Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4381, You Just Became A Fifth-Order


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Ma Tian Yuan asked with a frown, “What do you mean, Junior Brother?”


Yang Kai replied with a faint smile, “You said that the three of them are honoured guests in your Unrivalled Guild, so it’s impossible that you don’t even know their names. You’re a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so you’re supposed to hold an important position in your Sect. The fact that you know nothing about them shows that they’re not in your Sect.”


As he spoke, Yang Kai’s expression darkened, “Since they’re not in your Sect, what are you trying to achieve by luring me to that place?”


Ma Tian Yuan explained, “You misunderstand, Junior Brother. That Madame is indeed a guest in our Sect, but it’s the Three Chiefs who received her, so this Ma doesn’t know her name…”


“Is there still a need to hide anything at this point?” Yang Kai shot him a cold glare, cutting him off.


After a moment of silence, Ma Tian Yuan sighed and said, “Since you’ve already realised it, this Ma will drop the pretence. That’s right. That Madame is not in Unrivalled Guild.”


“Where is she?” Yang Kai demanded.


Ma Tian Yuan shook his head, “I don’t know. Half a year ago, I did meet those three. The Three Chiefs wanted to invite her to join Unrivalled Guild, but she refused and left with her people. I don’t know where she is now. However, I heard that the people from Profound Yang Mountain are trying to hunt them down. Perhaps they’ve been captured by now. There’s also a possibility that they’re dead.”


“Profound Yang Mountain?” Yang Kai arched his brow.


Ma Tian Yuan explained, “There are three great forces in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, Profound Yang Mountain, Unrivalled Guild, and Twin Spirit Island. Each great force has several Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, and we usually don’t interfere in each other’s affairs.”


“Why do those from Profound Yang Mountain want to hunt them down?” Yang Kai asked.


Ma Tian Yuan replied, “There are rarely any newcomers in the Shadowless Cave Heaven. The environment in this place is hostile and it lacks all cultivation resources. Therefore, every newcomer will be asked to join one of the forces, and hand over their cultivation resources.”


Upon hearing his explanation, Yang Kai said, “Is this the reason you want to take me to Unrivalled Guild?”


Ma Tian Yuan nodded frankly, “That’s right. Although you’ve just entered the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, you must have some resources with you. Once you join Unrivalled Guild, your things will be ours. Your friends are pretty powerful, so they should have some good things on them; hence, it is expected that they are being targeted by those from Profound Yang Mountain. Furthermore, the Second Mountain Lord is a lascivious man, and that Madame is quite alluring. It isn’t surprising that he’d lust after her.”


“Profound Yang Mountain…” Yang Kai sneered. The Proprietress was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and after many years of accumulation, she had reached its peak. Basically, the only reason she wasn’t breaking through to the Seventh Order was due to her heart demon oath.


On the other hand, Chef and Accountant were newly promoted Fifth-Order Masters. Even though the people from Profound Yang Mountain were powerful, they probably couldn’t harm the Proprietress. Therefore, she should be safe for now. The most important thing for Yang Kai now was to look for them.


Ma Tian Yuan went on to explain, “Junior Brother, I’m inviting you to Unrivalled Guild not entirely for your resources. I’m also doing this for your own good.”


Yang Kai scoffed, “That’s a pretty novel statement.”


Ma Tian Yuan said, “The Shadowless Cave Heaven is a hostile place. If you don’t join one of the three great forces, you won’t be able to survive.”


Yang Kai asked, “Why is that?”


Ma Tian Yuan shook his head, apparently not wanting to explain, “You’ll find out what I mean after you stay here for some time. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them whether this Ma is lying.”


The Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm woman sighed and said, “Senior Brother Ma is right. If you don’t join one of the three great forces, you’ll probably lose your life within a few years. This Mistress suffered a setback when she fell into the Shadowless Cave Heaven. It took me a long time before I recovered.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai snorted. Although the woman appeared sincere and didn’t seem to be lying, these three were from the same Sect in the end. There was no guarantee that they hadn’t come up with a fabricated story beforehand, so Yang Kai wouldn’t readily believe her.


Ma Tian Yuan continued trying to persuade him, “In comparison, joining Unrivalled Guild is the best option because you only have to contribute 60% of your resources, meaning you get to keep 40%. If you join Profound Yang Mountain or Twin Spirit Island, you’ll have to give up 70 to 80%.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m not interested in joining your Unrivalled Guild. The only reason I’ve come all the way here is to look for my friends.”


Ma Tian Yuan said grimly, “What’s the point of you being obstinate, Junior Brother? You’ve just broken through, and your aura isn’t even stable yet, so this Ma doesn’t want to make a move on you. Therefore, you’d better comply.”


Yang Kai shot him a glance, “What if I say no?”


After a sigh, Ma Tian Yuan said, “Resources are scarce in this damned place. In order to cultivate, I have no choice but to offend you even if you say no. Don’t worry, Junior Brother. This Ma isn’t a ruthless person. As long as you’re not too stubborn, I won’t kill you.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “I will spare your life as thanks for your consideration.”


Ma Tian Yuan’s expression darkened, “It seems that you won’t cry until you see your coffin.” 


He waved his hand and bellowed, “Make your move then!”


