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Applied Immortality – Chapter 48, Now That’s Altruism!

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Translator: Tamon


After turning the idea over in his head, he changed his mind about going to the library. 


It wasn’t long before classes, and certainly not enough time to read theoretical books, but most importantly, he was starving. Last night, his body underwent heavy strain from working to mend his cultivation method problem. He needed energy to get it back to normal. 


In new clothes, he bound for the canteen and had his fill.


Just as he stepped out, he felt a raging energy startle him.


Wang Qi looked over to see Mao Zimiao and Du Bin at a standstill.


“Moggies and dingos never get along in any universe.” Wang Qi dissed on his way over.


Mao Zimiao’s tail stood straight, taking a low stance, and filled with anger. Wang Qi was amazed to find spiritual power in her.


She passed Reaching Heaven with the Evolution Chart.


Wang Qi noticed a youth with white hair and sheep horns curled up and shivering behind her. Glancing back at Du Bin, his focus had always been on cleaning the stain on his chest. Wang Qi was quick to assess the situation.


The sheep demonborn must’ve stumbled into Du Bin, and the latter appeared to mind it a great deal. Adding to the fact that he disdained demonborn, he had to have demanded the impossible from the youth on the ground, setting the stage for the righteous and upright catgirl to step in and save the day.




Wang Qi took a closer look at the youth behind Mao Zimiao. “Is that what Doberman’s into? He’s quite dainty.”


Zhen Chanzi mocked, “Why does your mind keep taking that route?”


“Hurting people is banned at the Immortal Institute. Doberman can’t beat him to death, and since he’s not wearing some magic item, a cultivator would have no issue compensating for such a mistake. It makes me wonder, just what absurd demand did Doberman have?”


“I have no comment…”


“You’re saying he’s a twink, so what gives him the nerve to despise different people?”


“Why the sudden interest? Do you admit you like demonborn?”


The quarrel drew a crowd, and Wang Qi elbowed a guy. “Hey, what’s going on here?” 


It was pretty much what Wang Qi imagined. The only exception was Du Bin not demanding anything, instead he intimated the other with his attitude and power—something totally permissible in the Immortal Institute, where only physical harm was banned. The youth still in the Nurturer realm had no chance against a Qi Refining cultivator’s pressure, scared out of his mind. 


As a fellow demonborn, Mao Zimiao couldn’t let this stand, defending the youth.


Du Bin sneered, “Demonborn, are you sure you want to stop me from teaching that savage a lesson?”


Mao Zimiao huffed, “You’re taking it too far! Yang Xi apologized!”


“Ha-ha, do demonborns believe a mere apology is enough?” Du Bin didn’t back down, taking out a standard-issue Immortal Institute longsword and taking a fighting stance.


Mao Zimiao lowered hers, her legs coiled, and ready to act.


Wang Qi sent Zhen Chanzi, “Hey, I get this place can have all kinds of people, but has Doberman lost it? Picking a fight with words won’t get his merits deducted, but won’t his actions draw Immortal Institute’s faculty’s ire?” 


Zhen Chanzi was grave. “You were right to keep your distance from him. He never planned on joining the Immortal Alliance. He’s doing this on purpose.”




“You said it yourself: forming groups and being opportunistic given the modern cultivator’s temperament will likely incur disdain in others. Then there’s this seemingly senseless provocation… Adding to this the Cobalt Moon Revolution he practices, it all becomes clear.” 


Wang Qi asked, “What does?”


“Just think about it; the ancient cultivation had its own advantage, ha-ha-ha!”


“Get to the point!”


“Talent!” Zhen Chanzi said, “The modern system doesn’t use props. With a deep understanding of Dao, their access to the breath of the world increases, as does their power. On the other hand, their only limit is their insight. The ancient system, on the other hand, was based on talent and resources. Wealth, connections, arts, and locations are paramount to ancient cultivators. Let me put it this way: with enough resources, even a pig can become a demon immortal.” 


Wang Qi scratched his head. “Why do I get the feeling modern cultivation is easier?”


His tone was prideful.


Zhen Chanzi snapped, “If you want to brag about your talent, then say so! Not everyone’s a genius like you! The way I see it, the odds of a modern Golden Core reaching Primordial Spirit are lower than those of an ancient Golden Core attaining Nascent Soul.”


Wang Qi frowned. “But once you pass Reaching Heaven, all you need is time to grow from Qi Refining to the Golden Core realm.”


“Not everyone has the courage to bet on their supposed genius. On the contrary, ancient cultivators have great willpower. Reaching Great Ascension with resources alone is easy, now more than anything.”


“Now?” Wang Qi paused. “Supply and demand affect prices! The modern system doesn’t need resources, making it easier to get them.”


“Exactly, but the Immortal Alliance won’t allow a Great Ascension to survive, even one under the guise of modern cultivation that can borrow the breath of the world.” Zhen Chanzi grinned. “Now that I think about it, the rule stating that all clan children and descendants of cultivators have to gather in branches or at the core of the Immortal Alliance must be in place for another reason.” 


“Old man, do you still want a body?”


Zhen Chanzi said, “They didn’t seize the ring either thinking you and me will see the faults in the ancient cultivation and join the modern system, or believing by the time you have the means to remake my body, you’d already attached to the modern system and would alienate an ancient cultivator like me. This has to be why they brought disciples like Du Bin together. These people have Great Ascension ancient legacies and can become a threat with resources alone. It was better to just take them in and teach them.” 


Wang Qi nodded. “So that’s why. One way for the invested interests to crush their opposition is by assimilating them, even more so when their conflict isn’t resource-based.”


“There you go again with your weird words.”


Wang Qi went on: “Du Bin is nothing more than a troublemaker right now. Since he can’t take the modern path, he’s making sure no one else can either. If my guess is right, he’s only picking on rogue cultivator geniuses without backing. He may be some clan’s disciple, but considering his clan’s power, he has no reason to fear rogue cultivators with uncertain Primordial Spirit prospects. As a disciple of a powerful clan, he plans on being friendly with them, tarnishing their name, and then undermining their resolve.” 


“There’s nothing wrong with what you’ve said, but why do I feel like you’re cursing? Do you take him for garbage?”


Wang Qi smiled. “Nuh-uh, I’m starting to like ’em.”




“I just went through an upgrade, and he delivers himself before me so I can feel the improvement.” Wang Qi beamed. “How thoughtful is that?”



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