Divine Dao Library was founded in 17th February 2017 on the pure desire of wanting to deliver more oriential novels to the wider English audience. Our goal is to deliver the best possible translation available to our readers to enjoy.

Our vision is that of a novel platform for all, where every title would eventually be free on our site for readers to consume.

How our logo tells our story

The middle character of Dao (道), is a common character in Eastern Philosophy. Dao could literally represent everything: principle, truth; morality, reason; skill, method and so on. It is commonly directly translated as ‘the path’ or ‘paths’ in English. Like the character, we wish to uphold our principles first before and not lose our original vision.

Black, the colour of ink. A reference to the origins of books, whereby everything was in pure black and white. A simple, single colour to showcase a single simple wish.

A circle to draw focus on its ‘way’.