Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World

Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World – Chapter 3, Sorcerer/The former noble girl with the broken engagement/Gambling addict Tianna

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Translator: Hidamarisou

Editor: Silavin


In this country, the holy kingdom of Dineze, students of schools for nobles, studied all sorts of subjects.











But the most important subject in this school was…


“【Lightning strike!】”



A clear, imposing voice echoed throughout the magic training ground in this school for nobles, and when it reached the sky, it became shrouded in black clouds and lightning fell, creating a flash of light a thunderous roar.

The teachers watching let out a sigh of amazement.


“…Marvelous. I expected nothing less from the prestigious Elenafelt family.”


“She can freely cast advanced lightning magic that is impossible to use without mastering water and wind magic.”


“It’s unfortunate that she was born a girl…”


Magic is a comprehensive field that makes use of math, philosophy, history, etc, it is not a weapon for mercenaries and adventurers living day by day.

Noble sorcerers are proud of it and Tianna, the girl that just casted 【lightning strike】, was also proud of her magic.


“…I’m not doing this to advance in life, I study magic to improve myself.”


Tianna said while letting her much loved chestnut-color hair flutter.

She was about half a head shorter than most boys and girls her age, and although she had a nice face, there was still some lingering childishness in it. Still, she looked majestic as she puffed out her chest and responded to those compliments.


“Your skill and sublime determination really are the pride of our school.”


“Thank you very much Mr. Bellocchio.”


Tianna thanked her teacher, even though she felt a little guilty.

She wasn’t studying magic just to improve herself, there was another reason.


“You’ve met the graduation requirements, let’s end the test here.

Nice work Tianna.”



Tianna left the training grounds while trying her hardest not to let her excitement show on her face.


She knew where she was going next.

She left the school, and headed towards a cafe for nobles.


As she walked through the gorgeous stone paved road, the scent of coffee coming from her sweetheart’s favorite cafe tickled her nostrils.


When she opened the door, the little bell attached to it rang, as if it was blessing her happiness.




“Is Alex here?”


The employee hesitated.


“He is, isn’t he?”


“Ah, miss…!”


Tianna thought he would be in his usual place.

Alex liked a seat on the second floor so much it was like his own reserved seat.




Tianna climbed the stairs and called the man having a pleasant chat by the window.

There was a girl talking to him, probably just another girl interested in his face and position. There was no point in even talking to her.


“Tianna… You’re looking cheerful.”

“Hm? You look strangely happy Alex. Did something happen?”


Alex was Tianna’s fiancee. He was a baron’s heir and went to the same school as her.

He had delicate blonde hair like a woman, and fine skin like a girl.

Although she didn’t show it, Tianna was very proud of having such a good looking fiancee, but lately, he had been skipping school a lot and hanging out in cafes and salons.


She believed Alex when he said “this is how you make connections.” So, she didn’t bother him too much about it. After all, there really were a lot of people gathering around him.


She did complain about how there were a lot of girls their age amongst those people, but Tianna was proud of being his fiancee and felt superior because she knew how good Alex really was, instead of just being charmed by his appearance. This is why Tianna wasn’t upset when he talked to other girls.


“You’re the one that’s surprisingly cheerful.”

“Surprisingly? What do you mean? Nevermind that, listen to this Alex.”


“What, did you surprise the teachers with another wonderful spell?”


Tianna responded without noticing Alex’s sarcastic tone.




She said.


“Master Bellocchio was so happy. He said I was the first girl and the first person my age to cast 【lightning strike】.

Now, I can skip a year and graduate!”




“So… Alex…”


Tianna was a little embarrassed as she sat down.


“Ah… If you’re going to come here and brag all of a sudden you could at least be a little more graceful about it.”


The girl with the long, dark hair said to Tianna with a sarcastic smile. Tianna finally looked in her direction.


“…I need to talk to Alex.”


“Didn’t you see that same mister Alex speaking to me? I don’t think it’s very lady-like to bother a man in that manner.”


“Alex, can you tell her to leave?”


Alex pressed his forehead and sighed.


