Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World

Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World – Chapter 138, Battle against Ushiwaka – Part four

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Translator: Hidamarisou

Editor: Silavin


A dazzling light surrounded Nick and Karan, so intense that no one could look directly at it.

When it subsided, the two people it had enveloped were gone, and in their place stood what appeared to be a dragon person.


“W-what is this…!?”


Ushiwaka said in shock as it looked at Nick/Karan.


Silver armor that shined beautifully.

A virile but somewhat feminine appearance.

And above all else, immense magic energy hidden inside.


Everyone present, monsters and people, could feel their beauty, and shuddered at their tremendous strength.


““We can’t afford to hold anything back anymore. It’s time to get serious.””


Said Nick/Karan as they picked up a rock and flung it with their thumb.

It traveled in a straight line and carried killing intent, before hitting and ripping one of the great ogre’s ears.




“This… Doesn’t look like the kind of situation where I can show you my back anymore.”


““That’s right.””


Ushiwaka was right, as the great ogres were shrinking away in fear. 

Nick/Karan were still just warming up, and could easily do more than just destroy their ears.

They knew very well that if they turned around and ran, their heads or hearts would be pierced next.


“But you’re going against the rules of this labyrinth. That’s magic isn’t it?”


““Apparently Union isn’t treated like offensive magic, so that’s good news for us. And who are you to talk? Why can you bring out as many weapons as you want?”” 


Said Nick/Karan with an exasperated tone, and Ushiwaka sneered.


“Hmph, tell that to whoever made this labyrinth.”


““So how about we both stop complaining?””


“Yeah, the time for jokes is over… I’ll get serious too!”


Ushiwaka stretched out what remained of the arm that had been torn off, and it regenerated after a while. Meanwhile, two more arms sprout out.

It bent and stretched the joints of its six arms to test them, and started muttering a spell while making a sign with its lowest arm.


“《Dungeon Control: Oni Sword Summon》”


Six black swords appeared near the monster, with an odd black luster.

They seemed almost like they were alive, and their shine was strangely slimy looking.


““Bond, what’s that?””


“Probably magic related to the labyrinth, not unlike the magic used by White Mask.”


““Is that what it was?””


“Remember that magic to increase weight absurdly? If that is magic to create a labyrinth out of nowhere, this is magic to control a pre-existing labyrinth. It is accessing the labyrinth’s functions to create swords that suits its convenience…”


““That’s not fair.””


Mumbled Nick/Karan, to which Ushiwaka grinned.


“Good thing we’re in the sky path. I can bring out the weapons I want no problem.”


““Hn? Does that mean you can’t do that normally?””


“I have to follow some rules of the labyrinth. It’d be a different story if I could create labyrinths… Are you sure you want to stand around and chat like this?”


““You’re right… Let’s move somewhere else.””




““Neither of us wants to end this via a ring out right?””


Nick/Karan spread their arms.

Just under their eyes was the menacing mountain surface.

Ushiwaka and the great ogres could easily run down the mountain, but no one could tell what would happen as this clash intensified.


Up until this point, the monster’s had the advantage of knowing all about this place, but the arrival of Nick/Karan created doubt within Ushiwaka.


“Agreed, let’s move. Follow me.”



They moved to the sixth point, where the Sword Mantis pair stood before.

It was a wide area, and it was not likely that any accidents would occur no matter how they moved.

Nick/Karan and Ushiwaka faced each other from a distance, as if a martial arts contest was about to begin.


“This has certainly turned into something strange.”


“Hum… Master?”


“What is it Tianna?”


“You look like you’re enjoying yourself.”


Bellocchio could not hide his excitement, and seemed happy.


“I was not expecting to come across such an irregular situation.”


“…Well, I understand. Can you please try to keep quiet about this?”


Said Tianna with a complicated expression, and Bellocchio nodded with a light smile.


“Of course, but not just because it is related to you. High rank adventurers tend to have some sort of trump card, and no one would be friends with someone that casually exposes it. It is a kind of courtesy and worldly wisdom.”


“Are there actually a lot of adventurers that can do this sort of thing?”


“Of course not. Only S rank adventurers can use such a powerful ancient technique. Like Fifth.”


“I hear that name a lot, but is he really that strong…? He just sounds like a glutton.”


“Hey you two. I don’t know if you’re chatting or having a lecture, but can you leave it at that?”


Said Suisen with an exasperated expression.

Tianna quickly shut up and focused on the two about to start their bout.



““Let’s go!””


Nick/Karan raised the Sword of Bonds, and Ushiwaka closed the distance between them.

A series of sword strikes were unleashed like a storm, which Nick/Karan calmly blocked with minimal movement.




Nick/Karan swung the sword sideways, which to the people watching seemed as though it could cut through air and empty space. 


“…Ahh… The bones on my back are trembling. I’m glad I can even breathe right now. Is this what fear is like?”


Said Ushiwaka as it took deep breaths, after taking some distance.


““…That’s right!””




Ushiwaka charged forward again, but this time, kicked something.


““What cheap trick…!””


“You’ve been using a lot of cheap tricks youself!”


What was kicked towards Nick/Karan was the arm of a Sword Mantis.

This sharp blade flew in a straight line towards Nick/Karan’s neck.


After Nick/Karan smacked it down, they found themselves being attacked from all directions by swords.

Ushiwaka’s six arms unleashed slashes that could not be replicated by any human. All of them had perfect timing, and it would be impossible to block them with just one sword.


“Got you!”


Said Ushiwaka with a gleeful expression.


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