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Martial Peak – Chapter 5995, It’s Not Enough

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After a brief hesitation, Zhang Ruo Xi abruptly retreated. She no longer dared to carelessly activate the power within her; therefore, she could only avoid the attacks of the Royal Lords who were charging forward desperately.


Seeing that, the Royal Lords pursued Zhang Ruo Xi even more fiercely than before.


Ripples suddenly spread out across the void, and in the next moment, a dark blue Ice Phoenix wrapped in a bone-chilling cold stepped out from the ripples and shot a blast of icy aura at the Royal Lords who were pursuing Zhang Ruo Xi.


The Royal Lords were startled by the unexpected arrival and quickly dodged. When they raised their heads once more, their hearts ran cold with fear.


Following the appearance of the Ice Phoenix, several other figures stepped out from the ripples. They were none other than the Ninth-Order Human Masters!


The allied Army had completely seized the initiative on the main battlefield. They marched forward in high spirits, with their overwhelming advantage in battle steadily growing larger. Under such circumstances, the outcome of the battle was no longer in question. Their victory was only a matter of time at this point.


It was for that reason that Mi Jing Lun immediately sent reinforcements when he noticed Zhang Ruo Xi’s predicament. For the sake of ensuring Zhang Ruo Xi’s safety, he did not even hesitate to mobilise Su Yan, who had only just become a ‘Ninth-Order Divine Spirit’.


After repelling the Royal Lords who were pursuing Zhang Ruo Xi, a flash of light appeared around the Ice Phoenix. The figure shrank rapidly to reveal Su Yan’s appearance. She took a step forward and came to Zhang Ruo Xi’s side. Grabbing Zhang Ruo Xi by the arm, she quickly made a few manoeuvres and withdrew from the battlefield. Her next task was to protect Zhang Ruo Xi until the battle ended.


Once Su Yan retreated from the battlefield with Zhang Ruo Xi, the Ninth-Order Masters promptly found an opponent for themselves and clashed with the surviving Royal Lords.


As time passed, powerful auras were eliminated one after another. The Masters from the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties, and the Black Ink Clan Army was steadily being eradicated.


The Small Stone Race Army also suffered terrible casualties, but even their deaths played a huge role in the battle.


From time to time, flashes of dazzling light would burst out across the battlefield. Those flashes were none other than Purifying Light. Everywhere the light illuminated, Black Ink Strength dissipated and Black Ink Clansmen howled in agony.


The Royal Lords and Territory Lords were perishing all over, and this only accelerated with the destruction of the Black Ink Clan Army. At a certain moment, the last stubborn Royal Lord was finally eliminated. The remaining Human Race Army looked around and realised that there were no other enemies around…


The battle that lasted for several months with almost no time for respite finally ended with the victory of the allied Army.


The Small Stone Race Army had suffered a heavy price for the victory. At this moment, less than 30% of their original numbers remained.


As for the Human Race Army… About 10 million troops remained when the entire Human Race Army assembled together in one place. Even the number of Ninth-Order Masters had reduced by more than half. Among the Ninth-Order Masters who lost their lives in battle, most of them were those who advanced recently. Although they managed to break through to the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, they barely had any time to stabilize and strengthen the foundation. Compared to the veteran Ninth-Order Masters, their heritage and control over their own strength was undoubtedly weaker by a significant margin. 


Furthermore, there were also many injured and crippled among the survivors.


The price of victory was extremely heavy, but the victory was ultimately worth the sacrifices.


A Heaven-shattering burst of cheers rang out soon after. The survivors screamed and rejoiced at the top of their voices, revelling in the ecstasy that overflowed from their hearts. 


Meanwhile, unlike the ordinary soldiers, the higher-ups in the Human Race Army knew that this war was not over.


Although they had finally eradicated the entirety of the Black Ink Clan that escaped from the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, as long as Mo, the Source of the Black Ink Clan, was still alive, the Black Ink Clan could rise once more.


