Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World

Adventurers Who Don’t Believe in Humanity Will Save The World – Chapter 81, Two of a kind

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Translator: Hidamarisou

Editor: Silavin


Training that could be done while going about one’s life.


It could be done even while casually walking. Just like Ada said, Nick practiced using Light Body on his way home from visiting Leon. He went through a park with no people around and walked on top of a fence, like a tightrope act.

Nick was absorbing what Ada had taught him like a dry sponge.


“Ah, we should pay Olivia a visit on our way back. There’s something I want to ask her.”


“Fine… But Nick…”




“Is that fun?”


“It’s really great. It’s like I’ve grown wings or something.”


“Fufu, you’re like a kid.”


Karan snickered, and Nick blushed.

He finally realized he had been excitedly playing around like a child.


“Ah, s-sorry.”


“You don’t have to stop.”


“I can’t go on after you said that.”


“It’s fine.”


“You really think this is funny don’t you?”


“I’ve never seen you that excited over something that’s not about idols.”


“Well… I guess…”


Nick hopped down from the fence and started walking alongside Karan.

His movements were silent like a cat.


“I didn’t know how to put it, but I like that there’s a real feeling to it.”


“It’s fun to look at.”


“That’s nice… Can we rest for a bit? Training and talking to that bothersome guy made me a little tired.”




Karan nodded, and they sat down on a park bench.




“Hn? For what?”


“For caring about my orb.”




Nick purposefully gave a vague answer out of embarrassment.

Karan sighed and continued talking.


“Nick you’re great.”


“Stop it, it’s embarrassing.”


“…Talking normally to that hateful guy… I couldn’t do it.”


Said Karan as she hugged one of her knees.


“No, you did well. I didn’t see you lose control or anything, even when we found out clues about your orb.”


“No, I was just holding back. When we were talking about the Dragon King Orb I wanted to scream, but I didn’t want the knights to throw us out.”


“I guess there’s that too.”


“…I don’t think I can stay calm like you. If I saw my old partners, I think I’d rip them apart or bite them to death.”


Karan snickered, exposing her pointed canines. They were white and glossy like a magic sword.

She was not joking. If a dragon person really wanted to kill someone, they could very well kill a person without using a weapon. 


“I’m actually happy. I got some clues, I’m working, and I’m studying… It feels like I’m moving forward. Back when I was just surviving, I couldn’t imagine living like this. But when I remember things I don’t like, I start having cruel thoughts and wanting to rampage.”




“That’s why I’m happy I became an adventurer. If I didn’t, I think I would be hitting people that didn’t deserve it and stealing from them, like the people we’ve been catching. Sem said something like that too, but I think I would’ve become way worse.”


“I don’t know what would’ve become of me if I quit being an adventurer either.”


“If you were a bad guy back then… And you told me to do bad things with you in order to survive… I would’ve become a villain too. That’s why I want you to stay a good person.”






Karan was looking at the distance, and did not see it coming. A mistake unbecoming of a warrior.






Nick flicked her forehead.


“W-w-what are you doing!?”


“You’re being an idiot… Just kidding.”


Karan didn’t understand what was going on, and looked at a snickering Nick with bewilderment.

“We’re two of a kind. Our worries are the same too.”




“I’ll keep doubting you and keeping an eye on you to make sure you don’t turn bad.”




“For now, I’ll make sure to stop you if it looks like you’re going to bite someone to death.”


Karan looked at Nick with an uneasy expression, but Nick smiled.


“I mean, that would definitely give you a stomachache. You should eat something better.”


“I’m not talking about eating!”


“I’m joking. Do what you want. I’ll be with you even if you do something that turns into trouble. But…”




“There’s a lot of tasty and fun things in this world.”




“I’m not a priest or anything, and I’m not going to tell you not to take revenge. I’ve been doing things that can be considered revenge too, but what I’m saying is that you don’t need to devote your whole life to that. I like idols, and I have fun going out on adventures with our party. I don’t give up on things I like just for revenge.

It’d be a waste if you threw away what you like and what you want to do for the sake of awful people.”


Nick got up and pointed at the bench.


“And I want to get better at using the techniques I learned. This is what I want to do.”


Nick did a handstand on just one finger. Karan was impressed, but soon became flustered.


“I-idiot! What if you get hurt!?”


“It’s alright, I’m used to it.”


“I’m gonna get mad!”


Karan lifted Nick up by grabbing his leg, and waved him around.

An upside down Nick smiled awkwardly.


“…This Light Body magic makes it really easy for people to grab you doesn’t it?”


“You’re really light.”


“That’s the whole point.”


Karan put Nick down on the bench, and quietly sat back next to him.


“What I want to do…”


“In your case that’d be eating, right?”


“That’s not really what I want to do… That’s what I always do. It’s a hobby, it’s not a big deal.”


“It’s nice to have hobbies.”


“That’s not what I mean… ‘What I want to’ feels different. And getting my orb back and getting revenge isn’t really what I want to do either, it’s more what I have to do.”


“That’s right.”


“What do I want to do?”


Mumbled Karan.


“I can’t think of anything.”


“That’s fine too. I think it’s good if we just continue adventuring like we’ve been doing.”




“You left your hometown to become an adventurer right? Then enjoy the adventurer life to the fullest.”






Karan shook her head.


“It wasn’t to become an adventure, it was to fulfill the duty of the dragon god race.”




“It’s my se…”


Karan stopped.






“Eh? You’re keeping secrets now?”


“I-I don’t want to say.”


“Eh… Well, I’m not going to force it out of you or anything.”


For some reason, Karan hugged her knees and buried her face in her legs.

Through the small gaps, her red face could be seen.


“I’m not saying.”


“I told you I’m not going to force you. But…”




“Take good care of whatever it is.”




Before they knew it, the sky had begun to turn red.


Nick and Karan walked out of the park, and onto the street.

Their long shadows painted vague silhouettes on the ground, looking similar, despite their different races and background.


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