“…Stop it. You’re bothering the employees and the other customers.”




“No buts!”


Tianna had never seen Alex raise his voice like that.




“You’re always like that… You’re too thick headed for how impulsive you are, aren’t you?”


“What do you mean…?”


“I’m sick of all that bragging about your magic!”


Tianna staggered.

A lot of people were  jealous of her magic, some even said it was wasted on a girl. But, it was for her beloved fiancee so she endured it all.


“W-Why…? You’re the one that asked me for help because you’re going to be a sorcerer… For you I…”


“Did my best…”

Tianna’s weak voice was drowned out by Alex’s shill scream.


“For me? Use your head a little and hold back! Do you have any idea how much people make fun of me behind my back because you’re the best!? Hold back a little! Can’t you read the room and work  hard enough to help my life and not damage my honor!?”


“W-Wait… Alex why are you…”


That was when Tianna heard a giggle, and stared at the person laughing.


“Oh my, you’re scaring me, miss Tianna.”


“…Can’t you at least tell me your name before speaking to me?”


“Hmph… You really aren’t interested in other people are you… How arrogant.

Fine, I am Linne, the eldest daughter of the Delcot  family.”


“…Ah, I remember, the upstart girl that recently transferred to our school.”


The Delcots were originally merchants, and they made a lot of money transporting goods by land and sea using dragons.

Up until three generations ago, they were just commoners, but their fast transportation was very beneficial for the kingdom, so they were granted the title of baron in recognition.

Lately, they had been getting involved in financing and spending a lot of money on nobles with financial problems, so even high ranking nobles had to watch out for their power.  That influence even reached the school, and Linne had a lot of noble girls by the short hairs.


Tianna had never spoken to Linne, but it was not like she didn’t know her.

Ignoring her was the least unpleasant thing she could do.

Alex was her fiancee after all, there’s no way he was serious about this upstart… Or so she thought.


“Oh my, scary…”


“Tianna! Stop talking like that! Linne has enough problems already, dealing with baseless rumors…”




Tianna knew Linne used her family’s influence to treat a lot of the other students like servants. At this point, you could even call it an open secret. Actually, some desperate classmates had been asking Tianna for advice.


“Yes, I’ve been talking to her about it. She’s being harassed and…”


Alex let out a pained sight, and Linne placed her hand on top of his.

“Tianna, you’re the one that’s been harassing her aren’t you?”




Tianna unconsciously reacted with pure surprise, to which Alex and Linne smiled.

“You’ve been using your influence to win a lot of people over and try to incriminate Linne.


“That’s right, and that was when mister Alex extended his hand to me to save me.


Tianna clenched her teeth.


“Also, miss Tianna, you’ve been seducing the teachers in our academy haven’t you?




Tianna’s glare could almost shoot Linne to death.


“Don’t you get it? You’re not just insulting me, you’re insulting the whole school.”


“…Do you want to go to the proper place to settle this matter?” 

“Ahh… You are the one that does not get it. It’s just common sense to think that something is going on with the people that made a girl the top student.”


In this aristocratic society where honor was very important, this was a proper crime so Tianna’s words weren’t just a threat, she could very well take this to court.


But Linne did nothing but graciously smile.


“Yes, I very much welcome that, although I’m sure the teachers will raise the white flag before that.”


“…What do you mean?”


Tianna was bewildered.

Surely it was just a bluff, Tianna was sure of it.


But the girl in front of her had a lot of people by the short hairs.


And then, it was Alex that answered Tianna’s awful premonition.


“Tianna, the teachers in this school are suspected of taking bribes to accept students during the entrance exams, and to manipulate their grades. You’re one of the people suspected of bribing them.”


“W-What is this nonsense…!?”


“This is why I want to break off our engagement… Don’t show yourself in front of me ever again!”


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  1. Btw I just noticed the title has the words gambling addict Tiana… so that’s how MC is gonna pick her up into the party. Is she the girl in the bar from last chap? Maybe she will be a love interest! At the very least, she will be a very powerful ally with her lightning magic

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