The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness

The Undead King of the Palace of Darkness – Chapter 100.1, Night Crystal (3)


Translator: Nonon

Editor: Silavin


We are exterminating undead in the castle of the Mirage Demon King today as well.


It’s been more than 10 days since we started to secretly help the mercenaries. The castle of the Mirage Demon King seemed to be the focus of the undead. While they weren’t flooding us every day, some undead appeared out of nowhere at least once in 3 days.

There were several patterns to the way the undead acted. Mister Lazar and his teammates said that all the undead were coming to the basement, but this knowledge was based on the fact that they were ordered to wait underground, and while most invaders seemed to be coming to the underground passage immediately, a few of them went around the higher floors of the castle.

Most of the undead were Skeletons. A lot of them were the lowest rank undead that hadn’t evolved even once, but there were ‘Black Bones’ mixed in, along with zombies and wraiths. Mister Lazar and his group that were having troubles with a mere ‘Black Bone’ definitely wouldn’t be able to overcome this wave.

Of course those are no match for me and Senri (who’s now using Roux’s name).

It was my first time fighting Wraiths so I was surprised at first, but ‘Blood Ruler’ could cut wraiths, who had no body, as if they had physical mass.
As I thought, this blade could take undead as potential enemies. Furthermore, the body of lower vampires repels the mind manipulation wraiths use, so fighting them was much easier than dealing with Skeletons, who have no substance. Meanwhile, In order to kill a second class knight like Senri, they would need a horde bigger than the army of undead created by the Lord.


On the other hand, there was something to learn from the way Mister Lazar and his teammates fought.
No, even if there wasn’t ――their guts for fighting the undead in darkness as ordinary humans was commendable. Frankly speaking, I was quite envious of the way they fought while cracking jokes with their weak comrades to overcome fear. 

“What kind of training enable you to get so strong?”

“I do a lot of muscle training.”


 “… You don’t really look like you have a lot of muscles.”


 “Quality over quantity. Besides, if I’m not at least this strong, I’d have trouble fighting vampires.”


I reply to Mister Lazar while cutting Skeletons in two.
Senri says to me, who has completely fit in during these few days, with an accusing tone.

“Baron, try to be more nervous.”

“It’s fine, I’m alert.”

Right now I am hiding my presence with three ‘Night Crystals’.
They’re all small so I can’t hide a lot of my negative energy with each one, but with all 3 of them together, even Death Knights wouldn’t realize anything if they saw me. In fact, Senri has already certified that.

I’ve already fully explored the Mirage Demon King’s castle. There was no light source inside the castle, so it must’ve been pitch black for humans, but it wasn’t an obstacle for a vampire with eyes that can see through the darkness.
There was nothing novel inside the castle. There were no expensive items and while I was very attracted to the existence of the old castle itself, I couldn’t find anything more than that. The information that this castle was abandoned a long time ago must’ve been true.

If that was all, I’d decide that there was nothing here and leave this place quickly. However, the basement was what was stopping me from making that call. 


I naturally searched every part of the basement too. The underground path is intricate like a maze, but its range isn’t very big, and I already have the map ready too.
I wonder if it was an emergency escape route, the rugged underpass feels old, but it’s not infested with creatures. It itself is just an ordinary passage.


However – Night Crystals seem to ‘appear’ in this basement.

The crystal that I collected while helping Mister Lazar and others in the beginning, were already back two days later when I came back together with them.
At that time I thought that it was the crystal I had forgotten on the first day. After I saved Mister Lazar and his group, I withdrew right after without being able to inspect the whole basement so it’s not impossible that I left it behind.

But, two days later after that ―― when I discovered a Night Crystal again, my doubts turned into conviction.
I definitely didn’t leave it behind. To start with, Night Crystals have a peculiar presence that only undead can feel. No matter how small it is and no matter how much its color melts into the darkness, there’s no way I’d miss it.


We decided to hunt here for a while.