Despite fighting for months, Mo had never appeared on the battlefield. Yang Kai had not shown up either. It could be conceived that these two were battling each other somewhere in the depths of the void, and the outcome of their clash would determine the ultimate fate of the Universe.


Nobody knew the situation in the depths of the void. Zhang Ruo Xi had indeed exchanged blows with Mo for a period, but so much time had passed since then that she could no longer judge the situation on the other side. For that reason, the allied Army only took a brief moment to rest and reorganise their formation after their victory. Then, they began marching into the depths of the void in hopes of helping Yang Kai.


There was only one piece of good news that could be confirmed. Yang Kai was definitely alive. That was because they could sense a series of disturbances that were caused by a battle somewhere deep in the Void. Those disturbances could only mean that Yang Kai currently had the capital to exchange blows with Mo!


Passing through the site where the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was originally located, the Human Race Army was shocked by the sight that greeted their eyes.


There were countless Black Ink Nests scattered throughout the void; moreover, precious High-Rank Black Ink Nests could be found everywhere. It was just that there was no sign of activity from any Black Ink Clansmen even though there were so many Black Ink Nests. Having dispatched all their military strength to the battlefield for the earlier battle, the Black Ink Clan had been completely wiped out as a result. These Black Ink Nests were nothing more than decorations now.


However, what shocked the Human Race Army was not the countless Black Ink Nests scattered everywhere, but the gigantic figures dispersed throughout the void. Those figures were none other than Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods!


The outcome of the previous battle would have been even harder to determine if the Black Ink Clan had dispatched these Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods to the battlefield. In fact, there was a high possibility that the battle would have ended with the defeat of the allied Army.


Fortunately, the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods were Soul Clones of Mo, so Mo had to inject a strand of his Soul into these behemoths to make them move. Without a strand of Mo’s Soul, these Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods were nothing more than empty shells. There was nothing the Black Ink Clan could do about the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods even if they wanted to mobilize them.


After passing through the void where the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was previously located, the allied Army increased their pace; however, Mi Jing Lun’s expression grew increasingly solemn as they steadily marched forward.


He originally brought the allied Army with the intention of helping Yang Kai, but he also knew that Mo was extremely powerful. The rumours claimed that Mo had reached the legendary Creation Realm. Even if the allied Army boasted massive numbers, they might not be of much help to Yang Kai.


Be that as it may, he was currently faced with a dilemma. At present, it was no longer a question of whether the allied Army could provide any help to Yang Kai, but whether the allied Army could even continue their forward march under the current circumstances.


As they marched forward, the shockwaves from the battle up ahead became increasingly terrifying. Even now, the mere fallout was enough to shake the entire void. The countless ripples that constantly spread out from the depths of the void were powerful enough to warp space despite their origin being beyond the horizon… 


Mi Jing Lun soon realised that the intensity of the battle between Yang Kai and Mo was unprecedented. At this rate, it was evident that the allied Army would not be of any help. That was because they did not even have the qualification to approach the battlefield. If they forced their way forward, they would be crushed by the fallout before they even arrived.


After considering the situation for a time, Mi Jing Lun made a decisive decision. He ordered the allied Army to remain on standby at their current position; then, he brought only the Masters in or stronger than the Ninth Order with him and resumed their trek to the depths of the void.


The small group travelled for some time before the situation on the battlefield finally came into view, but the sight that entered their eyes stopped them cold in their tracks and turned them pale with horror. It did not matter whether they were a Ninth-Order Master or a ‘Ninth-Order Divine Spirit’. Even Ah Da and Ah Er were no exception.


Yang Kai stood in the void with the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand. There seemed to be a small and slender Spirit Snake wrapped around the body of the spear. In addition, every thrust of his spear contained a Heaven-destroying, Earth-shattering force. The Spirit Snake was the manifestation of his Space-Time River


He had completely refined and absorbed Mu’s Space-Time River into his body now, and although he was robbed of many benefits by Mo during the process, the benefits he gained had already pushed him to his limits. Hence, the fact that Mo had stolen some of the benefits did not affect the overall situation by much. The stolen benefits had only restored some of Mo’s strength at most.


