Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World

Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World – Chapter 1, Light warrior/ Expelled Adventurer/ Idol Addict Nick

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Translator: Hidamarisou

Editor: Silavin


“Nick… You’re not needed in our party anymore”


To an adventurer, a party is like a family.


The seniors are tough on their juniors but in return, show them the ropes.


The new adventurers respond to them with respect even if they feel like they are being treated unfairly.


The leader watches over everyone like a father and guides them, and the other members are loyal like children.


That is the tradition that all adventurers should follow in Labyrinth City.


“Tch, really?”


[This is bullshit]


Nick thought.


This is the Labyrinth City, Terrane, in the holy kingdom of Dineze.


A haunting city surrounded by labyrinths and a city full of pleasures populated by over a hundred thousand people.


The party known as ‘All Martial Arts’ was staying in one of the inns in that city.


After everyone finished their dinner, their leader, Argus, had Nick stay at the table.


When the two were left alone, Argus said goodbye to Nick.


“Ahh… I want you to go already. ….What, do you want to ask why?”


The words of the red-headed man with the crew cut and a demon like expression felt heavy.


But Nick was not the least bit scared.


He knew Argus was kinder and softer than anyone.


That was why Nick felt lonely and dejected, instead of scared.


“Of course. I want you to explain it to me”.


After hearing this, Argus smacked his lips.


“That’s it.”


He said.


“Just say it Argus”


“Alright then. You always want everything in detail. Adventurers aren’t like that. Partners know what the others feel without them saying anything.”


“…I guess.”


“Whether it’s going on adventures or buying and selling things, you always put words ahead of feelings. It doesn’t matter if you make other person feel bad.”


“Well if it looks like someone’s trying to rip me off, of course I’ll complain! Adventurers fight in labyrinths, merchants fight in negotiations!”


“Our enemies are the monsters that live in the labyrinths, humans are our friends.”


“Argus, you trust merchants too much. Remember the other day…”


“I’m not interested in that Nick. I’m not the only one fed up with that kind of talk.”


“Are you talking about Garosso?”


That is the name of another member of All Martial Arts.




“It can’t be helped! He keeps using our party’s funds on women and gets tricked by them… I can understand if he did so only once, but it keeps happening! I accused him of being a thief and I was right!”


“He’s still someone I can trust.”


“He’s strong! No one’s better than him with a katana! But if you let him keep taking our money, there will be nothing left! There’s no point in going on dangerous adventures!”


“Of course there is! I’m sure you have a woman you’re spending money on right?”


“Yes but I don’t take out money anytime I want! That’s a different problem!”


“That’s why you’re unlike an adventurer!”


Bam! Argus hit the table. The wine in the wooden cup almost spilled but Nick grabbed it.


Nick doesn’t think this is his fault at all.

He had a point, all the members in All Martial Arts were slackers.


To show how much of an adventurer he is, on days when the adventuring goes well, Argus goes around treating people without a thought and tipping people in all sorts of places like bars, inns, and stores.

In this business, ‘you never know when you might die so it doesn’t hurt to be in people’s good graces’, he would say.

But Nick always told Argus they should stay profitable.


Your story doesn’t end with a happily ever after just because you found treasure in a labyrinths or took down a named monster and made a lot of money.


You need to restock your medicinal herbs, service your equipment, divide your rewards evenly amongst everyone, and then you need to see if the money you have left is enough to turn a profit,


But Argus and the others are more interested in throwing money around than counting it,

‘We can’t go on like this. We’re not making a profit’, Nick would say, but Argus wouldn’t stop.

In fact, he would only say ‘adventurers can’t be so cheap.’

In the end, they had to borrow money from merchants.


“That’s why you should quit being an adventurer. I’ll let you go if you leave now.”


“Let me go? What are you talking about?”


“…You’re the one that’s been taking money from our wallet aren’t you?”




Obviously Nick was shocked to hear that,


They’ve been clashing a lot lately but Nick most certainly didn’t dislike Argus.

It was Argus who took a weak kid with no special skills or anything and turned him into a proper adventurer.

To Nick, he was a strong leader and his master.

When all’s said and done, he feels indebted to him and respects him.

That’s why Nick spoke so harshly.

To Nick, it was like those feelings were shattered.


“Garosso, Dean​ , and Belik all said so”


Argus brought up the names of their partners that were not here.


“H-Hold on! You believe that!?

I don’t indulge myself in gambling, alcohol, or women!

I’m the one managing our wallet and I can explain every transaction!”


The other party members were sloppy with their money.

Garosso was tricked by women all the time.

Dean and Belik love gambling and lead a loose life.

They kept pestering him to give them some of their party’s money.

That’s why Nick was so careful with the money.

He can explain all of his spending and all the money that comes in and out, so Nick was very confident in denying those accusations.


“That’s not it. That’s not it Nick.”


Argus sadly shook his head.


“W-What… What is it?”


I wanted to hear ‘believe me’ or ‘I’m sorry’.


“…That’s the same as saying nothing.”


Nick was shocked. He couldn’t even yell in anger.


“No. You’re wrong. 

Adventurers are ruffians whose only pride is their physical strength.


People that are good at talking, counting and writing… Those people can get a proper job.

If you’re smart or talented, go serve some noble or become a knight or something and move up in the world.”


“You got to be joking! There’s plenty of adventurers that can do that!

Or are you saying smart people can’t be adventurers?!


“At the very least, I don’t need them in my party. Honestly, it’s just a nuisance.”


Nick couldn’t say anything at this point.

He’s been doing his best to repay his debt to Argus.

Argus even said that ‘Nick has been working hard every day to take their party to the top’.


Nick’s physique wasn’t very suited to be an adventurer.

His height was average and his body was thin.

His magic power was minute and he could not use magic that would be useful in an actual battle.

Still, he was proud of the fact that he did not fall behind half-hearted adventurers, but he could not help but feel inferior to the skillful warriors in his party.


Still, he was good with his hands and had good memory, so he improved himself in areas that made use of those qualities.


Even if he doesn’t have arms as wide as a log, he can learn weapon techniques.

He can learn ways to beat guys bigger than him.

How to remove traps.

Information on the monsters that appear in the labyrinths.

What to do when he gets lost in the labyrinths.

How to service his equipment.

How to judge treasure found in labyrinths.

Reading, writing, and calculating.

How to keep an account book.

How to negotiate with merchants.


They’re all little things by themselves, but they all add up and should be helpful.


All the effort Nick put into this, and all the confidence he had were negated.


“Yes. People like Garosso have no choice but to be adventurers, but it doesn’t have to be like that for you, Nick.

You can be a merchant or a guild employee if you want.

So, I’m not interested in talking about who’s telling the truth, law, justice and whatnot.”


“I see…”


Nick liked Argus like a brother or a father, but that ended that day.


“Then, I have nothing else to do for this party either.”


Nick got up and as he was leaving, Argus said, “take care”.


Nick left without responding.


Silavin: Yup we picked this up and some background in case some are thinking I’m snipping this novel.

FrozKDI had hit me up through email since he saw my post of wanting to pay a translator to translate this novel to post on DDL.

So, got him in and he translated to Chapter 9. But, for some reason, he disappeared before I could even pay him.

Well, I waited for like more than a month but still no reply so, I moved on and got someone else. Since I did not manage to pay him, I got Hidamarisou to translate from scratch.

Just a little shout out to her, she is the translator for the manga as well.


Anyways, we picked it up and I plan on releasing 2 chapters a week. Patreon will be up for this novel as well if you wish to support/read ahead.

Release date and time: (+8 GMT)

Monday – 1900

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