powerful with the blessing of the pitch-black flames. Scarlet Star’s Poison Lady had died tragically because of this attack back in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Yang Kai had burnt her alive until she became nothing more than a charred corpse


The flames raged wildly, even causing the surrounding space to warp and tear.


Golden Gorilla King could sense the power and danger of these black flames and did not dare to underestimate this attack. The golden light around his body shone brilliantly and formed a defensive shell.


When the black flames and the golden light collided, the golden light was suppressed in an instant.


While Golden Gorilla King could exert the strength of a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, and his Metal Element Power was comparable to the Sixth-Order, Yang Kai’s Golden Crow’s True Fire was a High-Rank Open Heaven Power. One was clearly superior to the other. Besides, even among the Five Elements, fire suppressed metal.


Hence, the Sixth-Order Monster Beast could only forcefully endure the burning of the Golden Crow’s True Fire and rushed out of the jet of flames. He clenched both hands together and viciously slammed them down on Yang Kai’s head.


Yang Kai staggered under that attack and stumbled backward unsteadily.


Golden Gorilla King showed no mercy. He used both hands and feet to punch and kick at Yang Kai at a high speed. The golden light around his body gathered in front of him, transforming into the shape of a spear. Following that, the golden light shot, tearing the air apart.


A huge sense of crisis filled Yang Kai’s heart, so he hurriedly activated his Dragon Shield Secret Technique to protect himself from this piercing attack.




The golden spear slammed into the Dragon Shield and immediately shattered it to pieces. However, the golden spear did not seem to lose any momentum whatsoever and continued to enlarge rapidly in Yang Kai’s field of vision. A cold sense of fear swept over him as he quickly retreated.


Yang Kai realised that he had underestimated Golden Gorilla King. A peak Sixth-Order Monster Beast was extremely powerful indeed, remaining so ferocious despite his severe injuries. What would he be like if he were fully healed? Of course, Yang Kai was also badly injured and had not fully recovered, so he was unable to exert his full strength either.


Yang Kai reached out his hand and summoned something. The Azure Dragon Spear sliced through the air and flew towards him. The moment his claws closed around the spear, it suddenly swelled and turned into a world-shattering 500 metre long weapon.


The spear stabbed forward and smashed the approaching golden spear to pieces. Still, Yang Kai felt his arms going numb as the Azure Dragon Spear nearly flew out of his grip. Fortunately, he quickly clenched his fists and drew the spear back slightly before thrusting out once more.


Golden Gorilla King appeared from behind the golden spear light, charging forward aggressively. He bared his fangs fiercely, making him seem absolutely terrifying.




Blood splattered in all directions as a low roar rang out. The Azure Dragon Spear had pierced right through Golden Gorilla King’s chest and come out his back. Yang Kai pulled out the spear, causing warm blood to gush out onto the ground. Even so, Golden Gorilla King advanced forward instead of retreating. Taking advantage of the momentary opening Yang Kai showed after unleashing his attack, he threw a punch that landed squarely on Yang Kai’s chest.


Yang Kai’s giant Half-Dragon Body was sent flying backwards, landing on the ground heavily and sliding for several thousand metres before coming to a stop. Everywhere he passed, buildings collapsed into rubble.


By the time Yang Kai got back up and prepared to continue his fight with Golden Gorilla King, he was astonished to discover that his foe was nowhere to be found so he called out hastily, “Where did he go?” 


Qu Hua Shang stretched out a finger and pointed in a certain direction. Yang Kai looked over and saw a golden dot fleeing desperately into the distance. Golden Gorilla King was already more than a dozen kilometres away by now. He clearly understood that nothing good would come out of the battle even if he fought on; therefore, he decided to retreat. It was a wise decision.


It was just that Yang Kai was not prepared to let Golden Gorilla King flee. He raised his spear and laughed, “Want to run now? Do you think you can!?”


Before he could take more than two steps though, Mo Mei shouted at the top of her voice, “Sir Yang, please show mercy!”


Yang Kai stopped and lowered his head to look in her direction.


Seeing that she had his attention, Mo Mei spoke in a rather sad tone, “Sir, please don’t give chase. Please spare his life.”


“Why?” Yang Kai questioned.


To which Mo Mei replied, “Golden Gorilla King might have benefited greatly from Abundance City, but it is also true that he has helped us to survive through numerous crises over the years. It can be said that he is our benefactor. This time… it might be that he is in urgent need to recuperate, which was why he acted so rashly.”


Upon hearing those words, Yang Kai couldn’t help giving a word of advice, “Save a thief from the gallows and he will help hang you in the future. City Lord Mo, please think this through.”


But Mo Mei insisted, “Sir, please spare his life.”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before he released his Dragon Transformation Secret Art and he returned to his Human form. Since Mo Mei had already said so much, he couldn’t be bothered to chase after Golden Gorilla King anymore. Not to mention, Golden Gorilla King was not an opponent to be trifled with. Although Yang Kai was confident he could hunt down and kill Golden Gorilla King with his current strength, there was no denying that he would have to pay a certain price to do so.


