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Applied Immortality – Chapter 56, Five Best’s Comical Masterpiece

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Translator: Tamon


As he crossed out many scenarios, Xiang Qi facepalmed, “I totally forgot! You’re still just an Immortal Institute freshman!”


An Immortal Institute freshman was a special case. Before the Immortal Alliance’s admission trial, the freshmen belonged to no specific sect, though they were part of the Immortal Alliance for entering the Immortal Institute. They also had fairly high talent and potential. Before they got a sect’s support, the Immortal Alliance provided the very best conditions to cultivate. 


In short, the Immortal Institute’s disciples had privileges, courtesy of the Immortal Alliance. And nothing topped the ‘merit offering’ tasks they get to take.


For example, starting in June, the Immortal Institute would hold a practice every month, with the top ten rewarded with one merit each. In the case of the end-of-year competition, the top one hundred would receive a merit. while the top ten would earn ten.


Wang Qi knew that, but the cheapest book on his list, Calculator Mind Theory, had a price of 15 merits. He could take first place in every practice, and it would still take him half a year to earn enough to buy that one book.


Xiang Qi shook her head. “Actually, there are some special trials for merits geared for Immortal Institute disciples in particular.”


Wang Qi gasped, “Why didn’t I hear of this?”


Xiang Qi sighed. “You didn’t listen to the lectures, because this was definitely included in the classes!” 


Wang Qi scratched his head with a shy smile. “The lessons are just too easy. Staying awake is the hard part.” 


Xiang Qi snapped, “That’s your excuse?”


Wang Qi smiled. “Please, Senior Sister, enlighten me as to what these trials might entail.”


Xiang Qi went straight to the point: “The trial has two parts: a test of combat and a test of exploration.”


“Combat is fairly easy and can happen in two ways. The most common is besting a same-stage demon before a supervisor. As I recall, there are sixty or so demons selected for this test, all of which have specific attack styles. In other words, you can go through this test sixty times and earn a merit for each. The other is seeking a Foundation Establishment or above cultivator to lead a team and survive in a test area for a day. The Foundation Establishment leader won’t interfere unless there is mortal danger. Passing the test earns you merit. Killing or defeating demons within the test gets you extra. It is the fastest way to earn them.


“Exploration has many more types, but it all revolves around sorting, summarizing, and computing an Eminence’s research data. Other than that, some tasks need you to investigate a target area.”


Wang Qi asked, “With Immortal Alliance’s emphasis on Dao, exploration tests should net more merits, right?” 


Xiang Qi replied, “Sometimes. In theory, exploration tests might seem faster, but not everyone could go at that speed.” 


“What do you mean?”


“Aside from these tests being most dull and insipid with collecting and handling data, they require high arithmetics. Any error would get you nothing. Investigating areas might seem better, but it isn’t without stress. You have to be sure what you’ve collected is right. Most freshmen lack the requirements and mentality to do this, which is why fighting demons is better. It doesn’t get more straightforward than that.”


Wang Qi sank into thought. He could fight if need be, but demons were stronger than humans. Human cultivators needed martial or magic arts to have any chance of beating a demon. He trained in quite a few top mental arts, but he’d need a few months of testing and trying them out before he could figure out his advantages. That left the only way to earn merits fast was to do exploration tests.


Xiang Qi raised an eyebrow at his attitude and asked, “Are you in that much of a rush?” 


Wang Qi nodded. “Every man is.”


“Why do I get the feeling you’re talking about something else?” Xiang Qi shook her head. “Since you’re settled on this kind of trial, go ask Su Junyu.” (Tamon: Wang Qi jokes about how every man is in a rush to get into a girl’s pants.)


Wang Qi gapped. “The comedian?”


Xiang Qi, “Aren’t you friends?”


Wang Qi nodded. “That’s exactly why I’m so shocked. I just can’t believe that guy stuck in the storeroom all day has a part-time job! On top of that, he’s filthy rich! This is so lame—a rich guy getting a job just so he could land a poor girl.”


Xiang Qi held her head and asked, “Just what are you taking five best’s true disciples for?”


Wang Qi scratched his head. “With so many of them, you’re saying there won’t be a weirdo popping up among them?”


“I have to admit Moneybags is very… ‘comical,’ is that the right word?” Xiang Qi explained, “But that’s not all he is.” 


“And yet a comedian he is still.”


“That’s beside the point. He is a true disciple of the Myriad Arts Sect in the truest sense. His conduct, position, and all of it were earned through bitter struggle over the years.” Xiang Qi turned grave. “Don’t underestimate the five best’s true disciples. Do you know how many exploration trials he took back in his days at the Immortal Institute?” 


Wang Qi had a look of disdain. “Senior Sister, your boasting attempt is showing.”


“Ahem.” Xiang Qi looked away. “That’s not the point.”


“So how many did he do?”


“I’m not sure either…”




“But he had plenty of merits for a long time after graduation. Not once did he shy away from using merits to buy things at the Immortal Institute. It’s how his fellow students got to call him Moneybags.” 


Wang Qi paused. “You can get everything with merits, after all. Even a blowup doll?”


[It’s not easy to be a moldy, die-hard shut-in!]


Jokes aside, while Wang Qi found Su Junyu’s personality questionable, he believed in his skills. Just look how good he’s at counting while playing cards. [No normal peson can do that!]


At noon on the second day, Wang Qi looked for Su Junyu.


Su Junyu looked stunned. “Lacking merits or something?”


Wang Qi explained himself, and after a few back and forths, Su Junyu believed Hilbert had given him help. The Myriad Arts Sect’s true disciple’s eyes shifted.


He placed a friendly hand on Wang Qi’s shoulder and said, “Brother…”


Wang Qi knew his character all too well and took out Hilbert’s note, “You want it?”


Senior nodded so fast he left afterimages, “Senior Hilbert’s writing! Arbiter of Arithmetics!”


“Sure. When I have enough merits to borrow the books on this note, it’ll be yours—on the condition you help me.”


Su Junyu nodded. “Deal.”


He then turned grave, saying, “Let’s immortalize my new addition to my collection first.”


Wang Qi whined, “What do you mean, ‘my?’ It stays with me until we’re done with my problem.” 


“It’s only a matter of time.” Su Junyu was beyond grave. “Since you want to go for freshman trials to swim in merits, let me come up with the best plan of action. You have three days to bring me three other Qi Refining freshmen.”



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