Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 24, Xiaoyu in Trouble

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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On the training ground, Xia Yan still had a sleepy look on his face.


“Xia Yan, were you practicing your strong right arm again last night? How come you look so knackered?” As the instructor hadn’t arrived yet, Zhao Qiang neared Xia Yan wretchedly and looked at him with a peculiar gaze.


“Yeah! Xia Yan, you shouldn’t do that! Do you know that excessive jerking can lead to death? The training already leaves us half-dead. I never expected you would still have the energy to do that thing, tsk-tsk…”


“You are overthinking it. I just didn’t get enough sleep, that’s all!” Xia Yan explained helplessly.


“All right, all right!” Zhao Qiang patted his shoulder.


“Do it with moderation!” Qin Jian stated sincerely.


Xia Yan was at a loss since he couldn’t explain this matter. At this moment, Qi Ziyu walked over, and although Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian felt envious, they retreated tactfully.


“Xia Yan, you don’t look good. Did you fall ill?” Qi Ziyu asked with concern.


“You are perceptive, superstar. I couldn’t sleep well as it was too hot last night,” Xia Yan smiled at her.


“We are classmates, so there’s no need to call me a superstar. It’s fine to just call me Ziyu!” Qi Ziyu rolled her eyes at him while saying this discontentedly.


[She looks so beautiful even when she’s rolling her eyes!] Xia Yan sighed internally and corrected himself immediately, “Ziyu, I’m fine. Thanks for worrying!”


“That’s good then!” Qi Ziyu nodded and turned around to leave, but she suddenly turned back and asked, “Did you feel it last night?”


“What?” Xia Yan blanked out and didn’t realize what she was referring to, “Feel what?”


Qi Ziyu watched him in silence for a few seconds then shook her head with a smile, “Nothing.”


Xia Yan couldn’t make sense of her words. [Why did she ask me what I felt? Was she referring to the longing that people feel for a partner after watching the moon? That’s impossible. She’s a superstar, and I’m just a country bumpkin…]


Naturally, as a virgin, Xia Yan was just overthinking it.




The instructor arrived, and soon after, the training began. A series of commands sounded out over the ground, followed by a buzzing scene of the students marching…


Four girls were having drinks under the shade of a tree at the corner of the grounds and gazed at the new students’ train. A short-haired girl among them stood beside a long, straight-haired girl, “Anna, have you found that man?”


“Nope!” Anna wore a T-shirt and Capri pants, paired with stylish sandals. She seemed to bloom with youth.


“Sister Anna, this is the second day now. How come you still haven’t found him?” Xiaoyu asked while sipping herb tea, “Didn’t you say you remember his voice and even saw the magic artifact he used?”


“Yeah! Your bragging caused us to suffer under the sun for a day already!” An Xiaoru complained.


Even the average-faced girl expressed her agreement on that matter. The trio denounced Anna, who had claimed she could find that expert from the freshmen.


“Are you all just big-boobed fools?!” Anna showed no repentance and reached out aggressively to poke their breasts, “That feels nice. How did you all develop them so well?”


“Please, you also have big ones!” An Xiaoru and Xiaoyu grabbed each of her arms and grabbed her breasts from both sides as revenge.


Many boys on the training grounds were paying attention to the four, so their eyes almost popped out when they witnessed this scene. They had thrown the instructor’s command to the back of their heads. Soon after, these poor devils had to perform push-ups on the ground.


After the four girls messed around for a while, Anna stated, “I already told you we can look for him after the training ends. But you didn’t listen to me and demanded it has to happen right away! They are all wearing the same clothes and shouting the same words now. The only way I can distinguish the expert’s voice is if I turn into an immortal!”


“Also, that magic artifact seemed like a pendant. The zippers of the camo clothes are all pulled up right now. Do you want me to strip each of the boys one by one?” Anna questioned.


“That’s fine too. Quickly go do it, strip them!” An Xiaoru urged her while chuckling.


“I’ll strip you first!” Anna threatened.


After messing around again for a while, Xiaoyu asked, “Do you really think the expert is a freshman? Doesn’t everyone do their best to prepare for the national exams during high school? How would they find the time to cultivate magic and stuff?”


“Please believe in my judgment towards men!” Anna stated confidently, “If I say he is a freshman, he surely is one. Only, it’s hard for us to find him now, so it’s not too late to do it once the training ends!”


“How do you think he looks? He must differ from other men, right?” An Xiaoru’s eyes seemed to twinkle.


“Oh, lassie! Looks like you have gone into heat again!” Anna slapped her pert buttocks covered by the shorts, “What? Have you fallen for him after getting your butt felt up?”


“See how I rip your mouth apart!” An Xiaoru became enraged and Anna fled while smiling. The four girls quickly left the visual range of the freshmen.


“The seniors are so hot and sexy!” A lot of the freshmen exclaimed internally.


Another day of training ended. The training was more intense than yesterday, so many girls ended up crying. Some fainted while others suffered from sunstroke.


Xia Yan was also awfully tired and only wanted to sleep after returning to the dorm. The trio from 402 went to the dining hall to have food, then returned to their room and took baths in turns.


After bathing, Xia Yan took out his smartphone and turned it on. He saw that a number had called it several times and was about to redial it when it rang again.


“Hello, who is it?” Xia Yan answered.


“Hello, Master Xia? It’s me, Little Dong, Dong Quan!” An obsequious voice answered back.


“Oh, so it’s you. What’s up?” Xia Yan paused for a moment and then recalled who this Dong Quan was.


