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Applied Immortality – Chapter 3, Daoist Proscribe, Heisenberg

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[One moment you’re just chatting that ‘the world is done for’, or ‘there has to be an issue with the cultivation method’, and the next you’ve got the answer even before stepping out of the home. Ugh, more like offered on a silver platter by an uninvited guest. What’s up with that?]


[That’s dissing.]


[Don’t they say dissing was a protagonist’s greatest pastime?Why am I getting the short end of the stick?]


[Am I not the protagonist then?] Wang Qi questioned his existence and meaning.


The girl saw him silent and frowned, releasing her power. She looked like the flash of a gun nozzle before shooting someone dead in the eyes, the weight of her aura rooting him on the spot. 


“Get a grip!” Zhen Chanzi’s voice rang in Wang Qi’s head. He flinched and used his feeble spiritual power to resist the Foundation Establishment expert’s pressure.


It was for naught, as Wang Qi’s struggle could do nothing against the opponent. He reckoned, based on her flying sword speed, turning him into mince meat was but a trifle.


“Old man, can’t you take over my body and fight?”


“You’re delusional.”


[Fine.] Wang Qi switched tactics, showing his bright teeth as he put on his friendliest smile, “Fairy, how may I be of assistance?”


“Just come along! If I wanted you dead, you’d have long since had an extra breathing hole in you.” The girl reached out and Wang Qi found the world spinning out of control. The next thing he noticed was his collar in the girl’s grip. 


Wang Qi sucked up, “I could get some peace of mind if you would explain why.” 


The girl cocked her head, amused, “What’s the difference?”


Zhen Chanzi shouted in Wang Qi’s mind, “The chick must be oblivious to how sect disciples are. Kid, keep up the act. Get as much info out of her as you can to increase our chances of escape.”


Wang Qi was aware of Zhen Chanzi’s advice and he kept up his smile, “Fairy, as the saying goes, it’s human nature to fear the unknown. For all I know, you could be using me as a test subject, or lab rat, or maybe take away my jewels to turn me into a eunuch.”


The girl cracked up, “Ha-ha, you’re one funny guy. Though… this ‘it’s human nature to fear the unknown.’ That sounds a lot like the result of the research of many Eminences in Radiant Divinity Pavilion. Why do you know it?”


Wang Qi opened his mouth, “Radiant Divinity Pavilion?”


“Are you a shut-in after stumbling on some ancient cultivator legacy?”


Wang Qi scratched his head, “Miss is so perceptive. I know next to nothing about the modern immortal way.”


The girl looked at the sky, “It’s getting late and I need to get back. Just remember one thing, ancient cultivation is forbidden in today’s world!”


The girl held onto Wang Qi while flying away. She only got a couple kilometers from the Wang clan manor when four golden beams shot from the sky. Countless lightning strikes snaked among them, turning into a large prison.


One errant lightning almost touched the girl’s clothes. Wang Qi shivered in fright, relishing the close shave of avoiding being trapped with the girl under such a large magical art.


Zhen Chanzi had a different opinion, crying out, “Four Great Ascension cultivators! How can this be?”


Ten thousand years ago, in his time, Great Ascension cultivators didn’t go above ten. It was a first for him too, to see four of them joining hands.


Zhen Chanzi had scanned the village area with his spiritual sense. This place was no natural well of spiritual energy, nor a gate to the Underworld where wraiths came out. Why would it then garner the attention of four Great Ascension cultivators to work together? 


Zhen Chanzi’s doubt was short, as a hoarse voice thundered.


“Daoist Heisenberg, stop hiding and show yourself!”


An aged sighed pierced the hearts of all there, “Why?”


“Old Hai!?” Wang Qi was stumped. The name sounded familiar. He was that idle Old Hai. 


“Daoist Heisenberg, we have nothing but respect for you as an expert of Elusive Palace and won’t argue with you. I only ask that you consider your Senior Uncle’s position, Quantum Grandmaster Bohr.”


“Why?” Old Hai turned hysterical, “I assisted De Emperor to forge the cataclysmic and accursed weapon, true, but before I became a Daoist, I was also a member of the Great De Dynasty, among many other Elusive Palace disciples. Is one’s birthplace a crime now? What are you all holding in your hands then?”


“Heaven Sword Art and the Heavenly Sword are for the good of the world and there can’t ever be one man or nation monopolizing them!”


“Absurd! I would rather die than hear you vile people’s petty excuses.”


A gentle voice of a woman followed, “Daoist Heisenberg, please don’t say that. The Immortal Alliance isn’t here to exact judgment on you…” 


Old Hai cut her off, “Madame Ma, you’re a paragon of womankind, yet you say such idiotic things? You know far better than me just how ethical that cultivation method of yours really is. You use incredible magical arts to save and bring back countless lives, but you couldn’t save Sir Ma from going mad while cultivating, could you?” 




The woman had no words, with another cultivator speaking up, “Daoist Heisenberg, that is your own bias…” 


“I’m so honored to have garnered the attention of Heavenly Sword Palace’s Vice Palace Lord, Daoist Qian.” Old Hai snarked, “But you’re the least qualified here to come after me. He-he, Five Army Purger. Daoist Qian, just hearing this nickname, can you recall the howl and cries of all those men dying from your sword?”


