Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World

Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World – Chapter 28, Search for the Sacred sword part 5

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Translator: Hidamarisou

Editor: Silavin


“What is this place…?”


What awaited Nick and the others was a completely different scenery.


It was a wide room with featureless walls, and a seemingly endless, smooth glossy wooden floor.

Unlike the other floors, there was no indication that golems would jump out and attack them.


And there was something in the center of the room.


“A sword handle…?”


“There’s no blade. It’s weird.”


Although it had no blade, the way it sat on a decorated stand made it look as though it was completed.


“…Could it be that this is the magic sword?”


“Even if it is, what good is it without a blade?”


“Apparently there are magic swords that take the user’s magic energy and shape it into a blade. Maybe it’s one of those.”


“Ah, I see.”


“Nick nodded to Tianna’s explanation, and approached the sword with caution.”


“I don’t think there are any traps… Still, if there were traps in this weird place, who knows if I could disarm them.”


“Are you going to bring that with you Nick?”


“Yes, unless something happens. Tianna, do you feel any weird magic energy in the air?”


“Not at the moment… Not from the sword or anywhere around it.




Nick carefully took the handle, with a cloth wrapped around his hand so he wouldn’t touch it bare-handed.


“H-hey, can you at least grab me properly?”


A strange voice reached Nick’s ears. He couldn’t tell its gender or age.


“What was that? Did someone say something?”


“Nick watch out! That magic sword is activating!”


“This thing!?”


Nick immediately let go of it and stepped back, as the handle hit the floor.


The four adventurers grabbed their weapons in preparation for any abnormality… But…


“Do not drop me! Who do you think I am, you bunch of kids!?”


“I don’t know! … Ah, wait… Are you the Sword of Bonds?”


Nick asked, and the sword answered with a self-important voice


“That is correct. I am the Sword of Bonds, the greatest creation of the Terrane magic item arsenal and an angel grade spirit weapon. Someone without the proper qualification may not touch me so casually.


“All the more reason not to touch you with my bare hands then. Sit still so I can carry you without damaging you.”


Nick took out a cloth from his knapsack to start wrapping the sword, but Karan and Sem looked at the Sword of Bonds with a weird expression and said.


“Hum Nick, the sword is speaking… Aren’t you surprised?”


“Y-Yes, it’s creepy.”


“Who are you calling creepy!?”


“I-It’s mad!”


“Calm down you two.  Long ago, my master told me that speaking swords exist.”


Karan and Sem looked at Nick as though they weren’t sure what to say.


“They do…?


“Yes, they’re called ‘intelligent swords’ . They’re kind of like the golems of swords.”


“Yes, I even heard that in another country, a sword was given a court rank in recognition of its accomplishments in war.”


“You two sure know a lot…”


Karan was completely perplexed as she looked at Nick and the sword.”


“Well, anyway…”


Nick looked at the Sword of Bonds.


“If it’s an intelligent sword then there’s no problem, it’s not a cursed item or anything.”


“What do you mean?”


“When the ancient civilization made items with intelligence or souls, they implemented all sorts of 

restrictions so they couldn’t go against their master, and couldn’t use brain washing or bewitching spells. So we don’t need to treat it with extreme caution or anything.”


The Sword of Bonds confidently laughed after hearing Nick’s explanation.


“Precisely. Do not treat me like one of those lowly magic items designed to bewilder humans. I am a proud sacred sword that only lends its strength to those that value justice and friendship. You may feel honored to have held me in your hands.”


“Yes yes mister sacred sword. I’ll carry you carefully.”


“Carry… Are you not a swordsman? Do you not think it is a good idea to equip a sacred sword like myself?”


“No, I specialize in short swords. I guess you could say I’m a light swordsman.”


“So… Is that dragon girl a swordsman?”


“I only want to use my Dragon Bone Sword.”




The Sword of Bonds turned its attention to Tianna and Sem, but both shook their heads.


“…Does that mean you did not come here looking for me?”


The Sword of Bonds asked Nick and the others with a puzzled tone.


“No, we did come here looking for you.”


“Then why not be happier? Do you not wish to touch my power?”


“Not really…”


“…So what are you planning to do with me? You do not mean to tell me…”




Nick looked at the other three, and they didn’t seem to disagree.


““““We’re selling you.””””


They all said at the same time.


Silavin: RIP sword. I am tearing up for you, laughing.


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    The poor sword probably waited centuries to be able to act all high and mighty before some weak adventurers, but he met the wrong team!

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