Urgent Christmas Announcement!

Hello guys! Happy Christmas!  ヾ(⌐_)ノ


A big and warm welcome to Matosz, and those who came from reddit!

(ノ)ノ*:・゚ ゚・: *ヽ(ヽ)

Just found out that Matosz distributes websites that translates novels, including mine… so yeah…


Alright! So, big announcement today! Again, some bad and some good news for everyone who diligently read.


Sad ones first!


Firstly, Ben, the original editor for Martial Peak is currently too busy at the moment to edit any more of Martial Peak’s chapters. I personally would like to thank him for his hard work and contribution to the community.

Secondly, some readers here may know about Erza’s return. In actuality, she will not be back till quite some time later. We can’t get in touch with her, unfortunately. Martial Peak chapter 122 was posted on Erza’s website, which caused a little bit of a stir. Some people actually thought Erza was back but sadly, she’s not, not yet anyway.

I hope to personally contact her next year.

There were some confusion while I was away on a vacation in China. Some people thought that I and Erza were having a feud over the rights to translate Martial Peak (rights that, i might add, do not exist. literally anyone can translate and edit the entire novel if they wish, no one’s stopping them. personally, i think what we’re doing is harmless. – salmon). (─‿‿─) very cute.


That wasn’t too hard. Now for the good news!


The truth is once I got back, I contacted Luffy who was using Erza’s account at the time. We decided to collaborate.(⇀‸↼) (⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ!

This collab was actually decided after a day’s worth of discussion. There was never any drama. (If you guys haven’t noticed, there has been no uploads on Novel Nao for a while again… yeah I poached him… pleases don’t lynch me!)


The uploads from 4 chapters per week will increase to 6 chapters per week (eventually), from Monday to Saturday! If you guys would like more, it’ll be during special events like festivals or donation goals!

Donors: “But, but, when we checked, there was no donation button to press!”

Silavin: “Of course there wasn’t! I wasn’t expecting to pump out more chapters in the future!”

Donors: “So, does that mean we won’t be getting a chance to donate to the group?”

Silavin: “You can, but I’ll need some time to set it up. I can’t even afford the costs of web hosting at the moment… one that is not hosted on wordpress.”

Donors: “Oh… can we help?”

Silavin: “Well… I think I can manage, but if you really want to, just wait… I’ll type out another announcement in the future…”

Donors: “How about Martial Family? Will we get to donate there?”

Silavin: “Probably not… Martial Family is an original story it takes me a lot more time to produce, unlike Martial Peak.”

Donors: “Oh…”

Silavin: “But I will still follow the original schedule and post out at least 4 chapters per week!”


Okay, enough about the drama and donations. There are actually two people who are going to join Silavin’s Translations! (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)


If you guys haven’t noticed yet, the quality of the translations have improved since Martial Peak Chapter 132! This is with the thanks of my mighty editor: theunfetteredsalmon!


a message from your lord fish: hello. i like salmon, and you can tell it’s me when i type with no caps, though that certainly changes when i help with the novels. silavin really needed my help because let’s be honest, his english is trash. i’m here to make the lives of you english readers better, starting by turning the chapters legible

Silavin: “Hey!”

fuck you, silavin.

Silavin: “requesting help for another willing editor who isn’t abusive!”

( ´△`)


Of course, we can’t forget to mention luffy!



a message from your old translator:- hey guys luffy here. first of all Merry Christmas. and a good news is we both translators are collaborating to translate this novel. As of last time i checked it has reached a total of 3300 chapter with 2 chapter everyday updating. And as I don’t have exclusive right to post chapter on Novelsnao, I thought of collaborating with Silavin as he was already translating it and it would had became a mess if were to fight for it and you readers would have been affected by it. About Erza, I wasn’t able to contact with her for a few months now so I really don’t know when she will be back.

there were some complains about the quality of translation I think we will be able to able to take it up a notch from now on so please have a little patience….. so once again a Merry Christmas. Hey guys if you want to contact me you are free to mail me at [email protected]


Silavin: (Hee Hee. Hoped you guys enjoyed the surprise we have been planning for a week now :D. I personally would like to thank the support of all the commenter  and readers to keep me motivated!  Finally, we all would like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas!)

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  1. Sound good, Seasons Greeting & Merry Christmas to you and your’s. Back off Silavan, don’t worry I got your back and won’t allow anyone to bully you, unless it CKtalon or GGP. But GGP wouldn’t do something like that.

    Love, Joy and Happiness!!!

  2. 6 chapters per week! Yippeeeeeee……

    Slew of uploads today – what a great Xmas present!

    Merry Christmas!
    Happy New Year!

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