Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 15, Magic Circle

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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“W-What?” Everyone blanked out for a moment. They were expecting Xia Yan would require some precious medicinal herbs or something like ginseng or caterpillar fungus. Yet, they never expected him to ask for an unusual thing like mammoth tusk.


“Ivory does have medicinal value, but it’s impossible to treat Old Liu’s illness with it!” Doctor Wang jumped in to comment again.


Liu Shan also creased his brows as the thing that Xia Yan had demanded exceeded his expectations too. He said tactfully, “Xia Yan, can you tell us how you’re planning to use the mammoth tusks to cure my father?”


“Mr. Liu, are you doubting me?” Xia Yan half-smiled at him.


“Even a doctor has to first explain the patient’s treatment method to the kin, right? There’s nothing wrong with great uncle asking this. Who said that we doubt you? Perhaps you aren’t letting anyone inquire about it since you lack confidence?” Dong Quan grabbed the chance to call Xia Yan into question.


Liu Shan remained silent, expressing that he too approved of Dong Quan’s conjecture.


“Hmm. How about I use scientific language to explain it? Mammoth tusks possess a special kind of magnetic field that can influence the patient’s biomagnetic field. This should be enough for a rough description. Of course, you can consider it as something I have cooked up. I only have this to say. The choice to believe lies with you. If you wish for me to cure him, I shall do so. If not, I shall leave immediately.” Xia Yan sneered.


The members of the Liu family felt dreary. They felt like he was clearly talking rubbish and also kept mentioning he would leave whenever something happened. As the old adage went – an unselfish man feared nothing – he wasn’t here to beseech the Liu family, it was them who had looked for him. He had nothing stopping him from leaving just like he said as he lost nothing if he did.


But the Liu family couldn’t handle the loss. Doctor Wang had already declared that modern medicine was impotent regarding Elder Liu’s situation, so they had to clutch onto the straw that was Xia Yan!


“All right. It’s not like purchasing mammoth tusks is illegal. I’ll send someone to get the best one!” Liu Shan made a firm decision quickly and turned aside, “Lil’ Quan, go purchase mammoth tusks!”


Obviously, the Liu family wouldn’t have batted an eye even if it were illegal.


“Got it, Great Uncle!” Dong Quan answered instantly and made a call as he made his way out.


Liu Shan simply sent him out to do something as he had noticed Dong Quan felt disgruntled towards Xia Yan and feared he would offend him.


“What else do you need?” Liu Shan inquired Xia Yan.


“Only the mammoth tusks are needed for the treatment.” Xia Yan displayed a harmless smile, “But we have yet to discuss my reward.”


“There’s no need for that. As long as you can cure my father, the reward will absolutely satisfy you!” Liu Shan stated. He felt very distressed. [This kid really lacks social awareness. You think the Liu family lacks money?]


Xia Yan also sweated buckets. [How come this Liu Shan’s behavior is so different from his old man’s?] One hadn’t even left ¥10K behind and seized it back while the other’s attitude seemed like he would give Xia Yan a blank check and tell him to fill in the amount. The difference in their styles was so vast that he felt at a loss about what to do.


“Mr. Liu, I obviously want the money, but I hope you can also procure some other things for me.” Xia Yan stated.


“As long as you can cure my father, the Liu family can even procure firearms if you require them.” Liu Shan replied.


“There’s no need for that!” Xia Yan’s back drenched in sweat. [The world of wealthy folks is really awful.]


It wasn’t possible to purchase new ivory since that was illegal, but it was possible to buy mammoth tusks without restrictions since they were prehistoric remains. It wasn’t hard to do that as long as one had the money. Moreover, this didn’t even require Dong Quan to make a trip personally. With just a few calls, someone would purchase it for him and deliver it.


Two hours later, an employee of the Liu Group delivered two big suitcases. They contained two huge tusks that were over a meter in length and slightly yellowed. When these tusks were taken out, a prehistoric breath hit everyone’s faces.


“So huge?” Xia Yan felt dumbstruck and laughed embarrassedly, “It seems like two are a bit too much. Actually, one is enough!”




Everyone grumbled internally. [This guy must have only heard of mammoth tusks and never seen the real thing.]


“Too unreliable!” Doctor Wang said in a fit of fury. The others also approved of his words but remained silent.


“You can consider the remainder as part of your reward then.” Liu Shan stated.


“I’ll have to thank you then, Mr. Liu!” Xia Yan beamed a smile, and his impression of these wealthy folks improved a lot.


“What needs to be done now?” Liu Shan inquired.


“Provide me with a quiet room. I need to do something.”


The room was arranged at a suite in a five-star hotel near the hospital. It was Xia Yan’s first time entering such a high-class hotel. Although he tried his best to act natural, he was, in the end, a kid from the countryside. It was hard to avoid displaying his ignorance. Obviously, this drew in ridicule from the members of the Liu family in the dark.


After everyone had left the room. Xia Yan locked the door and made rounds around the luxurious room twice. He then sat down on the soft carpet and placed a mammoth tusk on top of the low tea table in front of him.


Xia Yan closed his eyes and calmed his mood. Soon after, Xia Yan had entered the state of meditation. The remaining half of the undead elements inside the Soul Storage Horcrux transformed into magic power quickly and amassed within the magic tower in his mind…


A few members of the Liu family waited silently in another suite for Xia Yan to finish preparing for the ‘treatment,’ while the others remained behind at the hospital to look after Elder Liu.