The villagers were panicking at the sudden changes around them, but Wang Qi was busy with bigger things. The talk had him sweating buckets.


[The setting is getting weird here. We’re in an immortal world, that’s for certain, so how did the word ‘quantum’ slip in? Bohr, too? Is in the same as Niels Bor? Did he transmigrate over with me? Uh, more like, did I follow after him? But Five Army Purger? Senior, what’s between you and that Old Qian who killed so many?] 


Old Hai hissed at the silence, “See, you’re all vile! Come then, let me give you a taste of the legendary Heavenly Sword of Daoist Proscribe, Heisenberg!”


A figure flew out from the western side of Albion Village. If Wang Qi’s eyesight was any good, he’d notice that the man was the Old Hai, a fellow villager for over a decade.


Only Old Hai’s aged face rejuvenated under the naked eye, his servile character gone, replaced with fire and brimstone.




Wang Qi, a man of two worlds, found himself lost and confused.




As Heisenberg flew out, beams of light bent to turn the cage into a sphere, trapping the four Great Ascension cultivators and Heisenberg inside.


In that area filled with lightning, Heisenberg finally faced his opponents.


The leader was a youth, mannered and courteous, a jarring discrepancy to his sinister quality that helped set up the killing trap. The only sign of his cruelty was the Five Army Purger nickname the Vice Palace Lord of Heavenly Sword Palace, Qian Xueshen, had. His nickname spread when Heavenly Sword Palace was formed. A secular emperor sent his army in an invasion and happened to obtain a cataclysmic treasure, when Qian Xueshen whose focus was only on the sword, appeared out of nowhere to cull the five army divisions with one swipe of his sword. 


As for the female cultivator next to him, she was part of the Laser Couple from Scorching Metal Valley, Laser Madam Marie Curie. The Curie couple were orthodox cultivators from the Scorching Metal Valley and had employed an unprecedented method involving some miraculous metal art in order to settle some illnesses that had perplexed the cultivation world. But this practice was harmful, not to mention it was an art newly created by the Curie couple. Sir Curie was the first to succumb to it before he could ascend. Madam Curie, perfected the cultivation method by herself, gaining the respect of the world. 


As for the first speaker, he was an Elusive Palace cultivator, Electrum Tempest Blades, Goudsmit. But when Heisenberg set his eyes on the last, tall man, his aura slumped.


“E-eldest Senior Brother…” Heisenberg called.


He was the supreme elder of Elusive Palace, known as the Daoist Indisputable, Pauli.


Heisenberg and Pauli were the disciples of Quantum Grandmaster Sommerfeld. Sommerfeld drifted between Scorching Metal Valley and Elusive Palace before dying unexpectedly. Before he died, Sommerfeld entrusted the two disciples to Quantum Grandmaster Bohr. He had a profound cultivation but was not good at teaching. Heisenberg was given the entire legacy while Pauli only got a third.


As his title implied, Pauli was very rash, flipping out at the slightest thing. When learning in their youth, Heisenberg had gotten criticized by his Eldest Senior Brother many times. Because Heisenberg helped the Great De Dynasty in forging the cataclysmic weapon, Pauli entered Heavenly Sword Palace. The two fellow disciples thus became estranged. But in Heisenberg’s heart, Eldest Senior Brother would always be the same Eldest Senior Brother that would take him to the alchemists in the sect and fight over pills for not getting any progress in their cultivation.


Pauli gave his Junior Brother a look, his short temper gone as he placed his hand behind. The other three Great Ascension cultivators did the same.


Heisenberg said nothing, for he knew the time for talking was over.




Wang Qi flayed around in the girl’s grip, crying out for answers about the situation. The girl was no longer as chatty as before.


He knew then and there she and the four Great Ascension cultivators were on the same side. What confused him though was why the hell did he get dragged into a Great Ascension level drama.


“Hey, fairy, answer me! You’re with the four Great Ascension cultivators, right? What are those guys planning?” Wang Qi did his thing while the girl completely ignored him.


“Must be today’s system.” Zhen Chanzi’s voice echoed in Wang Qi’s mind, “That Immortal Alliance must be after all the cultivators to join them, specialized in finding Foundation Establishment and Qi Refining cultivators to get them under their control. The girl doesn’t appear suspicious. She must’ve been sent here to draw out that Daoist Heisenberg. While he was focused on her, the four Great Ascension cultivators took the chance to set up a trap.” 


A ton of new terms. Author gave them names and titles, mixing them up from time to time. I streamlined them for now. 

Daoist Proscribe, Heisenberg also known as Old Hai
Daoist Indisputable, Pauli

Five Army Purger | Heavenly Sword Palace’s Vice Palace Lord, Qian Xueshen

Laser Couple from Scorching Metal Valley, Laser Madam Marie Curie

Elusive Palace cultivator, Electrum Tempest Blades, Goudsmit

Quantum Grandmaster Sommerfeld

Quantum Grandmaster Bohr



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