Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4307, Future Plans


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Yang Kai kept silent.


Bian Yu Qing added, “It’s an honour that Sect Master showed such generosity and care to the disciples. It’s truly a blessing for them to belong to a Sect like Void Land. But if they don’t contribute, they won’t appreciate their gains. Furthermore, while it’s safe for them to stay in Void Land, if they don’t go out for training, how can they fight alongside Sect Master in the 3,000 Worlds in the future? Flowers raised in the greenhouse will not be able to withstand wind and storms. Back then, when Great Demon God, Mo Sheng, caused disaster in the Star Boundary, everyone from High Heaven Palace participated in the battle. There were many casualties, but the ones who survived grew by leaps and bounds! “


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “What Second Manager says is reasonable.”


He certainly understood this. When he went to Blood Monster Cave Heaven this time, he also agreed to let Lang Qing Shan and the others move separately for training, because he knew that he could not always keep them under his wings. Similarly, he could not protect the 600,000 elites that he had brought back from the Star Boundary forever.


They needed to grow and gain experiences of their own.


“Since Second Manager proposed this, do you have a specific plan?” Yang Kai questioned.


Bian Yu Qing answered, “This subordinate does have an idea. As for whether it will work, I’ll need Sect Master to decide.”


Yang Kai gestured her to speak.


Bian Yu Qing suggested eloquently, “The 600,000 cultivators who came back from the Star Boundary have different strengths. There are the strong ones like the Great Emperors, who have long condensed their own Dao Seals, and are now refining Sixth-Order materials. As for the weaker cultivators, some of their cultivations have not reached the Dao Source Realm or even the Origin King Realm. It’s too dangerous for such cultivators to travel the 3,000 Worlds. Allowing them to leave would be the same as killing them. Therefore, this subordinate was thinking of letting them travel to the Universe Worlds within Void Territory first.”


Yang Kai roughly knew about the situation of Void Territory. Originally, other than Seven Wonders Land which was a Second Class great force, there were 7 third-class great forces, and more than a dozen Universe Worlds.


When Yang Kai occupied Void Land back then, the Masters of these third-class great forces and Universe Worlds paid him a visit. Since Yang Kai had become the ruler of Void Territory, these subordinate forces and Universe Worlds naturally had to pay him proper respect.


“There are many places to seek both training and opportunity in those Universe Worlds. If the disciples go there, not only can it temper their minds and bodies, but it will also let them learn the difficulty of obtaining resources.”


Yang Kai nodded at her suggestion, “This plan seems feasible!”


Seeing him approve, Bian Yu Qing added, “In addition, this subordinate feels that Void Land can follow the contribution system set up by other Sects and the prices of all kinds of cultivation resources should be clearly stated. If the disciples want to get the resources they need, they can exchange with their own contribution points. Of course, the disciples can get them by completing missions assigned by the Sect too, or turning in the contribution points that they obtained through their training.”


Yang Kai had experienced the system of contribution points many times in the past and such a system existed in High Heaven Palace as well. This system was used by many Sects with different names, but they were all similar. Up to now, there were many great forces in the 3,000 Worlds practising the same system.


The fact that the contribution points system was used by many Sects proved that it was helpful to their development.


Yang Kai beamed, “With the help of Second Manager, how can Void Land not be prosperous?”


Bian Yu Qing blushed slightly, “Many thanks, Sect Master, for your high praise. This subordinate only adopted this idea from others.”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Whether it’s from others or not, I’m relieved to have Second Managers overseeing Void Land. Just proceed as you mentioned.”


Bian Yu Qing quickly bowed, “Yes!” After a pause, she continued, “Sect Master, this subordinate has another request!”


“En, name it!”


After organizing her thoughts, Bian Yu Qing remarked, “Although this subordinate has been following Sect Master for many years, my personal cultivation is too low for my current position. I was able to assist Head Manager in High Heaven Palace before, but now, it’s really overwhelming for me to support the operation of Void Land all alone. Sect Master, you are always away, and the Great Emperors are all in retreat. If Void Land encounters any trouble, it will be difficult for me alone to make decisions. I request Sect Master set up an Elder Council. If there is any problem, the Elder Council can discuss and act together.”


There were Sect Masters, Protectors, Elders, Deacons and so on in many other positions in normal Sects. Although Void Land had quite a number of people, other than having Yang Kai as the Sect Master, Bian Yu Qing was the only other one who had a specific status, which was Manager. Meanwhile, the rest were just ordinary disciples who had not been given any position yet.


It was not because Yang Kai forgot about this matter, but simply that the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land was far too limited, so it was hard to even appoint people to such positions.


Bian Yu Qing proposed this not only for the development of Void Land, but also to avert suspicion; after all, if she had all the power, it would inevitably cause some dissatisfaction among others. Of course, the main reason was that she truly needed help with the hectic workload.


“Does Second Manager have any suggestions?” Yang Kai asked.


Bian Yu Qing replied, “This subordinate has received a lot of help from Sir Chen and Madam Lu these days, and I ask for their advice at times. They have experience in management and have good cultivation. As such, this subordinate feels that we can allow them to join the Elder Council first, and be the first batch of the Elders of our Void Land!”


