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Applied Immortality – Chapter 50, Not Even My Dad Chopped at Me!

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Translator: Tamon


Waves were a hard concept to grasp for most people. Cultivators of Grand Ripple Enigma were almost guaranteed to be in the Golden Core realm, as well as having deep knowledge of wave-particle duality. In Wang Qi’s case, he had waves down pat as early as his first life.


Waves were known as matter waves or Broglie waves on Earth. Based on his knowledge of wave-particle duality and special relativity, physicist Louis Victor de Broglie declared: “Every macroscopic particle has an individual frequency or wavelength corresponding to its energy. Wave-particle duality applies to the macroscopic realm just as well.” 


Wang Qi’s waves were essentially physical. This made them a perfect substitute for a blade due to their sharpness being infinitesimally close to the ideal sharpness on Earth, for it was impossible to make an even thinner blade. 


Coupled with spiritual power, the sharp waves were even better than a sword cultivator’s sword energy, going through steel like butter without even trying. This was the power behind Unfettered Broglie’s hand chop that cut the Golden Sword Demon King.


Wang Qi had focused his waves on his shoulders when he butted in, clashing hard with Du Bin’s flying sword. Their nigh-impossible sharpness pierced the weapon and broke the seal inside. A broken seal made Du Bin’s attempt to summon it fall short.


Wang Qi capitalized on this chance to mock him. “Little Du, are you having trouble recalling a flying sword you refined?” 


Recalling one’s refined magic items couldn’t be more basic, making it obvious that Wang Qi’s remark was to humiliate him. Du Binn, a clan disciple, was outraged. He huffed and shot more spiritual power at the flying sword. 


The blade clattered before flying, at long last, on its way back to its master.


Wang Qi wasn’t about to leave it at that, making his move just as it passed over him.


Du Bin felt the flying sword break out of his control and shot for Wang Qi. 


Mao Zimiao cried, “Look out!” In the sudden, dangerous situation, the audience froze. No one expected Du Bin to go as far as breaking the Immortal Alliance’s rule of banned killing.


Under the many panicked eyes, Wang Qi sported a carefree smile, for the flying sword was under his complete control.


Waves weren’t the only things that pierced the flying sword, containing a trace of Celestial Hymn Odyssey’s electromagnetic energy.


The magnetized flying sword adhered to the electromagnetic field he established within his body. With Du Bin having lost control of the flying sword, manipulating it for his own plans couldn’t be easier.


Wang Qi yawned at Mao Zimiao’s worry. “That’s a kitty for you; they sound adorable even when they yell.” Then he chopped behind with his hand without even looking. 


The flying sword got snapped in two.


Wang Qi started at his power. The attack was casual, though it contained Grand Ripple Enigma’s martial art, Formless Random Hand, which doubled the waves’ power. Not to mention his attack had precise calculations behind it, with the two wave attacks striking the same point.


Due to the link he had with the magic item, Du Bin paled on the spot, suffering recoiled at its destruction.


If Wang Qi put on the airs of an expert, Du Bin would think he had met his match, but Wang Qi didn’t want that.


Wang Qi was quick to put on a look of dismay, pointing a shaky finger at Du Bin. “Y-you actually chopped at me?!”


Zhen Chanzi snickered in his mind, “Cut the act. It’s not like you’re some inseparable Daoist twinks.” 


“You don’t get it, old man. This is the best way to piss him off.”


Wang Qi showed endless resentment as he spoke a practiced line in a drama: “Not even my dad chopped at me!”


The crowd went wild.


Du Bin’s face took on an abnormal shade of red, spatting, “Wang, s-stop with your empty accusations!”


Wang Qi sneered, “Empty? You say I wasn’t attacked just now?”


Du Bin roared, “You must’ve done something. Use magical art to take control of my flying sword and attack yourself with it! You could be wielding a magnetic magical art for all I know!”


Wang Qi went grave. “Stop bickering over empty accusations!”


Du Bin shuddered. [You’re the one making them!]


He felt heat coming from the front and found Wang Qi had unleashed his spiritual power.


The intense heat got everyone’s hair to stand on end and forced Mao Zimiao back.


“Are you blind? Yours truly’s cultivation method is Celestial Entropy! You tell me if it can control others’ magic items.”


Wang Qi’s justification had the audience fired up with their comments. In the back of the Arts Archive, except for the easy-to-learn but hard-to-master Evolution Chart, all the rest were blocked behind math problems. Most of the disciples couldn’t even understand the problems, let alone solve them.


“Senior Brother Wang has been hard at work solving this problem ever since he joined the institute.” 


“It has to be. What an incredible arithmetic genius!”


“With how fast he practiced Searing Heaven Manor’s cultivation method, he may actually become their true disciple this year!”


“Don’t be so sure. I heard Myriad Arts Sect is also accepting cultivators of Celestial Entropy as true disciples.”


“Yeah, with such an incredible talent in math, he should be joining the Myriad Arts Sect.”


“But to train in such a cultivation method…’


Du Bin’s face went white as paper as he overheard. Wang Qi had no time to train on anything else, not when he had his hands full with Celestial Entropy, a truly incredible and difficult cultivation method. But he felt clearly how his sword acted out due to someone’s interference, just that it couldn’t Wang Qi. 


Wang Qi peeked from the corner of his eyes, sneering inside. [Telling them I know ten more just as amazing arts will probably knock ’em dead.]


Once his self-centered episode passed, he pulled Mao Zimiao away and said, “I’m telling a teacher. Vouch for me, A’Zimiao!”



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