Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World

Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World – Chapter 30, Search for the sacred sword part 7

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Translator: Hidamarisou

Editor: Silavin


“Kuh… Get back!”


Nick gave instructions while keeping the Sword of Bonds secure, and everyone scattered.

A few seconds later, a fist came crashing down where they were standing, and a thunderous roar echoed throughout the room.

The supposedly sturdy floor cracked.


“Eat this! 《Icicle Dance》!”


“Fire Dragon Slash!”


Tianna cast an ice spell. Its icicles pierced the golem, and Karan moved in for the final slash.


“N-No! Dragon girl! Stop!”


“I have no time to sit back!”


Karan slashed the golem diagonally from the shoulder… Or at least that was what it appeared.


It was Karan’s invincible pattern, and the Dragon Bone Sword did melt the golem’s body.


The slash itself had the power to cut through steel, and the red hot cut was beyond repair.


…Or at least that was what they expected to happen, but the cut closed itself, as if time was turning back.

There wasn’t even any sign that it suffered any damage.




The amalgam golem shouted, with icicles still stuck in it.




“Karan! Something isn’t right, get back!”


But Nick was too late, and the icicles shot out of the amalgam golem’s body.






“The amalgam golem’s body is an alloy of purified mercury and non-ferrous metal, with high resistance to magic and it reflects shallow magic attacks. Also, it can control its body freely, so even if you cut it and pierce it, it will heal itself… Rather than call it a golem, you could call it a man-made slime.”


“Mercury… Isn’t that poisonous!?”


“Ah, you do not have to worry about that. That body is a collection of nanomachines… magic item pellets that are invisible to the naked eye, and they are programmed to avoid being inhaled by people.

A temporary employee under the guidance of a qualified member of the research team performed all the safety tests. Basically, there is no problem.”


“Thank you for the explanation, but you could’ve said that sooner.”


“Kuh. I’m going to heal Karan. Nick, Tianna, cover me.”


“Got it! Heal her Sem!”


“《Ice Shield》!”


Tianna created an ice wall to protect Karan and Sem, while Nick danced around the amalgam golem and cut it with his knife. It didn’t cause any damage, but the amalgam golem was focused on Nick, and that was enough for him.

Nick skillfully dodged the amalgam golem’s attacks and shouted instructions to his partners.


“Get ready to retreat after you heal Karan!”


“You can’t. This is like a test, and the door will not open.”


“What!? Is that a prank!?”


“It is no prank, it is a test! Kuh… I cannot hack the lock while it is operational. The defensive mechanism is keeping the door firmly locked…”


The amalgam golem tried to clear Nick out of the way, like it was chasing a mosquito.

Nick was definitely in control.


“So how do we beat it!?”


“…Hmm. About that…”


“Just say it!”


“You are planning to sell me are you not? I do want to help you but…”


It said with such a tone you could almost hear it laughing ‘nufufu’.

Nick almost flew into a rage, but held back and asked.


“Alright! So we just have to not sell you, are you happy?”


“No. You have to use me as a weapon.”


“You annoying…!!! You’re in trouble too you know!? How about I throw you into that amalgam golem!?”


“T-That would be suicide on your part! How about you calm down!?”


“Then cooperate with us! We’re in the same boat!”


“Alright alright! Nick, correct? Grab a hold of me!”




Nick grabbed the Sword of Bonds while dodging attacks from the amalgam golem and suddenly, light burst from the bladeless handle.


“I-Is this your true form…!?”


It was a shining sword. The light created by magic energy retained the shape of a sword.

Even Nick, who had no magic sense, could feel the immense magic energy being projected, but…


“Fool, do not be surprised by so little. This is where it truly begins.”


“What does?”


“Hmph. Your partners are the dragon warrior, the sorcerer, and the priest… Are you alive dragon girl?”


“I-I’m not dead… What do you want…?”


Karan recovered her conscience due to Sem’s healing, but she was still bleeding from her forehead, and she had scars. She was still hurt.


“Girl, can you trust this boy?”


“What do you mean…?”


“Hey, we’re kind of busy. Go straight to the point.”


The Sword of Bonds didn’t back down and responded to Nick’s complaints.


“This is important! Answer me girl!”




Karan was at loss for words.

Trust was not a word she could use lightly.

Also, this was the party survivors, and Karan resented the Sword of Bonds for knowing nothing about them.


Beside her, Sem was still casting healing magic.

Tianna yelled “Just do something already”.


“Be honest! If not, this will not work!”




“There has to be something! Like or dislike, good or bad! It is necessary for this ritual!”


“What’s that ritual of yours!?”


“I told you it is to defeat this golem did I not!?”


Karan didn’t understand complicated things, but she knew she couldn’t refuse if it was to escape this predicament.

She couldn’t just stand back and watch, and above all, she had a lot of things to say to Nick.




“What Karan!?”


“What you say is complicated!”




“You take care of me, and help me but… When you tell me not to trust you, to think, and to study it’s not fair… I can’t say no!”


“S-Shut up!”


“You told me to doubt you! Doubt doubt, and when there are no more doubts, to trust you! Just saying to trust you is much less of a pain!”


“That’s right! I’m a pain!”


Nick nimbly dodged the amalgam golem’s fierce attack even while arguing with Karan, but this left Nick full of scratches.

If his rhythm was thrown off even a little bit, it was over.


“You are! So… We’re the only ones that will go along with you, so you better thank us!”


“I do! I’m so thankful I could cry!”


“Then… Say anything without reservations! If you want… I’ll do anything!”


Karan said, as she struggled to get up.

At that moment, the sword of Bonds started overflowing with magic.


“Yes, just like that… It is when people join hands that I can show my power! 



When the Sword of Bonds said these mysterious words, Karan and Nick’s bodies started shining.


A tremendous flash of light lit the room, and a thunderous roar echoed, like they exploded.

Everyone, including the golem, had to close their eyes, and where the light settled was…


“W-Who is that…?


Sem murmured.

Where Nick was supposed to be, stood a mysterious swordsman.


There was someone that seemed like a dragon person, but it wasn’t Karan.


They looked both male and female and had strangely beautiful facial features. This person had the same red hair as Karan, and somewhere in that face, there was a hint of Nick’s facial features.

They had a mystical looking, white armor with a faint shine, and the sword of bonds in hand, but unlike the shape it had when Nick was holding it, it was huge like the Dragon Bone Sword.


““Let’s go!!!””


It was impossible to tell if it was male or female, but the majestic voice of this person echoed throughout the room.


Silavin: I wonder in the end, if they turned into a boy or a girl. Maybe both?


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