Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4494, Nothing More Poisonous


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Yang Kai laughed and said, “There is no enmity between Void Spirit Sword Sect and Heavenly Martial City. You worry too much, City Lord Miao.” [Looks like this guy has many enemies; otherwise, he would not have asked me if I was here to kill him as soon as he saw me.]


After pausing for a moment, Yang Kai eventually continued, “I’ll be honest with you. I am an Alchemist. When I heard that you were ill, City Lord, I decided to try refining some pills for you. I sent my subordinate to offer the pills to you as a sign of my sincerity, but to my dismay, the City Lord’s Mansion claimed that the pills I refined contained poison and captured my subordinate on the spot.”


“You are an Alchemist?” Miao Hong glanced at Yang Kai in surprise.


Yang Kai didn’t just look young, he was young, probably no more than 17 or 18 years old. Having his cultivation at that age was surprising enough, so it was hard to believe that he was also an Alchemist!


It had to be said that Alchemists were highly revered in the Divine Armament World; moreover, their inheritance was very strictly guarded. Not just anybody could become an Alchemist.


“What Grade of an Alchemist are you?” Miao Hong asked curiously.


“Earth Grade!” Yang Kai did not dare to say too much. In truth, his Alchemy Grade could not be categorised according to the standards of the Divine Armament World. If he had enough materials and adequate strength to persevere, even refining a Spirit Grade Pill would be a simple task for him.


Miao Hong originally showed some interest, but his expression immediately turned cold and a trace of displeasure entered his eyes when he heard what Yang Kai said.


It was one thing to have such outstanding cultivation at such a young age. Somebody like that could be considered a talented individual, but an Earth-Grade Alchemist… How could a young brat achieve something like that?


It had to be said that Heavenly Martial City was a notable great force in its own right. Even so, they paid a huge fortune and spent hundreds of years just to nurture two Earth-Grade Alchemists. 


It would take at least several dozen years of hard work to become an Earth Grade Alchemist.


“Little Brother, this City Lord has no idea why you came here. I don’t have the mood to ask, let alone be bothered to care. Just go back to where you came from,” After saying that, Miao Hong closed his eyes a little disinterested.


Yang Kai was astonished and asked, “You don’t believe me, City Lord?”


Miao Hong replied coolly, “There’s nothing interesting about mocking a dying man!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly and took a good look at Hong Miao before he started speaking, “If my guess is correct, your condition is not caused by old age but the relapse of an old injury. Isn’t that right, City Lord?”


Miao Hong’s tightly closed eyes opened slightly again, and he murmured approvingly, “You have a good eye, Little Brother. How could you tell?”


The public only knew that he was dying of old age. They did not know that he was actually suffering from the relapse of an old injury.


Yang Kai explained, “You don’t seem that old from your appearance, City Lord. Of course; when it comes to a Master like you, your cultivation makes it hard to tell your actual age from your appearance alone. However, the vitality in your body has clearly not been exhausted, yet is still strangely weak. Moreover, you seem to have a different force surging inside your body…”


Miao Hong finally revealed a surprised look at those words, “You can even tell that much!?”


Yang Kai asked, “City Lord Miao, if you can trust me, can you let me perform an examination on you?”


Miao Hong studied Yang Kai solemnly for a moment before he lightly said, “There’s nothing for a dying man to fear. You can take a look if you want, Little Brother.”


Yang Kai apologised for any offending actions and took Hong Miao’s hand. Placing two fingers on Hong Miao’s wrist, he probed Hong Miao’s condition with his Spirit Qi.


Hong Miao immediately noticed Yang Kai’s true cultivation as soon as his Spirit Qi flowed into his body. This boy was actually at the peak of the Earth Realm!


Although Hong Miao had been fairly certain that Yang Kai was at least in the Earth Realm after seeing him silently sneaking into this place, it wasn’t until this moment that his speculations were confirmed. Not only was Yang Kai in the Earth Realm, but he was at the peak of the Earth Realm! He was only one step away from advancing into the Heaven Realm!


“Little Brother, how old are you?” Miao Hong asked curiously.


“18… I think,” Yang Kai answered casually. In his memories, that was indeed the approximate age of this body in the Divine Armament World.


Miao Hong smacked his lips in wonder, “A true genius!”


It was unprecedented for anybody in the Divine Armament World to achieve such outstanding cultivation at such a young age. If there was a Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill on hand right now, Miao Hong was certain that Yang Kai could break through into the Heaven Realm in one go.


[An 18-year-old Heaven Realm Master! Just how sensational is that!?]


Although he never had much expectations for Void Spirit Sword Sect in the past, Miao Hong now had a vague feeling that the rise of Void Spirit Sword Sect was just around the corner.


A short while later, Yang Kai retracted his hand, “There is indeed a strange force in your body, City Lord. It is devouring your vitality.”


Miao Hong replied, “I was injured in battle many years ago, and that energy has always been lurking inside my body. I can’t get rid of this energy no matter how hard I try to dispel it. Since you are aware of this, do you have any good solutions to the problem, Little Brother?”


Yang Kai mulled over the question for a moment, “I have both good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first, City Lord?”


“Tell me the bad news first!” Miao Hong decided.


“City Lord, you have very little vitality remaining, and what little is left is rapidly fading away. If left untreated, you will die within three days!”


Miao Hong couldn’t help snorting, “That sounds like pretty good news.”


Yang Kai replied, “I’m actually amazed you can still maintain consciousness, City Lord!”


Logically speaking, most people in Miao Hong’s condition would have lost consciousness or become confused and disoriented; however, Miao Hong was still capable of speaking coherently. It could be seen that his willpower was extremely strong.


