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Applied Immortality – Chapter 47, Origin

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Hilbert withdrew his hand with a smile.


His quirkiness lay in relishing teaching others. He didn’t have the most disciples in the Immortal Alliance, though by no means few. He cared about people the most, even helping Supreme Lord Einstein with calculations when the latter was stuck on his path by mobilizing the Myriad Arts Sect cultivators with his authority.


It was his habit that made him relish this child’s advancement in the Evolution Chart.


The second stage of the Evolution Chart borrowed much more spiritual energy from the breath of the world. It meant its spiritual power was growing swiftly. Hilbert allowed the many mental arts to clash, for this was how the spiritual powers canceled each other out. This mutual annihilation led to their integration into the Evolution Chart. 


Throughout the process, Evolution Chart deviated more times than one could count, but as leeway was the defining trait of this special cultivation method, it got back on the right track all by itself. It even led to bringing about a new evolution.


Hilbert nodded with contentment. He took out a piece of paper and left Wang Qi a message. His excessive love for teaching even placed a piece of magical art on the paper to avoid being blown away.


Zhen Chanzi said, “Why do you help him?”


Hilbert noticed him from the start, making hiding in his ring pointless.


Hilbert rubbed his chin. “The child matches what I hope to see. Heh, I was wondering why I have such a good impression of him. It’s because he’s the kid Jingyun mentioned.” 


“Are all modern cultivators so quirky?” 


Hilbert ignored Zhen Chanzi’s remark, sizing Wang Qi. “That said, Waveform Essence and Grand Ripple Enigma can actually be trained.” 


Zhen Chanzi gasped, “You’re handing out impossible cultivation methods?!”


The other waved his hand and said, “Uh, no, Broglie and Schrödinger were in the Eminence realm when creating these cultivation methods, yet humanity has yet to train them to completion—though their theories are solid.” 


Zhen Chanzi shuddered. “Is the kid’s talent for modern cultivation that incredible?”


“His comprehension is staggering, with so much knowledge beyond anyone in his age group, and most importantly, he has an excellent thinking process.”


Zhen Chanzi was incredulous. Wang Qi had a high talent for ancient cultivation, meaning he was suited for modern systems as well, but to have an Unfettered have such a high evaluation of him was something else.


“Even before the Golden Core realm, the child can crush other cultivators of the same realm with his ‘waveforms.’ As for achieving excellence in Primordial Spirit, he’ll have to work on his arithmetics.” Hilbert walked away. “I happened to pass by, so I’ll be leaving now. Tell the kid to try and limit these dangerous activities to only in the presence of a teacher.” 


Hilbert vanished the next second, using the same baffling movement that Zhen Chanzi couldn’t comprehend. 


Wang Qi felt he slept for ages. Warmth and coziness surrounded him, like he was in a bath. Before he woke up, he was feeling so nice.


The severe chaos the cultivation methods unleashed within him left his body in tatters. After Evolution Chart took charge of the spiritual powers, it finally worked as intended, helping the user and healing his body.


By the time he woke up, he noticed his entire body feeling sore and tingling. 


Wang Qi gasped, checking inside and was left speechless.


Spiritual power flowed like a river, linking the top of his head and his palms as it formed a winding path. [Evolution Chart’s 2nd stage! And it’s so damn peaceful too!] Celestial Hymn Odyssey formed electromagnetic fields around his meridians, while Grand Discrete Unity Treatise’s spiritual power clouded the inside, each traveling their own way without conflict. Solar Flare and Celestial Hymn Odyssey converged, while Heavenly Light Transmutation’s mote-shaped spiritual power followed Celestial Hymn Odyssey in curling up in his Dantian. Grand Ripple Enigma’s waves seeped into his bones.


This arrangement didn’t exist for merely coexistence; it was there to stay even as Wang Qi used any specific spiritual power!


[This is unscientific! Evolution Chart evolving by itself? I know I fainted!]


Wang Qi opened his eyes in confusion. “Old man, what’s the time? What happened?”


“You’ve been out for the entire night. You’ve understimated the dangers of cultivation, again. However, someone saved you.” Zhen Chanzi recounted the events of last night.


Wang Qi got the gist of it, and the wide devastation he caused made him jump. The shock was brief, ignoring the damage and focusing on the note.


Reaching out for it, the magical art on it popped like a bubble and read:


“Using the Evolution Chart to unify the many mental arts and making use of a variety of mental arts to adhere to the theory of all things is a stroke of genius, despite incomplete. The books on arithmetics on the 7th and 9th rows of the 7th bookshelf in the ‘I’ department of the library will prove useful for refreshing your math; titles attached below. Furthermore, the Spiritual Energy’s Nature Theory class will start in July at the Immortal Institute. It will prove of great use to you the sooner you grasp it.”


Wang Qi praised, “It’s no wonder he’s the peak of the Immortal Alliance. He saw through me with a glance.”


Zhen Chanzi asked, “An Unfettered’s advice will be of great help to you.”


Wang Qi nodded. “Yeah, I’ll have to check those books out.”


Wang Qi pushed through the splitting headache and struggled to his feet.


He came out of the Arts Archive and went straight to the dorm. The only thing on him right now was the robe alone, with the rest being burned from Celestial Entropy’s rage. He needed to change. Yesterday’s imitation of following tradition was taken as an anecdote, but repeating the performance today would go around as having particular preferences.


“I’m not one to enjoy the lessons of foolish women!” Wang Qi said as he looked around on his way to the dorm.


The burnt skin and hair smelled awful on him. He washed himself, and only then did he find his wounds scabbing over. The burnt hair was a lost cause, so Wang Qi used his hands as knives to cut it down to size.


Wang Qi rubbed his chin as he stared in the mirror. “The hairdo brings me back. But why does it feel off?”


He’d always kept his hair short in his past life, while following the Nine Provinces’ custom in this one to grow it long and in a bun.


Zhen Chanzi said, “The way you cut it looked like a sword cultivator.”


“Waves can be activated and canceled on a whim. Hilbert was right; I can tell the standard-issue magic items of the Immortal Institute can’t handle my strength, to say nothing of my peers.” Wang Qi said as he glanced at the spirit clock in his room.


He still had time before the first class. [Should I check the library?]




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