Chen Tian Fei was originally one of the Managers of Scarlet Star. Back then, when Zhao Bai Chuan was in retreat all year round to break through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, Chen Tian Fei was in charge of Scarlet Star, while Lu Xue was a Manager from Sword Pavilion with numerous subordinates under her. Because of this, they both had experience in managerial positions.


Hearing Bian Yu Qing’s words, Fatty Chen, who was sitting to the side, hurriedly straightened his back, sat upright and looked in front of him steadily, while Lu Xue just remained indifferent.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Second Manager is right. Fatty Chen, Lu Xue.”


The two quickly got up, stood side by side, and cupped their fists, “Sect Master.”


“You two will establish an Elder Council with Second Manager to jointly manage Void Land. If there are any difficult decisions to be made, the 3 of you can discuss it among yourselves and follow a majority rule for the final decision!”


“Yes!” Chen Tian Fei and Lu Xue responded in unison. Fatty Chen did not forget to bootlick, “This subordinate assures Sect Master that he will do his best to assist Second Manager, and develop Void Land without slacking off!”


Yang Kai waved his hand and asked them to sit down again. He next took out several Space Rings and pushed them over to Bian Yu Qing.


Bian Yu Qing wondered, “These are…”


Yang Kai explained, “These are the cultivation resources I obtained during my trip. You should keep them and distribute them according to the situation. As for the Open Heaven Pills, keep some of them in reserve if you can and take the rest to the Star City to purchase more resources.”


Bian Yu Qing accepted the order before scanning the rings with her Divine Sense, and exclaiming, “So much!”


Yang Kai literally spent billions of Open Heaven Pills on his way to First Inn in Thousand Birds Territory to buy the Third-Order and Fourth-Order materials. Just when he spent almost all his Open Heaven Pills, he obtained another 1.25 billion Open Heaven Pills in the Asura Arena, all of which he spent wildly on purchasing items at the following auction and exchange meet. If he had not paid a large number of resources and pills to win the Seventh-Order Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng, there would be even more resources in the rings.


Bian Yu Qing let out a sigh of relief, “With these things, Void Land can still maintain itself for another five years without issue!”


Yang Kai coughed gently into his fist, “I’m afraid it won’t last that long.”


“Why?” Bian Yu Qing looked at Yang Kai puzzledly.


Yang Kai disclosed, “Because Void Land will have a new batch of members joining, and their demand for cultivation resources will certainly be much more than the current disciples from the Star Boundary.”


After saying so, he waved his hand, releasing Mo Mei, Pang Duo, and the other Elders from Abundance City.


Mo Mei and the others were stunned for a moment but then hurriedly saluted when they finally comprehended the situation, “Sect Master!”


Bian Yu Qing looked at Mo Mei and the others curiously, and asked, “Sect Master, these are…”  Lu Xue and Chen Tian Fei looked confused too.


Yang Kai introduced everyone and briefly explained the background of Mo Mei and the others. Lu Xue and Chen Tian Fei were dumbstruck, for they did not expect Yang Kai to even bring back so many native cultivators from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. What’s more, they could sense that Mo Mei had condensed Sixth-Order Element Powers. Although Pang Duo and the rest looked a bit old to still be Emperor Realm cultivators, they permeated stable and powerful Fifth-Order Element auras. Once they advanced to the Open Heaven Realm, they would be in the Fifth Order!


“Second Manager, please settle the people of Abundance City down carefully. They will all be our Void Land’s disciples in the future.” Yang Kai ordered.


Bian Yu Qing was delighted, “Don’t worry, Sect Master. This subordinate will make proper arrangements for them.”


What Void Land lacked now more than anything was Open Heaven Realm Masters. These people in front of her were all seeds of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Once they broke through, there would be a sharp increase in Void Land’s strength. How could Bian Yu Qing not be happy?


However, after a moment of excitement, she suddenly understood what Yang Kai meant.


There were not many cultivators from Abundance City, only 3 or 4 thousand. Nevertheless, their needs would only be greater than the 600,000 disciples from the Star Boundary. Although there were a large number of people from the Star Boundary too, their cultivations were quite uneven and the vast majority had not even condensed their Dao Seals, so they needed far fewer resources. However, the cultivators of Abundance City were different. Many people had begun to condense Open Heaven Powers, which was exactly the time when they were extremely eager for the materials of various Orders.


Although Yang Kai brought back a massive amount of cultivation resources from his trip, they would not last long if so many people had to use them.


But overall, it was worth celebrating. Bian Yu Qing could even foresee the scene of the tremendous birth of the Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land.


Yang Kai turned to look at the several people from Abundance City, and asked, “Mo Mei, how many people from Abundance City can break through to the Open Heaven Realm right away?”


Mo Mei immediately replied without a second thought, “Besides this Mistress and the four Great Elders, there are four Deacons, who have condensed Fifth-Order Elements. Below the Fifth Order, there are at least 300 who can break through to the Open Heaven Realm at any time. However, we have just left Blood Monster Cave Heaven, so we must first become familiar with the outside world before proceeding.”


“As you should.” Yang Kai nodded before taking out a ring, “Here are some Spirit Pills. Take them and distribute them to those who can break through. Take one before they attempt to break through as it will ensure that they can successfully ascend.”




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