Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 19, Enjoying Life Comes First

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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“Eh…” Xia Yan wished he could address her that way, but he couldn’t do it. He glanced at Liu Shan gloomily. [What a bloody name you’ve given to your daughter. Liu Xue sounds pleasant and is easy to say, so why the hell did you add an ‘er’ to it!]

(Silavin: Xue/Xie, is pronounced similar to blood. So, adding ‘er’ to it makes it sound like you are calling someone bloody.)


The address ‘Xue’er’ couldn’t have been any more intimate than anyone hoped for. It ended up as something which outsiders couldn’t use.


“… Sister Xue’er!” Xia Yan hesitated a moment before firmly adding another word at the beginning. Even he felt like applauding his wit.


“Mhm!” Although Liu Xue’er felt somewhat disappointed, she still conceded, “Xia Yan, what were you planning to say just now?”


“What was I saying? … Oh, yeah. I just wanted to tell you that there’s no need to argue over it. All it needs is for me to carve two more Soul Ataraxia Stones!” Xia Yan stated.


“Really?” Liu Xue’er felt overjoyed.


“Really,” Xia Yan nodded.


“Thank you, Xia Yan!” Liu Xue’er stated in a chirpy tone.


An hour later, Xia Yan left the provincial hospital along with Liu Xue’er. She wore the Soul Ataraxia Stone on her neck, and so did Liu Shan and Luo Xiaojuan, who were still inside the hospital. With this, Xia Yan earned another million.


Xia Yan reached into his pocket and fiddled around, still in disbelief.


Two days ago, he was still just a poor student with only ¥2000 to his name, and now, he had become a rich guy with seven million on him!


“Xia Yan, are you going back to the university? I’ll drop you off,” As Liu Xue’er watched him stroll around with a hand in his pocket, and this, along with the halo of a ‘master’ on him, exuded indescribable confidence from him. It made her heart skip a beat.


“I will buy a phone and laptop first,” Xia Yan stated.


“I’ll drop you at the Computer Plaza then,” Liu Xue’er replied.


“I can just take the bus,” Xia Yan rejected politely.


“The bus is too slow. I can take you there. It will just take a while. You have to pass by the Computer Plaza to reach your university anyway,” Liu Xue’er insisted.


“Well, thank you, then, Sister Xue’er!”


“Hehe!” Hearing him refer to her this way placed Liu Xue’er in a cheerful mood. She smiled at him, “Since you call me sister, there’s no need for thanks! Just wait a moment, I’ll drive the car over.”


“All right.”


Liu Xue’er made her way over to the parking lot while Xia Yan waited at the entrance of the hospital while feeling bored to death. He raised his head to inspect that massive ‘holy artifact’ at the top of the outpatient building.


There was nothing special with this red cross except that it was in the form of a lightbox propped by a huge metal framework, which enabled others to see it easily even during the night.


[This thing doesn’t require top-notch skills to make, and even a small store could do it. It is also impossible for this red cross to have a magic circle inside it, and neither could an expert have awakened it. Why can it purify undead elements then? This is entirely different from those dreadful holy artifacts in the Lich’s memory!]


Xia Yan pondered a lot but still couldn’t figure out the reason behind it. From the edge of his vision, he noticed someone had stopped beside him to scrutinize him. This made Xia Yan turn his head, and when he saw that person’s face, he smiled immediately, “Hou Xiaotian, why are you here?”


“Xia Yan, it’s really you. I was wondering why you looked familiar!” Hou Xiaotian barely squeezed out a smile while walking over. He noticed Xia Yan’s clothes and discovered that they were all branded clothes, amounting to a few thousand in total. He felt a little astonished. [This new roommate of mine only wore cheap street market clothes the day before yesterday, so how come he looks so different today? Was he feigning poverty?]


“Hou Xiaotian, is your father in this hospital?” Xia Yan queried.


“Yeah,“ Hou Xiaotian nodded while responding in a glum tone. Anyone who experienced such a matter would feel depressed.