As soon as he finished his words, he pushed his hand out at Yang Kai. A thick World Force blasted out from his palm as though the pressure of an entire world descended upon the latter. Meanwhile, the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm woman and the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm young man used their Secret Techniques at the same time and attacked Yang Kai.


It was apparent that Ma Tian Yuan didn’t have the intention of killing Yang Kai; otherwise, he could’ve directly summoned his artifact. He was originally a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but due to some unfortunate events in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, his cultivation regressed to the Fifth-Order. Despite that, he was still one of the top cultivators in the same Order.


Faced with a newly promoted Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yang Kai, he didn’t need to go all out.


There was a stark difference between the amount of time they had spent accumulating strength, so their heritages were naturally dissimilar.


Confronted by three powerful Open Heaven Masters, Yang Kai would’ve fled in the past. Although he had killed a number of Low-Rank Open Heaven Masters, he had to exert all his strength and resort to his Divine Manifestation Golden Crow Casts the Sun each time he did so, to say nothing of the fact that he was faced with three Open Heaven Realm Masters at this moment, one of them in the Fifth-Order.


However, things were different now.


Presently, he was also a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Masters, but he was different from others in this realm. After his Small Universe formed in his body, he also merged it with his Small Sealed World.


The Small Sealed World had devoured a lot of the fragments from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven and digested that heritage. In other words, some of the heritage from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven had turned into the capital of Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


Furthermore, Yang Kai wanted to test the limits of his new strength.


Therefore, instead of fearing these three, Yang Kai’s fighting spirit had been ignited as his eyes turned fervent.


Assuming a combat stance, his Small Universe began exuding World Force and with a wave of his arm, two Moon Blades shot out. Both gigantic Moon Blades contained a rich World Force as they clashed with the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm woman and the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm young man.


At that instant, two people were heard screaming as the woman and the young man were sent flying away while spraying blood. The woman was in a better condition as only her clothes were cut open, revealing a patch of her fair skin. On the other hand, the young man was severely injured as he was almost cut in two. However, this kind of injury wasn’t lethal to an Open Heaven Realm Master, so he just needed some time to recuperate.


Yang Kai easily broke through their blockade with a wave of his hand.


Ma Tian Yuan was stunned as he hadn’t expected Yang Kai to still be capable of dispatching his subordinates under his pressure. At that moment, he felt both ashamed and furious as the World Force on his palm thickened.


After turning around, Yang Kai pushed out his palm. 


Following a loud boom, both of them staggered backwards. It wasn’t until they moved back nearly 300 metres that they managed to stabilize themselves. Upon trading moves, they realised that they were equally matched.


Across from Yang Kai, Ma Tian Yuan narrowed his eyes and exclaimed, “How is that possible?”


Was the person before his eyes really a new Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master? When their palms came into contact earlier, Ma Tian Yuan could feel that the other party’s World Force was just as rich and powerful as his, and the outcome of the exchange proved that.


But how could that be? He had fallen from the Sixth Order to the Fifth Order, so throughout the entire 3,000 Worlds, there shouldn’t be anyone in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm that was a match for him. However, the young man before his eyes was.


“Did you really just break through to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm?” Ma Tian Yuan asked in horror and disbelief.


“Indeed,” Yang Kai took a deep breath as he was drowned in an indescribable feeling of joy. Was this the power of the Open Heaven Realm? He felt as if he could draw on an infinite power from his Small Universe. It was as though he was able to tear the world apart simply by raising his hand.


Meanwhile, Ma Tian Yuan was still in disbelief. Nevertheless, Yang Kai’s aura fluctuated conspicuously, so it was apparent that he had indeed just achieved an ascension; otherwise, he would be able to control his own aura.


He was already so powerful just after breaking through, so what heights would he achieve in the future if he was given enough time? The notion terrified Ma Tian Yuan.


[How can someone so extraordinary exist in this world?]


“You haven’t fully used your power, right?” Yang Kai grinned at him.


While Ma Tian Yuan sported a solemn expression, Yang Kai went on to say, “What a coincidence. I haven’t fully used all my strength either. You should probably stop holding back; otherwise, you might get hurt.”


Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai shot forward and directly appeared in front of Ma Tian Yuan. The next moment, Ma Tian Yuan felt an immense World Force pressing against him, and when he lifted his gaze, he saw a palm flying at his chest.


An infuriated Ma Tian Yuan roared and no longer dared to hold back, fully mobilizing the strength of his Small Universe, pouring out as much World Force as he could.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Explosive sounds were heard as the surrounding space shook. Immense World Force permeated the region as two figures clashed, stirring up a great storm. Sometimes they met in the sky, sometimes on the ground. Mountains collapsed around them as fissures opened in the ground.


“Wonderful! Wonderful!” Yang Kai’s expression was like that of a madman as he cried out in excitement. He thrust out his palms in quick succession in order to vent the joy he felt in his heart.


Ma Tian Yuan was shocked by how crazy Yang Kai appeared, thinking that the young man was some kind of battle maniac who only wished to fight until one of them died. At this moment, he was caught in a dilemma. Faced with the storm of attacks, he had no choice but to fight back with everything he had or he would be seriously wounded.




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