The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 281, Blizzard Dragon Slash


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In front of the National Elemental Stone, the people stared shockingly at Huangpu Qingtian, especially Luo Yunchang. She was sweating and plagued with worry.


If the three houses’ disciples fell to Huangpu Qingtian’s wild and overreaching ambition, it would be tantamount to throwing Zhuo Fan to the wolves. No matter how strong Zhuo Fan was, he couldn’t face all seven houses’ experts by himself!


It didn’t take long for Chu Qingcheng, Xie Tianshang and Long Xingyun to reach a conclusion. They unanimously shook their heads, their minds made.


Raising an eyebrow, Huangpu Qingtian had seen it coming, but was still somewhat in disbelief, “Why make such an unwise and detrimental decision?”


“Humph, if you can scare me with some pretty words, I will never be able to hold my head up high. I will be blaming myself more than anyone else would. That is one future I don’t want to see!” Long Xingyun snickered, speaking from the bottom of his heart.


Huangpu Qingtian shook his head in contempt, “What value could dignity and self-respect have in the face of true power? This is your only chance. Take it, or become my enemies!”


The three saw the determination in each other’s eyes and were resolved to fight alongside each other.


Huangpu Qingtian snorted, “You asked for it. Don’t come crying later when you’re starting to regret!”


Huangpu Qingtian disappeared with a light step. The next thing they knew was his sudden appearance before the trio.


So fast!


The three jerked. They knew Huangpu Qingtian was the strongest, but had heard nothing of his speed, which was obviously even higher than Lin Xuanfeng.


They couldn’t even react as they were already on the ground.


[How did his cultivation reach such perfection, having both unbridled power and unmatched speed?]


[Damn monster!]


The three gnashed their teeth in shock. But they were still Six Dragons and One Phoenix and recovered their calm quickly.


Chu Qingcheng grabbed her allies and covered them in a cold barrier. The two then attacked.


Xie Tianshang’s sword flashed and Long Xingyun’s palm held a dragon image. Perhaps Chu Qingcheng’s cold had an influence, as the sword wave and the dragon image fused with the coldness while passing through the barrier. They transformed into a huge attack that slammed towards Huangpu Qingtian.


This sword attack was tens of times stronger than Xie Tianshang’s previous attack. Even Huangpu Qingtian had to get serious.


“They know a combination art? How?” Yan Bangui and You Yushan cried in shock. 


Those watching the show beyond the National Elemental Stone were slackjawed.


A combination art needed the users to be in tune at the intrinsic level from a young age. But for three of them to achieve it, not to mention being no more than strangers before the Esoteric Debate, it boggled the minds of all those witnessing such a miracle!


Only Grandmother knew why.


This was made possible by Chu Qingcheng! Speaking of monsters, Chu Qingcheng didn’t lack in that department. Just that her monstrous talent went in a different direction.


“Blizzard Dragon Slash!” The three shouted and the sword image howled. It stormed Huangpu Qingtian freezing everything in its wake.


Even the number one monster, Huangpu Qingtian, had another thing coming if he took this attack with the same carefree attitude as before.


For the first time ever, Huangpu Qingtian’s face showed shock. Who knew these three could combine their power? Who knew they could unleash such an onslaught?


Gnashing his teeth, Huangpu Qingtian grabbed the slash with his naked hand.


The worst thing to do in this case.


It exploded into nine ice dragons, hammering Huangpu Qingtian from all directions.




A loud noise shook the heavens, but no explosion occurred. Once the cold air scattered, Huangpu Qingtian was encased in ice. He froze in the grasping motion from before, giving the impression that even his soul was frozen.


“Eldest young master!” You Yushan and Yan Bangui panicked and looked at Chu Qingcheng’s trio with shock.


They could actually handle Heaven-shaking Dragon Lord, Huangpu Qingtian!


Beyond the National Elemental Stone, the audience couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


The almighty Huangpu Qingtian was frozen over by a combination art. None saw it coming.


