Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4485, Come, Sword


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Su Chang Fa slowly regained consciousness and saw the two Tian Luo Hall disciples twitching under Yang Kai’s hands as soon as he opened his eyes. Thinking that he was dreaming, he closed his eyes again and continued to sleep; however, he soon jerked his eyes open again to stare forward with a mixture of shock and confusion.


“Life is beautiful yet oh so fragile. It seems that you don’t understand this. Unfortunately, the ignorant are destined to be cast out by the flow of time. Let me show you the true meaning of power!” Yang Kai slowly stood up, cleaned the blood off his hands, and looked up at Zhan Bo Xiong coldly.


“Seventh-Step Mortal Realm!?” Both Hong Xiu and Gu Kang Ning couldn’t help widening their eyes at the sight. The aura emanating from Yang Kai was clearly something that only a Seventh-Step Mortal Realm Master could possess.


[Isn’t he only in the Fourth-Step Mortal Realm? When did he become a Seventh-Step Mortal Realm Master? Has this brat been hiding his strength all this while? But… even if he is a Seventh-Step Mortal Realm Master, how does that change anything?]


Even Third-Step Earth Realm Masters like the three Elders had been defeated so badly. A Seventh-Step Mortal Realm Master was bound to be powerless to fight back in this scenario. Disregarding the fact that Tian Luo Hall had a Seventh-Step Earth Realm Master like Zhan Bo Xiong, there were also several other Earth Realm Masters present. This line-up was not something Yang Kai could fight alone.


“Arrogant Junior! How dare you behave so boastfully!?” Zhan Bo Xiong was livid. In a moment of carelessness, two of his people had been killed by the other party. It was extremely embarrassing for him.


The truth was that the power Yang Kai displayed earlier had shocked him too. A Seventh-Step Mortal Realm Master had killed two Masters at the peak of the Mortal Realm in an instant. Such a feat was not something just anybody could do. Only the most talented geniuses had the ability to kill enemies above their own Realm.


The current Eldest Disciple of Void Spirit Sword Sect was not well-known; therefore, this sudden display of strength immediately gave Zhan Bo Xiong all sorts of thoughts. [Perhaps this boy cultivates the True Void Spirit Art of Void Spirit Sword Sect! As long as I can capture him, I can obtain the biggest secret of Void Spirit Sword Sect! No matter how strong this Junior is, he is just in the Seventh-Step Mortal Realm while I’m in the Seventh-Step Earth Realm. There’s a difference of a whole Great Realm between us. He is definitely not my opponent!]


His hatred towards his grandson’s murderer and his greed towards the True Void Spirit Art compelled Zhan Bo Xiong to make up his mind to capture Yang Kai personally. His figure flickered while he was speaking and he lunged towards his enemy. Under the urging of his Earth Realm Spirit Qi, he came pressing down on Yang Kai with overwhelming force.


“Honoured Master, the Ancestors of Void Spirit Sword Sect actually left us a huge gift, it’s just that we never noticed it before.” Yang Kai suddenly uttered this inexplicable sentence. After that, he lifted his hand into the air and shouted, “Come, sword!”




The sound of something shattering rang out. Su Chang Fa and the others turned to look in the direction of the sound and saw fine cracks running down the sword worn by the statue of their Ancestor not far away. 


Su Chang Fa abruptly widened his eyes. Seeming to recall something, his expression immediately became filled with emotion.




Following that cracking sound, a sword light suddenly shot out from the statue and flew into Yang Kai’s grasp.


It was a sword that emitted an inexplicable halo of light. The sword was a little more than a metre long, with a flat surface that shone like a mirror so clear it could reflect a person’s image perfectly. The shape was smooth and streamlined and its edge was so sharp that it looked like it could slice through space itself.


“The True Void Sword!” Gu Kang Ning exclaimed softly.


Hong Xiu revealed a look of realisation, “So it was here all along. It turns out that the records in the ancient books were true!”


Needless to say, this True Void Sword was not the real True Void Sword. The real True Void Sword was one of the Ten Great Divine Armaments of the Divine Armament World. Only those with great destiny and opportunity could wield the real True Void Sword. 