Mo Mei thanked him while the other Elders were staring at him in shock and awe. It was the first time they had ever seen anyone fighting Golden Gorilla King on equal terms. [This guy seems to be even stronger and more aggressive than Lan Ting Yu!]


Many things had happened in Abundance City today. First, Yang Kai had caused a huge commotion, then one of the five Great Elders, Tan Luo Xing, forced open the Grand Array and escaped the city. Before the dust had settled on these shocking events, Golden Gorilla King appeared. Yang Kai and Golden Gorilla King then fought a fierce battle, which practically leveled half of Abundance City.


Looking around at the ruined buildings and wailing residents, Mo Mei couldn’t help furrowing her brow deeply.


All the Elders were injured. In particular, Jin Yuan Lang’s legs had been broken. Many others in the city had been injured as well. It could be said that Abundance City had suffered severe damage to its very foundation.


Soon, those who were not injured began to rescue those who were under Mo Mei’s command. Another group of people was sent to do emergency repairs on the Defensive Grand Array. Thus, the entire Abundance City was swept up in a flurry of activity.


Yang Kai found a quiet place and rested for a bit. After that, he came out again to check on the situation in Abundance City. He said to Mo Mei, who stood next to him, “City Lord Mo, I’m afraid you can’t stay here for much longer. You spared Golden Gorilla King’s life today, but the thoughts of Monster Beasts are very difficult to predict. It is hard to say whether he will or will not come to take revenge on the city after he recovers from his injuries. How will Abundance City protect itself at the time?”


Mo Mei sighed, “I’m aware of that. It’s just… how could it be so easy to migrate to a different place?”


Back then, they only managed to build and establish the city thanks to the help of Lan Ting Yu, the Proprietress, and a few others. They finally reached their current  scale following the gradual development of the city over thousands of years. Even if they wanted to migrate elsewhere, they needed to have a safe place to act as their stronghold at the very least.


It was just that there were no such safe places in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. What’s more, Abundance City had their own enemies, such as Emerald Thunder City, which had been mentioned several times before. If Emerald Thunder City learned about what happened to Abundance City, they would not hold back. They would definitely gather an army to swallow up Abundance City, bones and all.


“Have you never considered leaving the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


Mo Mei laughed bitterly, “Why would we stay here if we could leave this place? Sir Yang, you may not be aware of this, but my ancestors were kidnapped by Blood Monster Divine Monarch and forced to live here. Blood Monster Divine Monarch was proficient in the Dao of Blood, so he placed a Blood Principles Restriction on them. This restriction is passed down from generation to generation. If the Blood Principles Restriction does not constantly receive the aura of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, we will immediately suffer a backlash and die on the spot. That is why we must first remove the restriction before we can leave this place; otherwise, we will only be walking to our deaths.”


“Blood Principles Restriction?” Yang Kai raised his brow at those words, “City Lord Mo, may I have a look?”


She looked at him in surprise, “Sir Yang, do you understand the Dao of Blood?”


Yang Kai calmly remarked, “I didn’t at first, but now I know a little bit.”


He had never touched upon the Dao of Blood in the past, but he had now comprehended several chapters of the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture that were inscribed on steles at the blood lake in order to enter its central palace. Although the final inscriptions had been fudged by Black Crow Divine Monarch, what Yang Kai learned previously was undoubtedly part of the true Blood Light Scripture.


In other words, most of the cultivators present at the time had received some exposure to the Dao of Blood and Blood Principles. It was just that everybody was the same. They only understood some of the Blood Light Scripture’s Secret Techniques, but not the actual Secret Arts.


“Please go ahead, Sir Yang!” Mo Mei did not have the attitude of a shy young maiden and instead generously stretched out her hand towards him. Yang Kai apologised for his discourtesy and placed two fingers on her wrist.


His Divine Sense surged, probing into her bloodline where he soon discovered a mysterious restriction. It was closely connected to her bloodline and could not be separated by force. Not to mention, this restriction could be passed on continuously through reproduction.


[No wonder she mentioned that Lan Ting Yu wanted to find a way to bring them out of here. It now seems that they cannot leave the Blood Monster Cave Heaven at will. Under the effects of this restriction, they have no choice but to live in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.] A short while later, Yang Kai withdrew his Qi and slowly shook his head.


She asked, “How is it?”


Yang Kai sighed, “I can sense the restriction… But, I don’t have the ability to remove it.”


Mo Mei felt slightly hopeful when she heard his first sentence, only to quickly become disappointed with his next. In the end, she laughed bitterly, “You are being too humble, Sir Yang.”


After all, he was able to force Golden Gorilla King back. That was by no means a small feat.




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