Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World

Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World – Chapter 37, Bare-knuckle arithmetic – Part three

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Translator: Hidamarisou

Editor: Silavin


Survivors reached Fromage in the early afternoon. This meant that the lunch time rush had just ended, and they didn’t have to wait before being led to a table.


“Oh… You picked a pretty fancy place, Nick.”


“What do you think I am?”


“Ah, I’m having a sandwich set. Are all the waiters men? There aren’t any girls, ah, I see.”


“Sem, please stop trying to find girls you can hit on.”


“Omelet with rice! I desire omelet with rice!”


“Nick, this is good. Eat this, you can’t go wrong.”


“The four of you be quiet and get our order straight!  Ah, I’m sorry for the noise mister waiter. Are you all fine with wine? We will be having water too, so I will be leaving it to your discretion.”


The waiter lowered his head and took their order.

Maybe their timing was good, because they didn’t have to wait for long until their food and wine arrived.


“Here’s to a job well done.”




Nick listlessly raised his cup, and everyone followed.


The food was good, and the conversation flowed naturally.


“And you know, that race the other day was amazing. The dragons started fighting and there was fire and ice flying all over the place…”


“Tianna, do people die in those races?”


“Don’t be silly Nick. That’s why it’s so much fun.”


“Sorry, I don’t get it.”


“I’m kidding. There are walls and magic barriers, so people don’t die that often.”


“That’s a good way of saying that people do die sometimes.”


They talked about their interests.


“The idol that’s shining the brightest nowadays is Citrine. She can sing and dance, but she’s very charismatic, and her talking between songs is a cut above the rest.

It’s a little frustrating because my favorite is Agate, but I also have to recognize how disciplined her fans are. Ah, and I met a guy named Willy recently, and he taught me psyllium dance.”


“You start talking really fast the moment you start talking about idols.”


“Your eyes are scarier than when you were about to hit an ogre.”


“We’re all like that.”


And they talked about their interests.


“Lately, the sandwiches sold by the stalls in parks have been becoming popular.  I had fried octo with fried onion, lettuce in between, and I even put chilli tomato sauce, and it’s really good. The best one is the one ran by an old lady, close to the entrance of the botanical garden.


“Your topic is the most helpful, Karan.”


“Good job Karan.”


“I’m going there next time too.”


“R-really? Ehehe…”


And they talked about their interests.


“And then I…”


“Hey, Sem?”




“Let’s not talk about this in front of the girls.”




“You can tell me when we’re alone.”


“So do you want to come with me Nick? When I tell the girls about my adventures they always ask me to bring along one of my party members along with me next time.”


“Hold on, don’t drag me into this.”


“But maybe the excitement of suddenly taking you to a hostess bar or a girl’s bar would be too much for you. Maybe a calmer snack bar would be better… Or how about a club or a show bar?”


“Sorry, I have no idea what’s the difference.”


And they talked about their interests.


The conversation was very animated, and then a couple sat at the table behind them.


Nick lowered his voice out of politeness, and the others also lowered their tone.

They ate the food that was almost untouched, because they talked most of the time, and the day ended peacefully.

Or at least it would have, had they not listened to the conversation behind them.


“Claudine… This is a birthday present.”


“You remembered! I’m so happy!”


Nick heard a name he recognized and looked back. Sure enough, it was Claudine, the girl that ripped him off, and sitting across from her was a naive looking young man.


“Kyah I’m so happy! This is the one I wanted!”


“I’m glad you like it Claudine…!”


Claudine looked at the necklace she took out of a cosmetics case with a joyful expression, touched the jewel lovingly, and carefully put it back.


“A-aren’t you going to wear it?”


“No way, that’s a waste. It’s so beautiful… I have to store it safely.”


“T-that’s true!”


“But… Sorry, I came here today to tell you something important.”


“What is it? This is sudden…”


“I have to go back to my hometown.”




“My mother is in critical condition, and I was told to go back right away… She doesn’t have long.”


“Oh no!”


The young man raised his voice as his face turned pale.


Claudine then started talking in a passionate manner, as if she was sobbing.


“But it’s really far… It takes about a month to get there by stagecoach, and it’s really expensive… but I really want to repay my debt to my mother, who supported me when I said I wanted to become an adventurer in the Labyrinth City. This is too painful… It feels like my heart is going to shatter into pieces…!”


“Leave it to me… Hn?”


Nick couldn’t bear to listen anymore, and before he knew it, he was sitting next to the naive looking young man.”


“Geh, Nick…?


“Hi Claudine.”


“W-w-what… I’m done with you…!”


Claudine broke into a cold sweat as she glared at Nick, but he didn’t care, and started talking.


“When did your mother move so far away? You told me she lived in an inn town about three days away to the east. And a birthday present? I didn’t know you could have two birthdays in the same year.”


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