The True Void Sword in Yang Kai’s grip had been hidden in the old statue and was a replica of the Divine Armament. According to the records written in the ancient books of Void Spirit Sword Sect, the True Void Sword Lord spent an enormous amount of manpower and resources to forge this imitation True Void Sword based on the Divine Armament during his final years to leave behind for future generations.


It was just that nobody knew where the True Void Sword replica went after the death of the True Void Sword Lord, even though there were vague records in the ancient books. 1,000 years later, even if the disciples of the later generation came across the records written in the ancient books, they simply assumed that the True Void Sword replica was either lost or destroyed. Who could have known that it had always been concealed inside the Sect’s guardian statue? It was hiding right under their noses the whole time.


The True Void Sword replica was a far cry from the real Divine Armament True Void Sword, but even so, the power it contained was not to be underestimated.


“A Spirit Armament!?” Zhan Bo Xiong charged towards Yang Kai, narrowing his eyes at the sight. Immediately after that, he became overjoyed, “I never imagined that a small force like Void Spirit Sword Sect would have such a good thing hidden away, hahahaha! The Heavens are truly on my side today! Junior, you are not worthy of this Spirit Armament! Hand it over to this Old Master!”


He reached out and grabbed at Yang Kai while speaking.


Cultivators were divided into Mortal, Earth, Heaven, and Spirit Realm. The weapons in the Divine Armament World were categorised in the same manner. Below the Divine Armaments were Spirit Armaments, Heaven Armaments, Earth Armaments, and finally Mortal Armaments.


The sword Yang Kai carried previously was just a Mortal Armament and had been destroyed during his battle at the restaurant.


Divine Armaments could not be created and were only innately formed. Even if the True Void Sword Lord spearheaded the creation and collected the most precious materials available in the Divine Armament World, he was still unable to create a real Divine Armament. The most he could create was a Spirit Armament!


That said, a Spirit Armament was powerful enough to wipe out an entire kingdom! Naturally, that also depended on who was wielding the Spirit Armament. In the end, a weapon was only an auxiliary, a tool to be used; therefore, the amount of power it could exert depended on the strength of the wielder.


A Seventh-Step Mortal Realm Master like Yang Kai was cut by the sharp Sword Intent just by holding this Spirit Armament in his hand. His entire body became drenched in blood and his flesh curled violently.


On the other side, Wan Tian He of Roaring Tiger Sect, who had been watching coldly from the side all this while, revealed a look of interest. Who would not be tempted in the face of a Spirit Armament? 


Just as he was preparing to join the fight and snatch the Spirit Armament for himself, his heart suddenly clenched tight. He instinctively felt a sense of crisis looming over him, as if a terrible fate would befall him if he made a move.


His cultivation was not that great, only Seventh-Step Earth Realm; even so, his danger perception had always been very sensitive. He had relied on his instincts to escape many disasters over the years, so after a moment of hesitation, he chose to remain motionless.


Zhan Bo Xiong had arrived within ten metres of Yang Kai and was staring greedily at the Spirit Armament in the latter’s hand, already dreaming about his majestic appearance after obtaining this Spirit Armament. 




An enormous illusory phantom suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai. The illusory phantom was several dozen metres tall and filled with an immense aura. The entire illusory phantom was formed from condensed Sword Qi. Moreover, the illusory phantom was identical to the statue that had stood in Void Spirit Sword Sect for 1,000 years. The illusory phantom also held a sword in his hands around which sharp Sword Qi churned.


“Ancestor…” Su Chang Fa stared at the illusory phantom in shock, “The Ancestor has appeared!”


Similarly, Gu Kang Ning and Hong Xiu were staring at the illusory phantom in shock while all of Void Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples were dumbstruck by the sight.


“Huh?” Zhan Bo Xiong felt his chest tightening all of a sudden, as if his skin was being pricked by thousands of tiny needles. Stabbing pain came from all over his body and at the same time, an inexplicable sense of panic filled his heart.


Yang Kai swung the sword in his hand, staring at Zhan Bo Xiong coldly, “Death to all who have harmed Void Spirit Sword Sect!”


