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Applied Immortality – Chapter 46, Success!

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Translator: Tamon


Quantum physics went through a painstaking process to get established on Earth. The microscopic world was just so baffling, that it made even the pioneers of quantum physics doubt what they themselves had discovered. Max Plank was unable to accept his discoveries.


Upon finding the discontinuous transmission and imbalanced distribution of energy, Maxwell’s equations, hailed as a mathematical thing of beauty, collapsed. 


Celestial Hymn Odyssey, a stand-in for the ‘field’ of Maxwell’s equations, warped under the Grand Discrete Unity Treatise’s ‘discontinuous’ and ‘uneven’ aspects, destabilizing. The clash of these two spiritual powers wreaked havoc throughout Wang Qi’s meridians, almost making him groan in pain. 


Then came the deviated Evolution Chart’s spiritual power.


It was fortunate Evolution Chart had next to no restrictions, offering extensive leeway, making the whole ‘going crazy through deviation’ thing nonexistent. It allowed Wang Qi to regain control of the strand of spiritual power and keep cultivating.


With his hands full of drawing Evolution Chart’s spiritual power, Wang Qi couldn’t mediate Celestial Hymn Odyssey and Grand Discrete Unity Treatise’s explosive conflicts, further exacerbating the problem. One time he felt numb all over, while another time his spiritual power crumbled to pieces. 


When Evolution Chart’s spiritual power arrived in his Dantian, Celestial Entropy lashed out. A fire roared in his belly and spread to the rest of his body, making him feel like he was on a pyre.


The human body’s heat tolerance is between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius.


Celestial Entropy, however, had none.


It was true that cultivators could survive extreme heat, but that was with the help of spiritual power, isolating themselves from external forces. Spent of spiritual power, a cultivator’s body wasn’t that much better than the average man. No one could outlast the Celestial Entropy’s erratic heat spikes. 


Blood gathered in his mouth, but he gritted his teeth and swallowed as he pushed on with his idea.


He had to cultivate the Evolution Chart now, before all those opposite spiritual powers within grew too strong and made the process of taming them nearly impossible.


The high heat led to his magical robe catching a foul smell. His inner garments had long turned to ash. He was moments away from completing one cycle when Heavenly Light Transmutation flared.


As he finished the first cycle, its spiritual power mixed with the ones in his acupoints, which led to Grand Ripple Enigma losing control.


In the second cycle, Waveform Essence was next.


Wang Qi tasted iron in his mouth, blood leaking from his clenched lips, only to evaporate from the extreme heat. The violent ripples have lashed out around him for a while, rendering the mat beneath him to rags. Not even the stone floor was spared.


[I must push on.]


His mind was fading, but he persevered with willpower alone.


To complete a full rotation, three cycles were the bare minimum. His glorious future was on the line. He had to make it!


The spiritual power moved per the Evolution Chart’s directions, slowly but surely.


Upon making the third cycle, the most stable of his mental arts—Divine Hexagram Computation and Book of Geometry—went out of control.


Wang Qi’s spiritual power was in chaos, with every cultivation method’s spiritual power raging through him. The only reason they hadn’t robbed his life was Evolution Chart. Not that his situation was much better. Trying to cultivate now, with his cultivation methods out of whack, was next to impossible.


[I still can’t give up.]


The bleeding youth from the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth grunted. 




Zhen Chanzi sighed, “Kid, can’t you see it? You’re too engrossed in your power.” 


The old man recalled the pigheaded youth’s words. ‘Whatever happens with the world and with the people, it has nothing to do with me. I just want to live a full life.’ He was in such high spirits then.


His spirit hadn’t dwindled even now, but his ambition went through great changes.


Zhen Chanzi muttered, “Kid, you care more about this world than you realize. One day, it may very well become your weakness.”


“But this kind of nature is what turns one into a top genius in the modern system.” A heavy voice echoed in the empty Arts Archive.


Zhen Chanzi shouted, “Who’s there?”


An old man in blue came out of thin air; no, Zhen Chanzi’s great ascension-level spiritual sense noticed his movements, confirming it was no short teleportation. But he had such baffling movements that Zhen Chanzi couldn’t understand. 


The old man looked solemn, yet had a warm air around him. He chuckled, “Hilbert.”


Hilbert, the best in the Myriad Arts Sect, was known as the Uncrowned King in arithmetics.


Hardly any Myriad Arts Sect disciple knew the full extent of this man’s power. The only event that helped assess this unique expert was the 23 questions he asked centuries ago. Each one involved fundamentals from math and science, each guiding one to Unfettered! 


Wang Qi didn’t discover his arrival.


Hilbert came just as he finished the third cycle of Evolution Chart’s spiritual power, making it move through his body by its own volition. Wang Qi’s strained mind was eased by reflex, and the exhaustion in his body all surfaced at once.


“Damn it! I mustn’t… sleep!”


He needed to address the chaos of spiritual powers first. Sleeping now would mean putting his life under Evolution Chart’s automatic regulation, whether it could finish the job or not.


[Damn it…]


Wang Qi gnashed his teeth, squeezing the last vestige of consciousness.


Hilbert intervened by placing his right hand on Wang Qi’s nape, sending a minute thread of spiritual power.


A miracle happened.


Wang Qi’s Evolution Chart’s spiritual power sped up, making ten cycles in moments. With each passing revolution, the Evolution Chart adjusted more and more to Wang Qi’s condition.


As a consequence, the erratic mental arts grew even more chaotic. This, in turn, ended up breaking the many clashing spiritual powers. Under the others’ interference, the scattered spiritual powers canceled each other out. Wang Qi’s body had once again reached a balance.


Hilbert had used math to push the Evolution Chart to evolve and counter the many spiritual powers within Wang Qi.


After the ten revolutions, Evolution Chart found everything calm and halted before rushing into both hands. Seconds later, a strong spiritual power shot out of Wang Qi’s hands.


Evolution Chart’s second level!


With Hilbert’s help, the Evolution Chart advanced without Wang Qi even planning for it.



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