The Spirit Snake wrapped around the Azure Dragon Spear was Yang Kai’s Space-Time River. It was the result he obtained after countless near-death encounters with Mo. The ability to condense the Space-Time River into this shape undoubtedly indicated that he had complete control over the power of the Space-Time River.


The intensity and ferocity of this battle were something Yang Kai had never experienced before either. The slightest negligence would lead to his death, and he had indeed suffered several near-death experiences because of Mo. It was fortunate that he had always managed to avoid the worst outcome at the last moment.


Mo’s vicious attacks had allowed Yang Kai to rapidly gain control over the power of his Space-Time River. He had been no match for Mo in the beginning, but it had only taken him a few days to reach his current mastery.


Originally, Yang Kai could only absorb the Dao Strengths into his body by force. When he devoured and refined Mu’s Space-Time River, he had swallowed Mu’s Space-Time River whole and did his best to grasp as much of Mu’s last gift as possible.


If the Yang Kai from then was compared to a piece of raw ore, then his battles with Mo had been various forms of tempering and refinement. Every application of Dao Strengths and every encounter with Mo had gradually increased his control over the power of the Space-Time River. The rough and ugly ore had been forged into a fine piece of metal now.


At this moment, Yang Kai’s understanding of the 10,000 Dao Strengths had truly reached the peak of enlightenment. The strength he could now exert was no weaker than what Zhang Ruo Xi had previously displayed at her peak. Unfortunately, it was still not enough.


If he wanted to slaughter Mo, then he had to overcome his limits in the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm and advance into a higher Realm. Only then would he have hope of victory; however, his heritage was insufficient. How could Yang Kai easily overcome his limitations under these circumstances? Not even Mu could achieve such a feat.


The more perfectly he could control his powers, the more aware Yang Kai became of his shortcomings. He couldn’t reach a higher level of the Martial Dao in such a short span of time. He would need to spend long years of precipitation and accumulation before he could ascend.


Therefore, he sank into a vicious loop. As long as he failed to overcome his limitations, he would not be able to slaughter Mo. If he wanted to break through to a higher Realm of the Martial Dao, he would require more time. But, how could Mo allow him to have enough time to grow and develop?


Ever since Yang Kai condensed his Space-Time River in the Universe Furnace, he had found his path to the future. It was just that he failed to realise his discovery until Mu pointed it out to him.


Although he could now oppose Mo to a certain extent, he knew in his heart that this situation would not last for long. There were times when one simply lacked the necessary strength, and he was bound to become exhausted at some point. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of Mo. Mo was a strange existence that was born when Heaven and Earth split apart. As long as his Source remained intact, his strength would never be depleted. Furthermore, he was supposedly in the Creation Realm already! Even if more than 30% of his Source had been suppressed and sealed, he was still a mighty being in a Realm above the Open Heaven Realm.


Yang Kai had finally seen the bizarre means of a being in that Realm. Black Ink Strength that permeated the void could be transformed into a Royal Lord with a single touch from Mo. The ability to create something out of thin air was simply unimaginable.


It was truly fortunate that Yang Kai’s current strength was extraordinary, so even a Royal Lord would only pose a minimal threat to him. That was why Mo stopped using such ineffective tactics after a few attempts and decided to fight Yang Kai with his own strength instead.


With each vicious exchange of blows, the violent aftermath that spread out in all directions caused the void to shudder and crack.


During one of their confrontations, Yang Kai suddenly heard a slight sound coming from deep within his heart. At the same time, a strange sensation was also transmitted from his arm. Looking down at his arm, he couldn’t help being shocked by the sight. A crack had appeared on the as-till-now indestructible Azure Dragon Spear!



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