“Dad, it’s already been two hours!” Liu Xue’er checked the wristwatch then stated anxiously with a haggard look. She hadn’t slept well since last night and also hadn’t got enough rest today.


“We can only continue to wait now! Xia Yan already said he will need at least eight hours!” Liu Shan replied.


“Great Uncle, that kid isn’t a swindler, right?” Dong Quan asked.


Liu Shan looked at his nephew that lacked a bit in IQ and sighed softly, “He’s a Sihe University student.”


Dong Quan blanked out for a second before his face blushed. It was easy to find out all the information about Xia Yan, so it wouldn’t even be a challenge for the police to find him. It was unlikely for such a dumb swindler to exist in this world.


“Did Grandfather really get possessed like he said?” Dong Quan still wasn’t ready to believe it as this conflicted with his worldview.


“Even Doctor Wang has already stated that science cannot explain that shadow in Grandpa’s head…” Liu Xue’er interjected.


“Let’s wait and see!” Liu Shan also didn’t dare to affirm anything.


After a few hours passed, Xia Yan opened his eyes inside the suite. Two wisps of blue soul fire flickered in his eyes. And within his mind, the first floor of the magic tower was already full of blue flaming magic power. The second floor of the magic tower had also taken on a vague embryonic shape. As long as he continued to supply magic power, Xia Yan would soon gain the strength of a novice mage.


“Unfortunately, this is not the time to make a breakthrough!” Xia Yan shook his head in regret. Everyone from the Liu family was waiting for him, so he couldn’t attack the bottleneck to become a novice mage right now. However, his current magic power was already enough for him to complete the thing he needed to do next.


Xia Yan took out the crude carving knife from the jute bag inside his backpack and gazed at the mammoth tusk.


The Soul Storage Horcrux was enough to deal with the free undead elements. But to dispel the undead elements inside old man Liu’s head, he had to use a more powerful method – a magic circle.


Using a magic circle to deal with a magic circle, this was Xia Yan’s ‘treatment plan.’


An apprentice mage had limited magic power, which enabled them to carve only a few magic circles. The most suitable one among them for the current situation was the Bone Spirit Spell.


If Xia Yan had the strength of a novice mage, he could transform his magic power into the bone element to summon a bone spirit without the aid of an external object. And then make it swallow the undead element inside old man Liu’s head.


Xia Yan had to draw support from the magic circle to accomplish this right now as he couldn’t draw a magic circle through his imagination with his current strength. Therefore, he had chosen the mammoth tusk as the intermediary.


The tusks were a part of the mammoth’s remains, and just like human bones, they had a dense amount of bone element sealed inside. Along with the long passage of time, the bone elements had reached a high degree of purity. They were thus excellent materials for carving magic circles.


The mammoth tusk had been cleaned thoroughly already so he could use it directly. Xia Yan caressed the tusk with one hand, and gradually, with an outline reflected inside his mind, he finally picked up the carving knife.


If one were to say Xia Yan was just an ordinary university student and even had the moniker of bumpkin attached to him. Then, the moment he picked up the carving knife, he changed into another person altogether. His bearing became extremely focused while every move of his possessed a grandeur that didn’t match with his age. He slightly had the demeanor of an expert.


A blue flame lit up at the tip of the carving knife as the magic power of a necromancer adhered onto the tip.


Xia Yan flicked, and the carving knife dropped accurately on the tip of the tusk. Under the soul fire, the tusk melted like butter against a hot knife!


Xia Yan carved without hesitation and left behind a long blue-veined line on the tusk. Starting from the peak of the tusk till the end, the line curved like a viper along its surface. Although this line curved, it ran very smoothly. It didn’t have even a tiny bit of discrepancy, similar to the precision of a machine.


This not just embodied the fundamental carving skills Xia Yan had trained hard over the past decade, but also the Lich’s almost instinctive experience in carving magic circles. In the Lich’s long life, he had carved various magic circles countless times and was long familiar with them.


The veined line burned with a faint blue flame that looked very dazzling while a drop of sweat formed at Xia Yan’s forehead.


“Just a single magic line squandered a third of my magic power. I can only draw three magic lines with my current strength, which is just enough to draw the Bone Spirit Spell completely. If I fail, I’ll need to rest for at least a day to recover my magic power and try again!” Xia Yan didn’t dither and placed the carving knife at the tip of the tusk again. He carved another winding magic line that twined with the first magic line and formed an esoteric yet simple pattern.


The third magic line was next.


The twining of the third magic line brought about an immediate change. Each intersection and circuit contained magic pulses.


When Xia Yan finished carving the entire magic circle and withdrew the carving knife, an intense magic pulse erupted from the tusk. A white spectral figure with a long tail flew out from the tusk and spun around the tusk several times before returning inside it again.


This was Xia Yan’s first time carving the Bone Spirit Spell, and he had summoned a bone spirit successfully. He exhaled a deep breath and discovered that he was drenched in sweat. The exhaustion from carving the magic circle hit his body and made him feel like just laying down and having a nice nap.


The flames stopped burning on the Bone Spirit Spell gradually, but that blueness hadn’t disappeared. It remained distinctly on the yellowish-white mammoth tusk, making it look mystical and arcane.


The three perfect magic lines had formed an esoteric magic circle that released an aura which made people feel restless and seemed as if it had originated from the netherworld.


As for the mammoth tusk, it also gained a savage prehistoric desolateness, as if the remnant soul of the mammoth inside the tusk were awakening.


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