Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World

Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World – Chapter 17, Adventure in the goblin forest part 2

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Translator: Hidamarisou

Editor: Silavin


Nick and the others decided to go to the Goblin Forest first.


It was the closest labyrinth to the city, and it took five or six hours on foot and two to three hours on horseback to get there.


Goblin forest was just that, a forest, and not a cave or some sort of building. It was called a labyrinth because in this world, labyrinths refer to places where miasma gathered. Whether it was a cave, a forest, or a desert, if it was a place where miasma was causing monsters to naturally appear, it was a labyrinth.


Monsters were not born like humans and animals, and even if you killed them all, given enough time, monsters would naturally appear again. 

The miasma got thicker as the number of monsters increased and the labyrinths expanded, so people had to explore them and kill monsters to make sure that did not happen.


Goblins were particularly troublesome. Some called them the weakest monsters, but they appeared even in places where the miasma was not very thick, and as their numbers increased they would form packs and attack towns.


For this reason, it was recommended to put them down periodically. Goblin ears were used as proof of a kill, and while it wasn’t possible to extract a lot of magic energy from them for magic items, it was decided that it would be possible to exchange them for money to ensure the safety of the neighboring regions.


Nick figured that since himself and Karan had experience exploring labyrinths, they would show Sem and Tianna the ropes…

But contrary to his expectations, Sem and Tianna were the first to show off their skills as they headed towards the labyrinth.


“Alright, then I’m going to use 《Good Walker》.”


“What’s 《Good Walker》?”


Nick asked, and Karan shook her head.


“Isn’t that military magic? How come you know how to use it?”


It seemed only Tianna knew what it was.


“My master was a military chaplain, and he secretly taught me magic that was important in the army.  It’s very useful and it consumes a surprisingly low amount of magic energy.”


Sem opened his sacred book with his left hand and cast a spell, an action characteristic of the priests from the temple of Medlar.

A golden glow appeared beneath their feet, and suddenly disappeared.


“Alright, it worked. Now we’re going to be faster and feel less fatigue for a while.”


“I’m sorry, I know this is basic… But what is military magic?”


Nick asked Sem and Tianna.


“It’s support magic meant to be used for a crowd of people. It’s usually meant to be used by a good number of priests on a hundred or a thousand people, but I can do it by myself for just us.

It’s simple but effective… It makes it so your legs don’t get tired, makes you relax so your breaks are more effective, and excites you to drive away fear.

It’s really useful to have someone who can use it when you’re traveling, but chivalric orders and the army would not be happy to hear that a random adventurer is using it. It’s best if we keep it a secret.”


“Simple…? It’s incredible. I’ll keep it a secret, don’t worry.”


Sem felt a little embarrassed and smiled at Nick’s praise.


“Well, I can at least guarantee its effect. Let’s get going.”



“Seriously… It only took us three hours. We can still make it back today if we use this can’t we?”


Said an amazed Nick, right outside the Goblin Forest.


“I think we can, if we finish our exploration quickly that is.”


“Hey Sem, I heard you can use support magic too. Can you tell me more about that?”


“Yes… I can use military magic like 《Good Walker》 to assist in marching, 《Thermal Insulation》 to regulate body temperature and protect against heat and cold, 《Mighty》 to increase physical strength, and 《Sturdy》 to increase physical defense.

As for healing magic, 《Recovery》, and 《Full heal》 heal wounds, 《Detox》 cures poison from plants and bugs, and 《Health check》 sees if there are any abnormalities in someone’s body. 

There are other kinds of magic to cure illnesses but they are more specific… Do you want me to explain them?”


“N-No, I don’t think I’m going to understand anyway… You’re really skillful aren’t you Sem?”




“It’s to the point where I bet high level parties are going to try to take you away from us. I can’t believe a temple let go of you.”


“Haha… It would be nice if that was the case.”


Sem laughed in a self-deprecating manner, and Nick realized his mistake right away.


“…Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”


“Don’t worry Nick, I know you were complimenting me… And the same could be said about all of us right?”


“That’s right.”


Nick and Sem laughed sarcastically. Both thought it wasn’t bad to laugh their misfortunes away.


“By the way Sem, are you alright in terms of magic energy?”


“Yes, this much is fine. If I kept using it for days or weeks straight it would be very taxing, but less than a day is barely noticeable.


“I see, thanks. Now it’s our turn Karan.”




Nick and Karan looked at the vast forest in front of them. It looked very dense, but it was mostly because of the thick miasma in it that made it hard to see very far. There were also a lot of wild animals like horses and snakes.

From this point forward, former experience in labyrinth exploration made all the difference.


…Or at least that should have been the case.


《Enemy Search》


Tianna lifted her staff and cast a spell.


“…Tianna, what was that?


“You don’t know? It’s magic that tells me where monsters are in a radius of around three kilometers.

It doesn’t work on monsters that can raise magic barriers or are good at concealing their presence, but it works fine on goblins.”


“…That’s pretty advanced magic isn’t it?”


At the very least, not a lot of adventurer sorcerers could use it.


Nick used to be in the C rank party All Martial Arts, and he understood more or less how good sorcerers of that level were. It would be strange for one of them to be able to search for enemies within a three kilometer radius, and it would be strange for an adventurer below D rank to be able to use 《Enemy Search》 at all.


“Is it? I can use non-elemental support magic like 《Enemy Search》 and 《Presence Hiding》. I can cast wind and water magic, and my specialty is combining them to cast lighting magic. I can cast earth magic too but I’m not very good at it, and I’m pretty much useless when it comes to fire magic.”




Nick said nothing and had a strange expression while he made a low sound.


“N-Nick, is there a problem?”


“No, it’s great. Most people can only use one element.”


“It’s because it takes a lot of time to study various elements if you’re serious about it. In my case, my master in school taught me a lot, and I had a good environment.”


“In any case, it’s great that you’re so skillful. How did the search go?”


“Hum… There’s a pack of about ten goblins one kilometer to the northeast. What should we do Nick?”


“Ten should be fine. Let’s attack them.”


And then they kept walking, with Nick leading the way.


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