Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World

Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World – Chapter 15, The story so far and character introductions

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Translator: Hidamarisou

Editor: Silavin


*For people that don’t like the sad parts and the parts where our characters are expelled

*The character introductions might get updated

*2019/9/6 – Small update to physical descriptions


The story so far


The loud-mouthed and caring ‘Light warrior Nick’ did chores and managed the wallet of his party, ‘All Martial Arts’. One day he was falsely accused of taking money for himself, and was fired by his leader ‘Weapon Master Argus’. To make matters worse, his girlfriend, Claudine, left him as if to say ‘my job here is done’.


In his desperation Nick spent a lot of money on idols, and needed to earn money to make a living. For this reason, he went to the adventurer guild ‘New Beads’ to become an adventurer.


Tianna the prodigious sorcerer studied with all her might for her fiancee Alex, so much that she could not see what was happening around her.

But her jealous fiancee and the upstart noble Linne Delcot set her up, and started rumors that her good grades were the result of her seducing the teachers. She was expelled from school, and her father gave her two options, become the concubine of an awful noble or leave her home. 

Tianna left her home and became a commoner.


Tianna wasn’t discouraged and went to the Labyrinth City to look for a job, but unfortunately for her, the city was going through a period of job opportunity drought for sorcerers.

An exhausted Tianna was seduced by the allures of the Labyrinth City and became crazy about dragon races. She lost almost all of her money, and when she started having trouble paying rent, she decided to give up on trying to find steady work and start trying to become an adventurer.

She also made her way to ‘New Beads’.


The strong but naive dragon warrior Karan left her village and made her way to the Labyrinth City to become an adventurer. She was picked up by the party ‘White Helan’ and their leader Karios, and they went out on adventures together But when they fought the boss pot snake, she was used as bait and left to die. When she woke up she realized that the treasure she brought from her hometown, the dragon orb had been stolen as well.


After narrowly escaping the labyrinth with her life, she became desperate and started copying the popular adventurer ‘Single meal Fifth’, and spent most of her money on gourmet food. Finding herself in a tough predicament, Karan remembered that adventurers looking for a party should go to New Beads, so she also made her way there.


In the town of Rhodiane there was the temple of Medlar, where a priest named Sem spent his days using healing magic, and mixing chemicals to make medicine, to heal poor people. He was popular for his work and his beauty, but one day a girl named Mirulu, that resented Sem for not turning her way, and a group of priests that were jealous of him, conspired to falsely accuse Sem of raping her.

As a result, Sem was excommunicated from the temple and expelled from his town. He was traveling aimlessly when he visited an inn and spent the night with its owner, Velkia. She knew Sem felt he had no hope, so she told him to become an adventurer and see the world. And thus, Sem made his way to the Labyrinth City. 


Having said that, Sem had no interest in that kind of work at first, but after awakening to the pleasures of women and spending on hostess bars all the money he made while treating people on the road, he realized it was time to start working. That led him to knock on the door of the adventurer guild New Beads.


These four were deceived and found their vices here in the Labyrinth City. They hit it off, and decided to form a party, but when it came time to make the application, Nick forgot they had to name it. That was when Karan proposed to use the nickname the guild had given her, ‘Survivor’.


And thus began the story of the adventurer party Survivors.






【Species】 Human (Male)

【Appearance】 Black hair, slender build 

【Personality】 Fussy and loud-mouthed but caring

【Abilities】 Short sword techniques, scouting, Bookkeeping (adventurer)

【Vice】 Idols




【Species】 Human (Female)

【Appearance】 Golden hair, short stature and pretty, young looking face

【Personality】 Normally cool and composed young lady but sometimes hot-blooded

【Abilities】 Magic (wind, water, earth, combined elements) Non-elemental support

【Vice】 Gambling




【Species】 Dragon race (Female)

【Appearance】 Red hair, green tail, and a voluptuous body

【Personality】 Simple looking but serious deep down

【Abilities】 Two handed sword techniques, dive protection of the fire dragon

【Vice】 Gourmet




【Species】 Human (Male)

【Appearance】 Beautiful tall man with chestnut-colored hair

【Personality】 Playboy but also kind

【Abilities】  All kinds of healing, knowledge of medicinal herbs, treatment of illnesses

【Vice】 Red-light districts



Gills: As this is just a recap ch 16 should upload shortly after this chapter.

Silavin: Basically, we will not take this into account as in the ‘weekly chapter’ release.


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