Martial Family

Martial Family – Chapter 3, Home

Author: Silavin

Shi Yan went back to Shi Yin. Her breathing was noticeably weaker than before. Her life would be at stake if she continues to bleed. Without hesitation, Shi Yan removed his shirt and placed it on the floor, before smashing the Ironheart Roots on top of it.


The Ironheart Roots was pounded till it became mush-like. Shi Yan took his shirt and tried to feed the mush to the unconscious Shi Yin.

I need water but I don’t know where’s the nearest well… Shi Yin might not survive if I don’t stop her bleeding now.


Left with no choice, Shi Yan took some of the mush with his fingers and pushed it down Shi Yin’s throat. He fed her a small pinch each time, afraid of choking her.


An hour passed and the bleeding stopped. Half of the mush had been used up. Shi Yin’s breathing gradually became smoother.


Shi Yan stopped feeding her. He placed the bandage on the floor and similarly pounded some of the Greenvein Grass to mush. This time, he wrapped the bandage around Shi Yin. The remaining Ironheart Roots and Greenvein Grass were wrapped up with bandages, creating a small bundle.


I think that will do it. We’ll wake up tomorrow morning and head to the forest. Madam Cheng will not let me off so easily; the city guards and her servants will be looking out for me. It’d be best if we could leave before sunrise…


~Before sunrise


“What?” My face was moistened by a soft touch. I opened my eyes to find Shi Yin slowly licking my face. Her eyes were brighter than before, but filled with worry. Silly girl, you should worry more about yourself.


Shi Yan sat up and looked at her, caressing her small face “Do you feel any better?”


“Eyah!” Shi Yin cried in an adorable high-pitched voice, trying to reassure Shi Yan. She climbs onto Shi Yan’s chest, cuddling in his embrace.


Shi Yan carries her, worried that she might strain herself while moving. “ We going to head to the forest now while its still dark. We are going back to my home.”


“Eeeyah!” the fox sounded off in excitement.


Crawling out of the hole with Shi Yin in his arms, Shi Yan looked around to see if the coast is clear. Relying on the direction of the setting moon, Shi Yan heads west, towards the forest. While he was moving about, he could clearly see a few flickering light sources.


It seems that Madam Cheng has already alerted the authorities. This might be a little troublesome…


At this odd hour of the day, most people would still be asleep. Any unusual sound would tip the guards off. Knowing this, Shi Yan used his surroundings to his advantage; casually throwing sticks or rocks to the other direction he was heading when there were guards in front of him.


As the sky slowly brightened with a tint of orange, the covering darkness faded away. Shi Yan was becoming easier to spot. Lucky for him, most guards were changing shift, allowing openings for him to charge through.


By the time the sun fully rose, Shi Yan was already at the edge of the forest.


People do not normally roam about in the forest. This was due to the presence of demonic beasts. In the eye of the forest lies stronger demonic beasts. Meanwhile, at the very edge of the forest, no demonic beast would appear. However, the risk of one appearing would deter any sane man from entering. It is said that even the weakest of demonic beast could easily kill an adult in seconds.


However, there were rumours of humans being able to kill off those demonic beasts. These humans were said to live over a hundred years, being able to move mountains with a single arm and rock the ocean with a roar.


Naturally, Shi Yan does not believe in these rumors. Although he grew up in the forest, he has never encountered any tremors or shockwaves that were caused by these humans.


The forest was as tranquil as always. Shi Yan was heading to a nearby river. If he walked upstream, he would reach a 30m tall waterfall. Behind this waterfall was his home.


Shi Yan whispered softly to the fox in his arms. “Shi Yin. I’m going to wash your wounds. It might hurt a bit but please bear with it.”


“Eyyah!” Shi Yin cried, looking straight into Shi Yan’s eyes, trying to ease his worries.


Seeing this cute act of confidence makes Shi Yan desire to cuddle with her sky rocket. However, he restrains himself due to fear of injuring her. Instead, he gave a peck on her forehead.


At the side of the river, Shi Yan begins to unbandage Shi Yin. The medicine was extremely effective. Although a deep cut could still be seen, the cut was already patching up. The bruises on her body has already disappeared.


Feeling a sense of freedom after the bandage was taken out, Shi Yin immediately walked to the river; trying to take a bath. Shi Yan saw her eagerness and starts to undress, leaving only his pants on.


After the bath, Shi Yan dries off Shi Yin with some of the spare bandages and reapplies the Greenvein Grass. However, when he tried to re-bandage her, Shi Yin sternly refused. She even tried to struggle free from his grasp. Helpless, Shi Yan could only give up.


Shi Yan lets out a sign. This girl really hates confinement… Is it because I always leave her in the room alone while we were in the orphanage?


“Okay… I get it. You don’t want to put it on. But, I cannot allow you to move as you like. We cannot risk opening up your wounds.”


Although what I said was a lie due to effects of the Ironheart Root, I really do not want her to strain herself. She is my only family left. I cannot bear letting her get injured.


Hearing Shi Yan’s words, Shi Yin was beaming with joy. “Eya!” She let out a sound of acceptance as she jumped into Shi Yan’s bosom, hoping that he would carry her.


What a spoiled girl. I really pampered her too much…


Even with his thoughts, Shi Yan was not willing to let Shi Yin move about. He embraces Shi Yin, placing her in a comfortable position before heading upstream towards the waterfall.

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