The principle behind the formation of the crystal is unknown. But, Night Crystals are valuable.  The more we have, the better. It does bring me an indescribable feeling of discomfort, but it’s better to collect as many as I can.


At this point, it’s clear that the purpose of the undead that appears every night is the crystals. Senri can’t overlook this either. I also wouldn’t be concerned about the safety of the other undead.

I leave the lookout job to Mister Lazar and the other mercenaries and sit down to take notes in the notebook Senri bought.

“What are you writing down?”

“It’s a secret.”


Maybe it was good that I showed my strength at the beginning. Mister Lazar and his group seem to be respecting my will. There have been no signs of anybody trying to lay their hands on Senri so far either.


What I’m writing down is the cycle in which the Night Crystals appear.

First day. It had already fallen when I was helping Mister Lazar and the others. I didn’t go the next day. It seems that Mister Lazar and his group also took breaks after getting permission from their client.
Third day. When I came with Mister Lazar and the co, it had already fallen. There was nothing on the day after that. There was nothing on the day after that either. There was one on the next day after that.

I organize this information in chronological order with a pen in one hand.

At first, it came back after a day, then it came back in 2 days. It doesn’t necessarily revive every other day.
Next, I write down as much as I remember of what happened each day.

First day. Appeared. I saved Mister Lazar and his group. Fought with and subdued a lot of Skeletons and Black Bone.
Second day. Unconfirmed.
Third day. Appeared. Fought with Skeletons.
Fourth day. Didn’t appear. Undead didn’t appear.
Fifth day. Didn’t appear. Fought with Skeletons. Subjugated Black Bones.
Sixth day. Appeared. Fought with the Skeletons.
Seventh day. Didn’t appear. Fought with Wraiths and Zombies.
Eighth day. Didn’t appear. Undead didn’t appear.
Ninth day. Didn’t appear. Undead didn’t appear.
Tenth day. Didn’t appear. Undead didn’t appear.


The undead haven’t appeared these last few days. There’s a chance that they gave up, but according to Mister Lazar and the others, it’s common for attacks to not come every day.
There, I noticed something.


… Maybe… they’re made the day after we defeat evolved undead…?

I’ve not had enough trial runs, so I can’t say for sure, but if this is true ―― it will be very troublesome.
After all, I’m not the one who decides whether evolved undead appear or not. I’m also wondering what would happen if we can’t beat them.
However, if this hypothesis is true, it’s highly possible that the power emitted by the undead is connected to the regeneration of the Night Crystals.
Maybe I could somehow create it myself too. After all, now I have the foundation needed to use necromancy.


Of course, it’s quite doubtful whether Senri would allow me to do it not――

As the Lord’s masterpiece, I have the potential to become stronger. I also have enough room to increase my power. The fastest way to get stronger is to make allies. There are demonic beings that unconditionally obey the vampires like Oliver.
But if I want to become stronger, I’ll have to do unethical things. And, Senri wouldn’t want that.
My beloved Senri, who has protected me all this time, has become the biggest wall. It’s becoming troubling.


As I’m immersed in my extravagant worries, Senri, who was patrolling together with Mister Lazar and others, calls out to me.

“Baron, a big one is coming.”

“Mm… another ‘Black Bone’?” 

“Higher than that.”

There are no emotions on Senri’s face, but as I have already mastered her character, I can see that she’s a bit nervous.

Higher ranking than ‘Black Bone’, huh… that’s a first. Even Skeletons haven’t appeared today.
I stood up. By that time, all my previous worries had already vanished. To start with, I have no intention of ever leaving Senri. And, after attaining multiple Night Crystals, that goal has become more realistic.

As I concentrate my consciousness, I can feel that the air is slightly shaking.


No, that’s not right. This is ―― footsteps. It’s still far away, but it’s quite ‘big’.


 “Are they letting it in the underground passage?”

“It can’t enter.”

Senri answers immediately. She has a far better detection ability and knowledge about the undead.



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