Only Drifting Flowers Edifices, Sword Marquise Abode, and Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s higher ups grinned in pride. They finally turned things around!


But the eerie calm Regent Estate held itself in, threw them into worry and doubt.


[Can it be…]


Grandmother’s heart sank.




A dragon roar got everyone’s attention. The smiling Chu Qingcheng and her allies had no time to celebrate as they turned to the source.


Huangpu Qingtian, in the middle of that iceberg, sported scales. They shone golden and then a golden dragon shot from him into the sky. 


The iceberg exploded into pieces, setting the stage for a shiny and golden Huangpu Qingtian to step out of the remains in all his glory. The golden dragon made a circle above him before going back into his body. 


“It’s the same as before, in Dragon Cloud City. What is that thing?” Long Xingyun muttered shellshocked at the disappearing golden dragon.


Huangpu Qingtian’s face was unsightly as he spat, “I have to give you guys credit. There’s hardly anyone in this world who can bring me this close to defeat! Not bad at all! But this is precisely why I have to thoroughly beat some sense into you, so no one would challenge their king!”


Huangpu Qingtian’s eyes flashed with bloodthirst as he shot forth.


The three jerked and held hands again. But Huangpu Qingtian’s uncanny speed and dreadful might came at them in the form of a palm.


“Nine Dragons Diamond Body, Dragon Empowered Claw!”


Huangpu Qingtian’s eyes flashed and struck without hesitation.


Chu Qingcheng covered the trio in a cold barrier, but it crumbled before the attack even arrived. With a loud boom, the earth sank, as if from a meteor strike, leaving a hundred meter wide crater.


The trio spat blood, feeling the huge pressure bearing on their shoulders, stopping them from even moving.


This was Huangpu Qingtian’s power.


And this was the power of but one palm. They banded together and encased him in ice, but even that wasn’t enough to even scratch him.


This monster appeared, for all intents and purposes, invincible.


The three sighed and had a defeated look, having finally realized the difference between them.


Huangpu Qingtian took in their pain, disappointment and despair, with a cold eye.


“Take out the Brimming Sacred Pill!” Huangpu Qingtian said, “Or I will go through each and every one of you here in my search!”


Huangpu Qingtian’s look scared the thousand plus people behind the trio. He treated them like dirt, needing only to pinch them before popping.


Xie Tianyang wished nothing more than to give his all in fighting him, but when he recalled what his brother had said earlier, he forced it down.


But the resentment only burned hotter in his heart.


Chu Qingcheng closed her eyes and her hand held a vial. She held her shaking hand and said, “Just take it and go!”


“Humph, why go through all this trouble when you could’ve spared yourself the suffering by taking it out from the start?” Huangpu Qingtian sneered as he left with the vial in hand.


He was far from done mocking them though, “I’ll let you guys off, this time. But in the off chance you find another Brimming Sacred Pill, do think of me and fetch it over. As you very well know, only the strong are entitled to wealth! You guys are sorely lacking, ha-ha-ha…”


The endless humiliation struck the trio hard. But not even their best could harm Huangpu Qingtian.


The audience beyond the National Elemental Stone sighed. Huangpu Qingtian was of such insane power that not even a combination art between three geniuses could do anything to him. 


As they all had gotten so engrossed in the show, they had failed to notice two shadows hiding in the bushes.


One of them snickered at Huangpu Qingtian leaving, “He-he-he, this kid ain’t half bad. He’s just as they say, and the one we need. At least we didn’t come to Tianyu for nothing.”


The other shadow looked in another direction however. The first one noticed and found him eyeing Chu Qingcheng.


“Humph, by the looks of things, that crotchety geezer has found his target as well.” He sneered…



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  1. This novel is really a 2 chap per day type of novel. The pace is really slow. It’s going to takes a lot of years before reaching the end of it.
    Nonetheless thanks for your work.

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