Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4549, Choose


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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Sun and Moon intersected as Yang Kai activated his ability. Space and Time Principles surged as he pushed his palm forward.


The Great Sun and the full Moon entwined and began to spin. As the Sun and Moon cycled, thousands of years seemed to pass in a single instant, complementing the Space Principles. Thus, a mysterious Space-Time Strength was born.


Sun and Moon Divine Wheel!


A sense of crisis abruptly weighed down on Zuo Quan Hui. How could he even think of saving Zhou Ti at this moment? Yang Kai’s Divine Ability was beyond the scope of what a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could exert. Even for Masters in the Seventh Order, such a method was practically unheard of.


No matter how exquisite the moves that Yang Kai made before or how amazing his Divine Abilities were, Zuo Quan Hui did not put any of them in his eyes; after all, the power of Yang Kai’s Divine Abilities could not make up for the disparity between their Orders. Even if Zuo Quan Hui knew about Yang Kai’s Golden Crow Casts the Sun, he was only a little vigilant about it.


It was true that he did not have a Divine Manifestation, but the Divine Manifestation exhibited by a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master should not be able to do anything to him. If Yang Kai really did use Golden Crow Casts the Sun, then he had ways to deal with it.


However, the Divine Ability that Yang Kai unleashed at this moment posed a real threat to him.


A cold sword light filled the void, and the illusory phantom of a Small Universe emerged behind Zuo Quan Hui’s back. Like a prosperous world, World Force surged madly. In an instant, Zuo Quan Hui’s Seventh-Order Open Heaven aura reached its peak.


The sword tip was raised to the sky, then swung down! All of Zuo Quan Hui’s cultivation was poured into that one cut, with nothing held back.


The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel arrived in the next instant, and the dazzling light devoured Zuo Quan Hui almost instantly.


A terrifying energy burst out, and a circle of light spread out in the void, stretching for thousands of kilometres, as if the end of the world had arrived.


When the shockwave spread out, everyone felt as if they were standing on a rocky boat in a wild storm that could possibly capsize at any moment.


Behind Yang Kai, Mao Zhe and Geng Qing were both staring blankly ahead, and could not help but recall the scene back in the Shadowless Cave Heaven where they were defeated by this exact move.


Seeing this Divine Ability again, even after such a short amount of time, it seemed to be stronger than on that day.


Calm returned to the battlefield once the aftershocks subsided. Earlier, everyone was trying to protect themselves from the fallout of this clash, so nobody could afford to fight with others.


All eyes were locked on Yang Kai and Zuo Quan Hui. The victor of this confrontation would soon be revealed, so all of them could not help but feel nervous.


In the void, Yang Kai’s face was pale as a sheet of paper, and fresh blood was continuously flowing out from the gaping hole at his abdomen. From his shaky stance, it was clear that he was a lamp running out of oil.


On the contrary, Zuo Quan Hui’s body was intact and without injuries, though his face was extremely pale. He remained in a sword-brandishing pose, but he was unmoving.


Huang Quan and the others were overjoyed at this sight, because it undoubtedly meant that Zuo Quan Hui was able to block Yang Kai’s Divine Ability. In the end, he was a Seventh-Order Master, so this was no surprise!


Exchanging glances, Huang Quan shouted enthusiastically, “Kill!”


In a flash, he broke free from Hui Gu’s side and rushed straight in Yang Kai’s direction with Cang Yan and Jin Gang following closely behind. The other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters did not lag behind either.


The only one who remained unmoving was Zhou Ti. It was a critical moment for him just now, and Zuo Quan Hui was interrupted by Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Divine Wheel before he was able to save him. With Mo Mei, Old Bai, and the others joining forces to bombard him with Divine Abilities, Zhou Ti was in a miserable state, and it was unknown whether he survived their attacks or not!


4 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters attacked from left and right, but Yang Kai just stood in place, seemingly lacking the strength to even defend himself. It was at the critical moment that Mao Zhe and Geng Qing exchanged glances and rushed over.


“You court death!” Yue He also shouted. Together with the Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan couple, as well as Hui Gu, they rushed over to rescue Yang Kai.


Another fight broke out, with Void Land holding a slight advantage thanks to their greater numbers. As a result, they were able to repel Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch and his group.


However, the one they were most wary of was Zuo Quan Hui. This Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was still here, so everyone’s hearts were drumming. They did not dare to tangle too much with the enemy and only focused on helping Yang Kai retreat to the side.


To everyone’s surprise, Zuo Quan Hui did not move from beginning to end. He just stayed in the same pose, as if he had turned into a statue.


At this point, anyone with eyes could see that something was not right. Zuo Quan Hui definitely did not stop Yang Kai’s Divine Ability unscathed; otherwise, it was impossible for him to miss such a ripe opportunity to kill off his target.


It was not until everyone led Yang Kai back to safety that Zuo Quan Hui finally staggered. A strange wave of power burst out from his figure as he spat out a mouthful of blood.


“Honoured Master!” The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm woman was horrified.


When she looked up, she was shocked to see a piece of flesh the size of a fingernail fall off from Zuo Quan Hui’s face, and there were many small cracks all over his cheek, making it look like dried earth or cracked porcelain.


Not only his skin, but his entire body was also covered in such cracks. Looking past the peeling flesh, they could clearly see a bizarre energy surging within the wounds.


[Honoured Master was actually injured!] The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm woman was thoroughly shocked and simply could not believe her eyes.


A veteran Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was actually injured by a newly promoted Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Junior… This was simply unprecedented!


