Omni-Magician – Chapter 119, It Must Live

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If Ye Chui were to close his eyes will be able to observe everything within a radius of three meters radius… he can see Debbie lying at the corner of the room, the Snow Dragon Beast throwing in pains of labor, the cracks on the walls the dry grass on the ground and the tree vines clinging to the walls of inside the cave. He can even see the magical beasts that are ready to enter the cave to cause trouble, and also feel the menacing cruel aura that these beasts are releasing as they approach the cave.


When one advances to the domain of Intermediate Magician, they don’t just increase in the quantity of the spiritual power but a qualitative change, whereby they can now project their spiritual power outside their body and perceive everything around them.


For a magician, entering the Intermediate Magician domain is far more difficult than for swordsman, just like the originally untalented Ye Chui it is but a pipe dream for many untalented and unintelligent magicians to become an Intermediate Magician. But now after receiving the teaching of Dragon Language, and the pressure of death of both himself and Debbie, Ye Chui was finally able to take that one step which has been stopping him from becoming an Intermediate Magician.


Of course, he cannot completely master the Draconic Language magic, the Draconic Language magic symbols are engraved in his memory and all that knowledge is his own, yet he has not mastered it completely. It is like having installed a powerful programming language on the hardware but having not learned to use it, that however was not the current problem. Now it was time to take care of those irksome beast pestering him. for Ye Chui who has entered the Intermediate Magician domain this was not a problem, he has enough power to get out of this cave alive, and so the cave started to get noisy once again.




The first to attack this time was an iron-armored lizard, as it lunges toward Ye Chui, seemingly lost the ability to fight, with the explosive speed it charged at Ye Chui trying to smash him into pulp…


In the nick of time, Ye Chui opens his eyes, wields his wand and casts primary offensive magic <Lightning>, illuminating the entire cave with blue as the lightning arcs lashed out from the magic wand. This lightning arc can no longer be called an arc, it was a beam, thicker than in the past and far more powerful.


After becoming an Intermediate Magician, might of the ordinary primary offensive magic has grown exponentially, but the greatest advantage is that while previously Ye Chui could only use this primary offensive magic Lightning for 3 times before draining his magic power, he does not need to worry about magic power exhaustion for a while.


The Lightning bolted towards the iron armor lizard, blindingly fast and slithering in the air like an agile snake.


Such is the effect brought out by the control of an Intermediate Magician. while an Elementary Magician can release a spell they are incapable of controlling it after its release, but an Intermediate Magician can cast it with increasing efficiency and control the spell after its release at will.


The Iron Armor Lizard body is hard and heavy, yet is nimble and fast, it is also very keen, the moment it sensed the snaking bolt of lightning it tried to dodge it, but then it was surprised as just as it thought it avoided being hit by the bolt it changed its trajectory towards the Iron Armor Lizard, hitting square on its forehead. Smoke rose from its mouth, head charred black Iron Armor Lizard fell to the ground motionless.


Ye Chui does not stop after his successful hit as he releases spells one after the other, with blinding rate <Fire>, <Gale>, <Wind Blade>, and then observes as the Magic Beast retreat one after the other. He then releases <Wind Blades> directly slicing a twin tails snake in two. Before too much time passed there was no Magic Beast that could break into the cave, as they were forced back because of Ye Chui spells.


“Hiss Meaaaw”


Ear piercing and menacing growl could be heard from the beasts, yet it was familiar, like that of a cat. Just as the growl fades there was a silhouette flickered at incredible speed, the Nimble Shadow Cat can no longer wait, as it attacked with all its might.


Its movements nimble and graceful, they were hypnotizing, beautiful and yet sinister like a demonic charm.


Ye Chui wields magic wand once more releasing <Gale’s Baptism>.


Strong and forceful Gale blew once more, the intermediate offensive spell is now the most powerful spell Ye Chui has in his arsenal. The wind rushed towards the Nimble Shadow Cat as it resisted the wind with all its might, without any results, as it fell on the floor of the cave. It didn’t feel right, something was wrong as it felt left a shrilling cry sand and desperate, as invisible threads of wind wrapped it completely.


One could not see anything as dust and debris flew everywhere, however, under the control of Ye Chui, the spell <Gale’s Baptism> rushed at Nimble Shadow Cat, hurling it around unceasingly, forcing it to retreat…..


“So this is how to release the true might of the <Gale’s Baptism>, it’s actually supposed to summon Gale, compress it again and again with spiritual power, and then release it to cause an explosive burst of explosion and wind” Ye Chui kept comprehending mysteries of the spell as he fought using it. He had noticed just now, after casting <Gale Baptism>, the intricacies he had missed during his previous practice in casting the spell.


Ye Chui kept his tight control on the spell, surrounding Nimble Shadow Cat with high-speed winds that gradually spinning it till it started looking like a battered ball of messy flesh as it constantly screamed in unbearable pain and agony.


Ye Chui has been very angry at the Nimble Shadow Cat ever since Jarvis mentioned that he was unable to kill it and let it escape.


After he gathered all the wind to reach extreme pressure, he released it all in one go “Release!”


The entirety of the highly pressurized wind, once it was released, exploded with great might in all directions. The impact was so hard that it ripped the Nimble Shadow Cat into tiny fragments of flesh and bone, the explosion shakes the entire cave as if experiencing an earthquake.


The explosion was so great that the rocks lodged in the walls of the cave’s entrance dislodged and blocked the entrance, even some of the rocks inside the cave fell from the ceiling.


The entire cave descended into darkness.


Intermediate Auxiliary Spell <Light Drop>


A glorious white radiance spread from Ye Chui magic wand, and the radiance turned into a ball of light that flew up and lodged itself into the pits of the cave ceiling, shining the cave with light, turning it as bright as day.


The first thing he did after the explosion was to check on Debbie, to make sure that she was safe from the explosion. Finding her safe and uninjured, he let out a breath of relief. All that mattered to him was her safety.


The Snow Dragon, on the other hand, was angry at Ye Chui seemingly rash behaviour that could have jeopardized her child’s life. She stares at Ye Chui, her golden-yellow pupils contracting, with anger while pushing off a stone that fell on her during the explosion. However, her vexed appearance was soon overturned with a look of intense pain. Without another second to waste, she proceeded to entirely concentrated on her labor.


The delivery of the baby dragon continued.


Those Magic Beast will not bother us for now, so you can rest at ease and concentrate on your delivery.” said Ye Chui to Snow Dragon Beast, as he went and sat by Debbie side, thinking that he had no other choice but to help the Snow Dragon Beast in giving birth to her child. [It is definitely more complicated than what the tv shows describe… the characters normally just shout “hold on” and “push, baby push”.]


It was almost six or seven hours since the Snow Dragon Beast started with delivery pains, and all of a sudden she starts to have golden yellow light seeping from underneath her skin, accompanied with painful and sharp dragon roars, lingering in the air. Being an Intermediate Magician, Ye Chui can feel that extremely intense energy is causing the Snow Dragon Beast to suffer a lot… the only thought that the Snow Dragon Beast has now is [It Must Live]


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