Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2429, Saved by the Bell

Translator: Silavin & Ashish Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys   In the arena, Yang Kai was as fierce as a tiger and was emanating a lofty spirit. His two punches destroyed Feng Xi’s defensive artifact, leaving Feng Xi reeling in shock and coughing up blood, again and again, cutting a sorry figure.

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Rebuild World

Rebuild World – Chapter 178, Hunters Who Stood Out

Translator: Athena13 Editor: Silavin Proofreader: p4553r   With the destruction of the two reigning gangs, a large chunk of slum city was immediately thrown into a vacuum of power.  Bosses of medium-sized to small-sized gangs gathered together to discuss that very matter right now. Their main focus was what to do with the territory left by the two destroyed gangs.

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