“How’s the situation? Have they decided on a treatment plan?”


“The doctors said they would have to excise two-thirds of the stomach, and after that, it would require daily medication along with chemotherapy. There’s also a high chance of relapsing!” Hou Xiaotian took out a crumpled cigarette box, took out a cigarette, and lit it up. He had just taken a whiff, yet that made him cough unceasingly until tears had formed in his eyes.


Xia Yan could do nothing to comfort him. He also felt down as it made him recall his father’s pain-filled days before he passed away.


“Have they decided on a date for the operation?” Xia Yan asked.


“Yeah. It’s next Monday,” Hou Xiaotian replied.


“Mhm. When the time comes, Zhao Qiang, Qin Jian, and I will come to visit Uncle Hou together.”


“Thank you!”


Xia Yan said nothing more than that as they had just become acquainted. Even if they said something, people found it hard to believe a few things. [I can break through to the novice mage rank anytime. Let’s see whether any of the undead magic that I can use then are effective towards treating this illness.]


A red Porsche left the hospital and stopped before Xia Yan. The window descended, and Liu Xue’er called out to him, “Xia Yan, get on!”


“I have some stuff to do, so I’ll leave first. Let’s talk again back at the dorm,” Xia Yan patted Hou Xiaotian’s shoulders.


“Eh… All right. See you later!” Hou Xiaotian’s gaze turned somewhat sluggish. He felt utterly shocked after seeing Liu Xue’er. When he saw the sports car, he had already concluded that Xia Yan was a wealthy, a chad hiding his identity.


“Your classmate?” Liu Xue’er asked while driving the car.




Liu Xue’er expressed acknowledgement and asked nothing else.


The car traveled through the beltway, and Xia Yan observed the way Liu Xue’er drove with inquisitiveness as he also wished to learn how to drive.


“Xia Yan, you don’t have a driver’s license?” Liu Xue’er asked.


“Nope,” Xia Yan answered.


“Get it. This is an essential life skill,” Liu Xue’er stated.


“I will.”


“Oh, right! You are rich now, so have you thought about getting a car?” Liu Xue’er noticed he wasn’t in a pleasant mood, so she asked this while wearing a relaxed smile, “Maybe later. I’m still a student, so why would I buy a car?” Xia Yan shook his head and gazed outside the window, “Also, I will send the money to my master.”


“All of it?” Liu Xue’er questioned in amazement.


“Yeah. The roads in the village are long due for repair. The old elementary school requires reconstruction, and the reservoir’s dam also needs reinforcement. Plantation on the mountain is also a necessity lest the village comes to danger in case of a flood.”


“Shouldn’t the government ought to do all this?” Liu Xue’er felt shocked. She thought Xia Yan was too much of a money grubber, but she had never expected that he planned to throw all his money into his village.


“Since they aren’t reliable, it’s better to do it ourselves. The uncles had pooled their money together to pay my tuition fee, so I have to pay them back,” Xia Yan stated indifferently.


“What about you, then?” Liu Xue’er suddenly felt like crying.


“I’m just a student. What would I do with so much money? I’m fine as long as I have enough to have meals. After getting a phone and a laptop, I can breeze through the upcoming four years with ease!” Xia Yan leaned back and stated in a chill tone.


“You have that kind of ability, so it’s easy to make money,” Liu Xue’er felt like she was seeing the halo of a saint around him.


“Oh, that’s true!” Xia Yan didn’t act too modest, “I will need a lot of money later, so I’ll just do something about it then.”


Pursuing magecraft required an exorbitant amount of money. The mages of the Heavenspan continent were akin to scientists on Earth. They needed to perform innumerable experiments. Especially necromancers, the experiment materials they required were exceedingly strange and also sparse because of their preciousness.


Just establishing a high-end laboratory would require an outrageous sum.


