Announcement o.0

So… I got surprised at how many people actually came on this site after I just posted Martial Peak on Novelupdates.


Btw, still kinda shocked…


To answer some quires that was left by some comments:

No, I’m not going to change Yang Kai’s name to Kai Yang. This is due to personally reading the story to till 2.6k (Yes this series has 3.3k chapters currently and the divine MoMo is still releasing two chapters per day!), as Yang Kai :/


So, release dates will all be one the weekdays. I plan on releasing 4 chapters a week. Although I initially want to do it to 12 chapters… It’s not realistic unless this becomes my full time job. D:

Sorry, this week I will only be releasing two chapters.


The donation tab is still empty because I have no time to release extra chapters. $$$


As for people who took a liking to Martial Family, I’m glad that you like it. I’m not sure how many chapters will be out a week for this one. I plan on making it 4 per week so you can look forward to it.


😀 Thanks for your support on the first day!

7 thoughts on “Announcement o.0”

  1. Hi.
    Thanks for picking it up. If I could request few things :
    Please see if “Immortal Ascension” boundary is a correct translation according to raw? Also, if possible please use english equivalent whenever possible instead of pinyin (like yuvan Qi could be translated as Origin Energy.) or distances in meters


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