Sword Qi was suspended in the air while Sword Intent permeated the sky. Slicing sounds rang out incessantly and fresh blood splattered everywhere while severed limbs flew in all directions.


It felt as though 1,000 years had passed in an instant, and when the Sword Qi rampaging in the void finally dissipated, all the Tian Luo Hall cultivators had been killed on the spot. Chunks of flesh and blood covered the ground and not a single one of them retained a complete corpse, their bodies sliced into multiple pieces by the overwhelming Sword Qi. Even the mountain ahead had been razed to the ground!


Meanwhile, the Void Spirit Sword Sect disciples who were collapsed on the ground were not harmed in any way. The criss-crossing Sword Qi seemed to have eyes and did not cause them any harm.




Wan Tian He drew a sharp breath of cold air, his expression a mixture of sickly green and deathly pale. He couldn’t help feeling thankful that he had not made his move just now; otherwise, he would have suffered the same fate as Zhan Bo Xiong. Under that horrifying Sword Qi, a Seventh-Step Earth Realm Master was no different from an ant.


“Fools who are completely ignorant of what true strength is!” Yang Kai flicked the sword lightly. His entire body was drenched in red, making him look like he had been dredged out of a pool of blood. He then turned to look at Wan Tian He and asked solemnly, “Protector Wan, do you have anything to say?”


The attack just now was naturally not his own strength, it was the power sealed within the Spirit Armament True Void Sword. All Yang Kai did was use Void Spirit Art to stimulate that power. It was naturally impossible for him to come out unscathed after acting as the carrier for such power. There were countless wounds all over his body and horrifying Sword Intent leaked out of those injuries, preventing them from healing. The blood that flowed down his legs had stained the ground around him red.


Wan Tian He gulped nervously and stared at the True Void Sword in Yang Kai’s hand in fear.


[Zhan Bo Xiong was in the Seventh-Step Earth Realm, just like me. Our strengths are fairly evenly-matched. Zhan Bo Xiong was killed without the slightest hint of being able to resist. How can I possibly defend myself if that brat attacks me?]


He suspected that even a Heaven Realm Master would have been powerless against that strike just now. Only those in the Spirit Realm had the right to fight back.


“Zhan Bo Xiong dared to offend Void Spirit Sword Sect, so his death is not worth pitying. Little Brother, you did well in killing him. To tell you the truth, this Wan has long disliked him!” Both his legs trembled uncontrollably, but he lied without batting an eyelid.


“Let us be practical.” Yang Kai looked at Wan Tian He calmly, “Otherwise, I might just fail to suppress the restlessness of the sword.”


Wan Tian He decisively said, “This Wan was in such a hurry to come today that he brought nothing with him. In the future, this Wan will visit again with gifts of apology. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the amount, Little Brother.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Good!”


Wan Tian He forced out a smile, “Your noble Sect underwent such a huge event today, so I’m sure you have many other things to deal with. This Wan won’t disturb you any longer. Farewell!”


Yang Kai nodded, “Have a safe journey, Protector Wan. Little Junior Sister, please see Protector Wan off!”


Wan Ying Ying had fallen behind when she followed Yang Kai here, and when she arrived at this place, she was just in time to see Yang Kai wiping out their enemies in a single move. At this moment, she was still unable to recover from her shock. She simply could not understand how her Eldest Senior Brother had gotten so strong in such a short time. It was not until she heard his shout that she finally came back to her senses and responded with a nod.


“No need to trouble yourselves!” Wan Tian He replied politely. Leading the people from Roaring Tiger Sect, he hastily rushed down the mountain.


After Wan Tian He and the others left, Yang Kai suddenly coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood and stumbled. He immediately stuck the sword into the ground and half-knelt.


“Eldest Senior Brother!” A bunch of people immediately panicked and shouted noisily.


Su Chang Fa, Gu Kang Ning, and Hong Xiu hurriedly moved towards him. One supported him, another took out Healing Spirit Pills for him to eat, and the last examined his wounds. They were extremely attentive.




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