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Applied Immortality – Chapter 58, Inside Headquarters

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Translator: Tamon


No matter how you sliced it, this was no exploration trial team material Wang Qi pulled together. Mao Zimiao and Wu Shiqin looked like troublemakers even before they employed their special talents for customer service. They were better off joining combat trials.


Then Su Junyu’s eyes landed on Wu Fan. The kid had such frail spiritual power and was so thin that a breeze might blow him over. Not even as a Foundation Establishment cultivator watching over was he confident of saving the kid if they were to go for a survival test.


Su Junyu asked at long last, “Do all of you know what Wang Qi needs you for?”


“Nope, nya. Little Qi needs help, and that’s why I’m here, Nya.”


[Believe in the Radiant Divinity Pavilion, believe in Dao, believe in… Shit, I’m already doubting a demon’s intellect! Don’t tell me they are good at something that no human is! Demonborn girl, you have no clue this guy’s using you to earn money!]


“Trials; that’s going to be fun.”


[Screw your fun! Your attitude shows you have not the slightest inclination for tactics or plans! You missed the trial’s meaning completely!] 


“My parents are rogue cultivators and have meager talent when compared to you. I was fortunate to enter the Immortal Institute, and it’s already been a struggle just keeping up with all of you. It is truly great to have the opportunity to earn merits. I can’t speak for Foundation Establishment Senior Brother, but I can’t pass it up.”


Su Junyu was surprised to find Wu Fan’s reply to be the most normal of this wacky ensemble. He sized the scrawny kid once more, confirming there was no illusion at work here, messing with his senses. 


With the whole team agreeing, Su Junyu brought them to report their actions. The missed theory classes would be made up for after the trial by a Foundation Establishment teacher. But with how few assistant teachers were around, the Immortal Institute allowed a minimum of four people per team when conducting trials.


After finishing the procedure, Su Junyu brought them to Argent Mountain peak.


Detouring the three statues of Heavenly Sword Palace leaders, the team saw the Immortal Alliance’s headquarters in the distance.


Different from what Wang Qi imagined, the Immortal Alliance headquarters was no palace dripping with opulence—it didn’t even glitter. The headquarters was just one building, as wide as it was tall, looking like a short pagoda from a distance. But as they approached, the headquarters’ particular details came into view.


The building had dozens of floors, each thirty meters tall, and despite the plain bricks and tiles, the overall image was majestic. 


Mao Zimiao noticed Wang Qi ruminating the place; she asked, “Little Qi, is this your first time here, nya?”


Wang Qi nodded. “Yeah, I’m still getting over the idea of expecting a golden palace filled with riches, down to having a golden chamber pot.”


“Is the chamber pot golden from the metal or the contents?” Su Junyu shook his head. “That style comes from an upstart. But speaking of metallic, there are some forward-thinking cultivators who like such a style. Most of Leyan branch’s buildings are metallic in nature. Its Zenan prefecture has the same style.”


Wang Qi’s interest was piqued. Su Junyu’s description of the Leyan branch was similar to the building back on Earth, giving him a familiar feeling.


Wu Fan’s ragged voice came, “People, wait… for… me. I need a break.”


Looking back, the folks found Wu Fan dozens of meters behind. Mao Zimiao had passed Reaching Heaven a few days earlier than Wu Fan, but that short time proved enough to gain many times over Wu Fan’s spiritual power. Adding to that a demonborn’s physique advantage over humans, she had no trouble keeping up with the rest.


Demons and demonborns’s bodies, spiritual power, and skills placed them above humans in the same realm. But this advantage tappered off the longer humans cultivated and refined their magical arts. In regards to modern cultivation, the advantage was most obvious in the Qi Refining realm. Even the mighty dragons with their Golden Core bodies could only contend with Golden Core cultivators. Once a modern cultivator entered Primordial Spirit, the guy could sweep all his peers.


In Wu Fan’s wretched state, one thing came to Su Junyu’s mind: [Ops.] and he used a movement art on him.


It came casually to Su Junyu but proved a divine boon for Wu Fan to keep up with the team.


As they reached the top, Su Junyu paused and whipped around, rushing in another direction. At his juniors’ looks, Su Junyu explained, “Do you see the top floor of the headquarters?”


Wang Qi and co. craned their necks to find the top floor wasn’t made of brick and tiles but rather had another building on top.


“Unsanctioned rooms?” Wang Qi’s smile fell. “Does the Immortal Alliance get short on space as well?”


Senior shook his head. “That is the main hall where the leader and Unfettered conduct their affairs, as well as the back palace where the guarding Unfettered lives. Between the main hall and back palace lies the Reaching Heaven Palace, where the many revered seniors are commemorated. The main entrance leads straight to the main hall. But to show respect, we usually take the side entrance.”


Entering the headquarters building from the side, Wang Qi’s breathing tensed, like he had crossed over once more.


Immortal Alliance headquarters’ ground floor was a lobby for common affairs. The decor here was consistent with Divine Province’s aesthetics, having alabaster floors, walls in dark tones, and an intricately and beautifully carved ceiling. In the center of the lobby was a circular counter with personnel handling the many awaiting cultivators’ tasks. Seeing only this, one would think it was a typical immortal fantasy, but the lobby’s surroundings ruined the image.


The entire hall was surrounded by translucent light screens with countless words on them that changed every now and then. Between the light screens, cultivators walked through. Most of them were pointing at the screens, with some grabbing a ball of light from the screens and bringing it towards the counter in the center.


[This is too damn similar to cyberspace! Next thing I know, the Divine Province has already found a way to send consciousness into a virtual space! But the magical art to do that has to be a true immortal skill, at the very least! How the hell is it used for something as mundane as pushing papers?] 



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