“Master Xia, the things you wanted are already here. Where should I deliver them?” Dong Quan asked politely.


“Things?” Xia Yan finally remembered it, “Those specimens?”


“Yes, those things!” Dong Quan replied promptly, “The remaining mammoth tusk too. Just tell me where you need them, and I’ll send them over!”


“Send them to…” Xia Yan was about to tell him to send them over to Sihe University, but he realized this wasn’t proper. He couldn’t place the specimens of human skeletons and a mammoth tusk in the dorm.


“Come to the north gate of Sihe University and wait for me there. I’ll be out there in a moment!” After pondering for a moment, Xia Yan decided on renting a place off-campus.


“All right. I’ll be there soon!” Dong Quan acknowledged.


After freshening up, Xia Yan rummaged through the branded clothes the Liu family had bought him but still ended up wearing a T-shirt and shorts along with sports shoes. He called out to his roommates and walked over towards the north gate. It was already dusk now, so the heat was dissipating already. Many students had come out to take a walk, and the campus was bustling with hubbub.


Just when Xia Yan had reached the north gate, he spotted a familiar silhouette; it was the cute girl, Xiaoyu. She stood beside the entrance and was confronting a tall, handsome boy. The duo appeared to be arguing in a somewhat loud voice, and there was also a car worth a hundred thousand parked beside him.


[Is it that boy?] Xia Yan remembered that Xiaoyu had asked whether someone liked her sincerely during the Ouija divination. The spirit had answered ‘No.’


[Did this girl really believe the divination and is planning to break up with her boyfriend?]


The flames of gossip had lit up inside Xia Yan, so he walked closer to them, pretending as if he was waiting for someone, and pricked up his ears to hear their conversation.


“Xiaoyu, what’s wrong with you? Isn’t it just some karaoke? Why don’t you want to go?” The boy asked.


“Xiao Yuan, I already told you that I don’t like you, so don’t come looking for me again!” Xiaoyu stated feebly. Xia Yan remembered the name, so he exclaimed internally that it was the same man.


“Just what happened? Did someone badmouth me in front of you? You are my girlfriend, so why do you believe someone else’s words?” Xiao Yuan became anxious and reached out to grab Xiaoyu’s hand.


Xiaoyu withdrew instinctively, stating timidly, “Xiao Yuan, I never said I want to become your girlfriend, so don’t speak rubbish! I really don’t like you, so don’t bother me!”


Saying so, she turned around to leave. Obviously, the plot was much thicker than that. Xia Yan saw a vicious expression appear on Xiao Yuan’s face. He stepped forward and grabbed Xiaoyu’s arm, speaking spitefully, “Zhang Xiaoyu, even if you don’t like me, don’t bail on me now, okay? I already told my friends that you and your roommates will come along for karaoke. You’re not leaving me with any face this way!”


“When did I promise you that I’ll come along for karaoke?” Xiaoyu turned around and expressed her astonishment, “I also never said Sister Anna and the others will come along!”


“Do you know who will attend the karaoke session today? It’s Chief Dong from Chengdu Star Media. As long as you impress him, all of you can become stars, got it?” Xiao Yuan stated proudly. He knew all these girls had dreams of becoming stars, and people like Chief Dong were ones they fawned upon wholeheartedly.


Chief Dong had told Xiao Yuan that as long as he can find some top-quality university girls for him to have fun with this time, he would give Xiao Yuan the tritagonist’s role in a TV drama he has been invested in recently.


With the opportunity to become famous right before his eyes, there was no way Xiao Yuan would let it slip by him.


“Let go!” The feeble Xiaoyu had somehow gathered the strength to shake off his hands. She then asserted angrily, “I don’t know any Chief Dong, nor do I want to become a star. Xiao Yuan, I have finally learned what kind of man you are!”


Although Zhang Xiaoyu was a cute airhead, she had tough girls like Anna and An Xiaoru as roommates, so she had heard of these filthy matters. Hence, she knew what Xiao Yuan meant, and this made her utterly disappointed towards this boy who had pursued her for a few months.


[Although the Ouija divination was scary, it showed me the truth!]


Xiaoyu’s thoughts wandered.


“Zhang Xiaoyu, you will come along even if you don’t want to!” Xiao Yuan became flustered. There was no way he could allow this chance to flit past him. He wasn’t ready to accept this outcome, so he reached out to grab her arm again, intending to pull her into the car forcefully.


“Well…” A tall figure appeared before him suddenly. Xia Yan bowed down to look at his hand that was grabbing his chest and chuckled, “I’m not into men.”


Xiao Yuan withdrew his hand immediately and discovered that the guy before him was a dark-skinned student dressed in cheap clothes. At first look, he seemed like a freshman from the countryside that had arrived in the city recently. Hence, Xiao Yuan pushed him back and said impatiently, “Move it, you bumpkin!”


“Oh? You even dare to hit me?” Xia Yan grabbed his hand and smiled, “Remember, you hit me first!”


Xia Yan strengthened his grip, and Xiao Yuan’s face twitched because of the pain. [It hurts! This bumpkin is too strong. It feels like my hand will break!]


“You… don’t you dare hit me! There are CCTVs here! Let go of my hand!” Xiao Yuan finally couldn’t take it anymore.


“I haven’t hit you at all. I just grabbed your hand. You should not falsely accuse others,” Xiao Yan beamed a smile at him and placed more strength into his grip.


This scene had already left Xiaoyu stupefied. [What is happening? Is this boy helping me? But I don’t know him!]


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