Silavin – Translator for Martial Peak and Omni-Magician. Not to mention, writer of Martial Family (in his own time).

PewPewLaserGun – Main Translator for Martial Peak. Consistent without equal.

theunfetteredsalmon – The honorary final checker for both Martial Peak and Omni – Magician

Richard –  the get down and dirty editor for Martial Peak, Omni-Magician and Martial Family. 

Rosyprimarose – the beautiful and graceful editor for Martial Peak and Omni-Magician.

Leo of Zion Mountain – The great proofreader for Martial Peak

Skoll – Proactive coder and proofreader of Omni-Magician and Martial Peak. 

Mireausea – Main Translator of Omni-Magician. Please and praise him for more chapters XD

(Silavin: Dang… what else am I suppose to add! Haha.)

Site was officially made on 17/2/17. No, the time of release was definitely not planned by Silavin…  Silavin swears. This is a site that will change it’s whole theme eventually – Silavin is currently learning coding to make the site on his own. (Yes, Silavin is writing in third person? Is Silavin confusing you?)