Huge Team Announcement  

During the long week with only 1 chapter release, there were many back-end matters to be dealt with. Also, many thanks to the kindness from the community!!

There were 4 people who applied for an editor’s position and all of them got accepted!!

Readers: (WTF? 4 Editors?)

Silavin: (Well… 2 of them became editors, one became a translator and another became our proofreader… so calm down…)

Readers: (oh…)

Silavin: (So right now, we have 3 translators + surprise guest, 2 editors and 1 proofreader!)

Silavin: (I’ll start with the introduction of the editors first)


Hi everyone!

This is Icicle. As I await for the sun to finally represent the warmth others know it for, in order to be set free from this crystalline structure that represents me in order to explore the ground and the sky to return back as the same crystal for just another cycle.  Your new editor at Silvalin translations

Silavin: (In charge of editing both Martial Peak and Martial Family!!)


Hi! Rosy here, I’ve been reading novels for a while and I wanted to give back to the community.  Editing is the only way for me so here I am.

Silavin: (In charge of editing Martial Peak and more :D)

Silavin: (Now, onto the proofreaders!)



Hello anyone who actually cared enough/was bored enough to read this,

I’m Skoll, and I’ll be helping out with the editing for the foreseeable future. I don’t really have a lot to say, besides that I’m doing this as a way to give back to the translation community. Other than that, I enjoy reading novels and playing games. Not a lot to say really. Looking forward to seeing you around the community, happy reading!

Silavin: (Alright, onto the translators)



Just a random name, Maximum or Maxi.

Not much to say for myself; broke my back from sports which led me to manhua then webnovels.

I usually spend my free time playing dota or some other competitive video games.

My role is to translate the chapters to its readable and editable state.

I will translate from time to time.

Silavin: (Special guest that is bored at work and had some time to spare!)


Hi! I am Mirausean and am the translator for Omni-Magician. I will be translating about 2 chapter a week. Maybe more chapters when I’m in a good mood. Do give me your support. Thanks!

Silavin: (Finally, let’s not forget our favorite red fish, theunfetteredsalmon. He will be the finalized checker for the both novels.)

Translators:     Editors:      Proofreaders:    Final Editor/Checker:

Silavin               Icicle          Skoll                   theunfetteredsalmon   

Luffy                  Rosy      



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