“What’s the good news?” Miao Hong asked.


“The good news is that I can help you extend your lifespan, City Lord Miao. You won’t die so quickly, but to remove this energy from your body…” Yang Kai shook his head slightly, “I don’t have enough strength. I’m afraid I can’t help you with that.”


Miao Hong’s eyes lit up, “It’s fine. You only need to help this City Lord stay alive for another 7 or 8 days!”


[7 or 8 days…] Yang Kai calculated the time. That was probably when Gao Xin Peng would arrive at Heavenly Martial City. [It looks like Miao Hong is staking his hopes on Gao Xin Peng.]


That was not surprising. Gao Xin Peng not only had a long history with Miao Hong, but he was also a Heaven Grade Alchemist. Compared to a person of unknown origins like Yang Kai, it was only natural for Miao Hong to trust Gao Xin Peng more.


Going by this logic, it would seem that Gao Xin Peng was not coming here to refine Life Extension Pills. He was probably coming here to help suppress the strange energy in Miao Hong’s body.


“That’s not a problem.” Yang Kai nodded. Taking out the Vitality Pills he refined, he tipped two pills out of the bottle, “These are the pills I refined personally. They can enhance and stimulate the vitality in your body, City Lord. They should help improve your condition.”


Miao Hong glanced at the soybean-sized pills in Yang Kai’s hand, feeling uncertain whether he could trust Yang Kai.


While Miao Hong was hesitating, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed, “Somebody’s coming.”


Miao Hong had also detected the approaching presence. He might be terminally ill, but his powerful cultivation was not just a decoration. Besides, the visitor had no intention of hiding their movements. There was no way he could not hear them coming.


Hardening his resolve, Miao Hong sucked in a breath of air that drew up the two pills in Yang Kai’s hand into his mouth.


Yang Kai had no time to escape, so he could only leap back onto the roof beam where he had been hiding before.


A short while later, the sound of light footsteps approached from a distance and soon arrived in front of the door.


“Greetings, Madam!” The voice of the guard at the door rang out.


“How is the City Lord?” A cold voice sounded. It obviously belonged to this ‘Madam’.


The guard replied, “Same as usual.”


“Open the door. I’m going to take a look.”


Immediately after that, there were some sounds and the door was opened. Moonlight spilled into the room and a slender figure stepped inside.


Yang Kai looked down and couldn’t help feeling startled. That was because the Madam was somebody he had seen before. It was the woman he encountered while he was wandering around earlier.


[Their tryst ended so quickly?] Yang Kai couldn’t help muttering to himself in his heart; however, his expression soon became strange. [The guard at the door called her ‘Madam’… What kind of relationship does this woman have with Miao Hong? The only person in the City Lord’s Mansion with the right to be called ‘Madam’ is… the City Lord’s Wife.]


[This…] Yang Kai suddenly felt as though he had discovered a huge secret.


Nevertheless, he was not sure whether his speculations were correct. [It’s possible that this woman is not Miao Hong’s Wife. But, if they are not Husband-and-Wife, then why is she here in the middle of the night?]


When Miao Hong spoke to Yang Kai earlier, his voice had been weak but he still had some energy. At this moment, however, he just lay motionless on the bed. His aura was faint and gloomy, almost as though he might die at any time.


“Husband…” The woman came over to Miao Hong’s side and sat down by the side of the bed, calling out to him softly.


Yang Kai immediately knew this woman was really the City Lord’s Wife.


Lying on the bed, Miao Hong twisted with difficulty and tried his best to open his eyes to look at her. A low groan involuntarily came out of his mouth.


“Husband, your condition has gotten worse.” The woman’s beautiful brow was slightly wrinkled. Combined with her cold temperament, she seemed very pitiable, “Looking at you in this condition breaks this Mistress’ heart…”


Yang Kai sighed in his heart when he heard those words. [A married couple is devoted to each other for life after all, even if this woman betrayed Miao Hong with her actions, it must be hard for her to see him in this condition.]


Before he could finish his thought though, he heard the woman’s voice continue, “Why do you bother to struggle so hard? Why don’t you just die here? Death ends all troubles. How much longer can you live in this condition anyway? Two days? Three days?”


A gurgling noise came out of Miao Hong’s throat. There was no telling what he wanted to say.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was completely flabbergasted.


The woman smiled, and the dimly lit room suddenly became dazzling for a moment. Then, she leaned down and pushed her ample bosom into Miao Hong’s face. She gently said, “Smell this. This Mistress still has his scent on me. It’s very fresh!”


Miao Hong probably could not breathe properly with her twin peaks in his face. His hands tried to push her away weakly, but his efforts were to no avail.


Her laughter gradually became more sinister, “When you used such despicable means to snatch me from his arms back then, did you ever think that such a day would befall you? At this point, I’m not afraid to tell you this anymore. Our daughter is not yours. She is the product of Kou Yong and I.”


Those extremely vicious words came out of the mouth of this seemingly cold-tempered woman. If Yang Kai had not heard them with his own ears, he would never have believed it! He couldn’t help thinking of the saying, A wasp’s stinger and the fangs of a poisonous snake’s mouth were both venomous, but there was nothing more poisonous than a woman’s heart!


When Miao Hong spurted out a mouthful of blood, the City Lord’s Wife deftly got up and stepped to the side to avoid being splattered by the filth.


“B-Bitch!” His entire body shuddered, and he coughed up blood again.


She stood by the side of the bed and looked at him coldly. It was not until his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he lost consciousness completely that she turned around and walked out. A short while later, her commanding voice came from outside the door, “The City Lord coughed up blood again. Go in and clean it up.”






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