Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 3, Glorious Exposure!

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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The four girls finished eating after a while and left first. Xia Yan’s group chugged another bottle of beer and then called the waiter to count the skewers. Zhao Qiang paid the bill before they left. The trio had consumed dozens of skewers each. Along with the beer bottles, the sum had totaled a little more than ¥100. It was cheap as hell.


Of the trio, the well-built Zhao Qiang had a low alcohol tolerance. He had lisped already. Qin Jian’s capacity was okay. Although his face flushed up after chugging a glass of beer, he had finished four bottles in total with only a blush to show for it. He had a steady gait and hadn’t impaired his speech. From the looks of it, he could still drink another three bottles.


Xia Yan’s face had only flushed a little. He had placed the skull on the inside of his T-shirt, and under it, the skull’s sockets glowed with blue lights. The alcohol in his blood seeped out from the skin it was in contact with, and soon, his entire T-shirt had become drenched.


Since he had something to do tonight, it wasn’t suitable for him to stay drunk.


After returning to the dorm, Zhao Qiang took a bath first and dropped dead on the bed soon after. Qin Jian played a mobile game for some time, and after the tipsiness hit him, he too went to sleep.


Xia Yan turned off the lights and went to take a bath. He didn’t feel sleepy at all. Xia Yan then took out an old blue T-shirt of his and used scissors to cut off a section, putting it in the pocket of his shorts. After that, he placed the T-shirt back in the cabinet at the lowermost part woefully.


He meditated in front of the table for a moment before taking out his Nokia to check the time; it was 10:40 PM. Xia Yan got up, switched off his phone, and placed it inside the drawer. He opened the door and left with just the room’s key.


The freshmen had already occupied the other dorm rooms. 10:30 PM was quality time for night chatting, so the scene looked very bustling. If it weren’t for Qin Jian and Zhao Qiang drinking the beer, they wouldn’t have gone to sleep so early too.


The campus was much quieter after exiting the dorm building. The heat had scattered away, and a chilly wind blew across the university. Walking on the lawn in between the woods was also a kind of enjoyment.


Xia Yan arrived in front of Girls Dorm H after a few minutes and saw girls moving back and forth from the dorm. He also saw the warden lady who had a sharp gaze in her eyes, so he took a roundabout route to arrive behind the dorm building.


Girls slept earlier than boys, so many of the rooms were already dark. Xia Yan calculated where room 504’s window was and discovered it was still bright, so he waited for a moment under the tree. 504’s lights also went out, followed by a glow coming from the window that he assumed was from the girls lighting a candle.


Xia Yan took out the section of the T-shirt he had cut off and covered his face with it before murmuring a few esoteric incantations.


Along with the incantations, tiny blue flames appeared in the sockets of the skull on his chest. Faint black smoke emerged out of the skull’s mouth and condensed into an egg-sized black ball.


The scene looked strange, and if someone had witnessed it, it would have scared the daylights out of them.


“Death’s Blessings • Vampiric Curse!” After he finished the incantation, Xia Yan beckoned with his hand, and the black ball disappeared into his chest.


A crisp sound emerged from Xia Yan’s body; he felt full of strength.


Necromancers were proficient at using all kinds of Curse Magic to attack the enemy. However, Curse Magic also had some positive curses that had buff effects. Death’s Blessings was another name for such curses.


Vampiric Curse was one of them. It could substantially buff the body’s functions for a short duration.


As Xia Yan was only a magic apprentice now and still hadn’t created a cursed Horcrux, the vampiric effect had reduced. But even if it was this way, his strength, agility, speed, and other parameters had risen a lot, far exceeding the level of an ordinary human.


After adapting to the explosive increase in strength, Xia Yan nodded satisfactorily. He walked towards the dorm’s wall and leaped upwards with all his strength. He had jumped about 2 meters high and grabbed hold of a ledge on the wall. Xia Yan used his arm to perform a chin-up and grabbed the railing of room 204’s balcony to climb inside. He rested for a moment and repeated the process again…


In less than five seconds, Xia Yan had grabbed the balcony of room 504 and dragged himself up, revealing his head to look inside the room. It was silent inside and only had the flickering flames of two candles providing lighting. He figured that the four girls had already begun the divination.


After climbing on the balcony softly, he took cover at the balcony door. Xia Yan peeked from the gap between the door to look and almost cried out when he did so.


The four girls huddled together with a white paper drawn with circles at the center. They had a finger each placed on top of the white saucer and had looks of expectation along with fear.


The crucial thing was that they wore skimpy dresses!


It was often said that women got rid of the bras first thing after reaching home. Xia Yan believed this now.


The black-haired girl, Anna, crouched opposite to him and only wore a silk nightgown with suspenders. Her overlong hair lay scattered on her back, and as she was squatting, her breasts squeezed against her knees firmly and emphasized their size.


The hem of her nightgown only reached her thighs with her sturdy legs out in the bare. A piece of white fabric was faintly visible between her legs.


The baby-faced Xiaoyu was beside Anna. At the top, she wore a pretty conservative loose cotton T-shirt. But down below, she had only worn a pair of cartoon panties. The curves of her waist were wasp-like and attracted attention. If ladies from a village saw this, they would comment that the girl has big buttocks perfect for giving birth.


The woman who Zhao Qiang had called common-faced was opposite to Xiaoyu and wore just a plain T-shirt.


And closest to Xia Yan, with her back facing towards him, was An Xiaoru. This short-haired girl who had claimed that she wanted to create a huge harem had worn nothing at all on the top, laying her entire back bare to Xia Yan’s eyes. A have-all-you-want-feast.


When he looked down, Xia Yan’s eyes almost stopped moving. [Is this the legendary thong? I want to spread those cheeks and see if it’s as the legends speak of!]


The four girls hadn’t noticed they exposed themselves in their glory. They still had their eyes closed in focus.


“Spirit, Appear!” Anna purposefully spoke in a deep voice while dragging out the words slowly. Under the contrast of the dim candlelight, such a sound made people sink into an eerie ambiance.


Tranquility had returned to the dorm room after she had finished saying the words with only the girls’ nervous and coarse breathing audible.


The time it took for a spirit to descend on the Ouija board was a few minutes at best, and half-an-hour at worst. This was also a process of mental hinting and self-hypnotism. This was what the experts thought, Xia Yan didn’t agree with this because he knew this simple ceremony could truly invite something.


After two minutes, Xia Yan’s eyes lit up. He looked towards the dorm room’s entrance. A black smoke invisible to the ordinary eyes was floating over from the gap between the door. It twisted in the sky before forming a human-like shape. This human shape drifted erratically, seeming as if a gust of wind would blow it away.


If an ordinary person saw such a thing, they would think that it was a ghost or a specter. Only Xia Yan knew that this black smoke contained concentrated Undead elements.



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