Let alone, the cost of the experiment was just one aspect of it. Mages also required all kinds of equipment such as a magic staff, a magic robe, a magic hat, and materials for drawing magic circles… 


Mages stood at the peak of the Heavenspan continent, and their weapons were on the level of Earth’s ICBMs and satellite weapons. They weren’t something ordinary people could fool around with. Each equipment’s value racked up to an astronomical price, and this was without taking the excessive failure rate of the equipment into account…


Therefore, Xia Yan knew that such a day would come when his mage rank would go higher, and he would have to chase after money too.


Therefore, before that happened, he planned to enjoy his life as a university student. It was enough to have the bare minimum required to live for now; he didn’t need that much money!


The duo chatted along the way, and soon, the Computer Plaza building had already come into view. Liu Xue’er let out a yelp of exclamation at this moment.


“What happened?” Xia Yan asked.


“It’s Wen Yipin’s car,” Liu Xue’er pointed towards the Land Rover at the front.


Xia Yan looked and arrived at the same conclusion since he had sat in that Land Rover before. He had almost forgotten about this Wen Yipin and only recalled him after Liu Xue’er mentioned his name.


There was a red light at the intersection, so the Porsche stopped perfectly beside the Land Rover. Xia Yan peeked to the side and saw that the window was open right now. The person in the driver’s seat was none other than Wen Yipin. This guy had worn sunglasses and had one hand on the steering wheel, while he smoked a cigarette with his other hand. He appeared as a perfect example of a handsome guy.


Wen Yipin turned his head aside and saw the Porsche, then Xia Yan and Liu Xue’er. He immediately blanked out. [Didn’t Elder Liu send this kid away? Why is he in Xue’er’s car?]


Xia Yan had no plans to greet him while Liu Xue’er also just nodded at him with a smile and said nothing. Wen Yiping’s expression turned somewhat monstrous, entirely contrasting with the usual polite look he showed in front of Liu Xue’er.


Just when Xia Yan wondered about the reason, a hand with fingernails dyed in red nail-polish placed itself on Wen Yipin’s shoulder. This was followed by a tender-looking woman with a pointy chin extending her head up from his chest and asking sweetly, “Brother Wen, did you run into a friend?”


Xia Yan smiled.  [No wonder this guy is making such an awful face, so he had a woman in the car.]


“Humph! Scum!” Liu Xue’er glanced at that woman and commented contemptuously.


Xia Yan knew she was referring to Wen Yiping. This guy had followed Liu Xue’er around like a bee yesterday, acting all polite with an expression that seemed to say he liked her sincerely. And today, he had taken his car out for a spin together with another woman. This wouldn’t have mattered much, but unfortunately, he ran into Liu Xue’er by accident and revealed his genuine nature instantly.


“Xue’er, listen to my explanation!” Wen Yiping became anxious when he saw Liu Xue’er’s expression and called out to her immediately.


Liu Xue’er didn’t even spare him a glance. The light turned green at the perfect moment, and the Porsche quickly crossed over. Liu Xue’er also let out a joyful chuckle.


“Sister Xue’er, why did you laugh?” Xia Yan inquired curiously.


“I was feeling vexed about Wen Yiping since he kept feigning his nature in front of me, acting like an erudite and successful person. Did he think I didn’t know what morals he has? Since I saw him with a woman now, he would surely feel ashamed to bother me again. So why wouldn’t I feel happy?” Liu Xue’er stated joyfully.


Xia Yan also thought she was right. Liu Xue’er didn’t have feelings for Wen Yipin, so she didn’t care whether he fooled around with a woman. She just planned to use this as an excuse to get rid of him.


“Sister Xue’er, I feel it’s too early for you to feel happy!” Xia Yan glanced back and smiled, “He’s catching up!”


If it were any other man, they would feel ashamed and hide as far as possible, disappearing from Liu Xue’er’s life. But Wen Yipin’s bottom line was lower than most men. It was a wonder what went on in his mind as he caught up from behind.


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