Huang Quan and the others were also stunned in place.


Zuo Quan Hui raised a hand to stop the woman from speaking. With cold eyes, he looked in Yang Kai’s direction and asked, “What Divine Ability was that?”


Yang Kai coughed violently and finally spat out a mouthful of blood before grinning, “Why do you care what Divine Ability that was? If it can hurt you, then it’s a good Divine Ability!”


Zuo Quan Hui gently nodded, “This Monarch has underestimated you. From ancient times until this day, the only Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who could exert such tremendous power is likely you!”


Previously, Yang Kai had already displayed power beyond Zuo Quan Hui’s imagination, and he thought that Yang Kai had already been forced to his limits then. Who knew that he would be hiding such a trump card still?


“Is there any point in talking about this now?” Yang Kai looked coldly at him.


Zuo Quan Hui was unperturbed, “Hand Zhou Ti over to me and this Monarch will leave immediately.”


Looking over to the side, Yang Kai saw Zhou Ti coughing up blood and looking exceptionally weak, but this guy was really quite tenacious. Even after receiving the Divine Abilities from Mo Mei, Old Bai, and several others, he actually managed to survive, though he was only barely hanging on.


“What, you want to exchange weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk with my Void Land?” Yang Kai sneered at Zuo Quan Hui.


Zuo Quan Hui shook his head, “The debt of you killing my Disciple is absolutely irreconcilable. This Monarch will make you pay for it.”


Yang Kai frowned strangely at him, “You must be sick in the head. You refuse to end the hostilities with my Void Land, yet you still have the face to ask me to return your Disciple to you?”


Zuo Quan Hui responded, “If you let him live today, then this Monarch will leave Void Territory immediately, and this Monarch will not attack Void Territory’s other Universe Worlds in the future. Our debt will be settled at another date. If you refuse to let him go, then this Monarch might just stay a while longer in Void Territory!”


Yang Kai’s face was grim, “Are you threatening me?”


“If you say I am, then I am!” Zuo Quan Hui looked on, unperturbed, “This Monarch is a Seventh-Order Master. If I truly had any intention of doing something in Void Territory, then you wouldn’t be able to stop me.”


Yang Kai glanced at him, “Is this how despicable the people from Thousand Cranes Paradise are?”


Zuo Quan Hui shook his head, “This Monarch is no longer a member of Thousand Cranes Paradise. Nothing I do has any relation to them!”


“Whether you are or not, you yourself know!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.


Zuo Quan Hui grumbled, “This Monarch will not quibble with you about this. I will only give you 30 breaths of time to consider. It’s up to you to make the right choice!”


Everyone from Void Land was angered with Zuo Quan Hui’s shameless attitude, but they all knew that if a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master were truly to act recklessly in Void Territory, then there was nothing they could do to stop him. The Great Territory was vast, so if they could visit Three Brilliances World today to eradicate its inhabitants, then they could very well go to Golden Sun Continent tomorrow!


Yang Kai glared at Zuo Quan Hui, but the latter seemed unconcerned.


After a while, Yang Kai grabbed Zhou Ti.


Zhou Ti was currently looking even more miserable than Yang Kai. His arm had been blown off, and his body was covered in blood. It was also not known how many bones he had broken during Zhou Ti’s battle earlier, or how many of his organs had been affected. However, a cultivator in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm had strong vitality, so he would not die even with such injuries.


Zhou Ti grinned meaningfully as Yang Kai grabbed him, “So what if you’ve captured me. In the end, you still have to let me go obediently, do you not? Do you have the guts to kill me?”


Yang Kai glanced at him indifferently, “Pitiful weakling, you’re not even worthy of my attention!”


Zhou Ti coldly snorted, “The winner is the King, and the loser is the villain. You can say whatever you want!”


Zuo Quan Hui interjected, “Time’s up. What is your choice?”


Yang Kai looked up at him, “Do you hear the voices of the lost souls in the Three Brilliances World? How many people have lost their family and loved ones on this day? If you want me to let him go, then first ask Huang Quan to ask the innocent souls to see if they agree!”


Zuo Quan Hui’s face changed and the Sixth-Order woman behind him also looked horrified.




Golden Crow’s True Fire suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s hand and instantly enveloped Zhou Ti.


There was a scream, and the calmness on Zhou Ti’s face was replaced by huge shock. He would not stop struggling or screaming.


Yang Kai squeezed his neck with a decent amount of force. Without moving, he turned coldly to Zuo Quan Hui, “This is just the beginning. If I do not kill every last one of you today, then the resentful spirits who died today on Three Brilliances World will haunt me for life and keep me restless forever!”


Zuo Quan Hui’s face twitched.


Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch, Firm Gold Heavenly Monarch, and Blue Flame Heavenly Monarch all looked shocked.


If it were an ordinary Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master saying such a thing, then there was no need for them to pay too much attention to it. However, Yang Kai had already shown how strong he truly was, even being able to hurt a Master in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. If they were to meet him in battle alone, then they would surely die.


There was an unending scream as tears had already welled up around the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm woman’s eyes, “Honoured Master, please save Senior Brother Zhou Ti!”


However, Zuo Quan Hui did not move. He just stared straight at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai grinned, “Do you think he doesn’t want to save him? Can he even do it? Do you think you can do whatever you want in my Void Territory just because you’re in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm? My Divine Ability is not so easy to bear!”


“Well, tell me, does it hurt? Are you in despair? This is what those innocent people in Three Brilliances World were feeling just half a day ago, now, it’s your turn to experience it!”




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