Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 32, Giving up on the Treatment

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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“Xiaotian, my friend told me to inform you that you can request the doctor to diagnose Uncle Hou tomorrow. If there are positive results, you can ask them to discharge your father…. Also, don’t tell anyone about this because he isn’t fond of staying in the limelight, and don’t mention it to anyone that I introduced him to you… All right, then. Call me when they finish diagnosing your father tomorrow!”


Xia Yan ended the call while he was on the stairs, and then, he let out of a sigh of relief before returning to his dorm room to sleep.


On the other end, Hou Xiaotian was in no mood for sleep. He could understand what angle Xiao Yan was coming from. However, he was still puzzled about what he meant by ‘positive results.’ [Could father’s condition have improved just with a touch from that enigmatic person? That’s just unbelievable!]


However, as there was hope, there was no chance he would give it up. He somehow pulled through to the time when the doctors arrived at work the next day, and immediately looked for the doctor in charge of his father’s case.


“You want us to perform a diagnosis again?” Doctor He didn’t mind Hou Xiaotian’s request at all since he would be able to get bonus pay if he were to conduct a diagnosis again.


Doctor He flipped through the report after it arrived on his desk in the afternoon and got infuriated instantly, “What are the people in the lab doing these days, they’ve even made a mistake with the report!”


The lab responded to Doctor He very swiftly — There are no mistakes in the report!


“How is this even possible? Hou Xun’s cancer cells have reduced by half! This simply makes no sense at all!” Doctor He yelled while slamming the report in annoyance.


“Doctor He, have the results come out yet?” Hou Xiaotian was keeping an eye on Doctor He’s office all this time. So, when he saw Doctor He act abnormally, he had a hunch that the report in Doctor He’s hands was probably his father’s.


“They have come out, but it seems like the lab has made a mistake with the report, so I’m planning to make them do it again,” Doctor He answered.


“Could you let me have a look?” Hou Xiaotian requested.


“Feel free to do so,” Doctor He passed the report over to Hou Xiaotian.


Hou Xiaotian had already seen multiple reports over the past few days, so he knew what all the diagnostic values represented. Soon after, he raised his head in amazement and asked, “The cancer cells have halved?”


“They must have made a mistake with the report,” Doctor He felt a bit embarrassed as such a thing didn’t portray a good image of the provincial hospital.


Hou Xiaotian, however, didn’t believe the same. Xia Yan’s words kept resounding in his head right now — If there are positive results…


[Was it really effective? And such a visible result too? That enigmatic man could do something that even modern science can’t achieve with just a touch of his hand?]


“Doctor He, is it possible to…” After recalling what Xia Yan had told him, he couldn’t help but speak out.


“What is it?”


“We want to be discharged!”




“We’ve decided to give up on the treatment!”


If the patient wishes to get discharged, all that doctors can do is to try to persuade them. After all, the money was in the patient’s hands, so if they didn’t comply, they simply wouldn’t get paid.


But no matter how the doctor tried to advise him, Hou Xiaotian’s determination had become as hard as a tortoise’s shell. In the end, Doctor He was forced to comply.


After completing the discharge procedures, Hou Xiaotian returned to the ward and packed up. He also gave his father a pair of clean clothes, and then, the two of them prepared to leave the hospital. Hou Xun held some doubts, but after Hou Xiaotian had explained it to him in a low voice, he chose to believe in his son. After all, the changes in his body were so apparent that even he could feel it, which acted as a testament to his son’s words.


“Old Hou, you’re giving up?” The other patient in the ward asked Hou Xun in amazement.


“Yes. I’ll only be able to live only a few days further even if I go through the surgery, so it’s better to spend my time at home. That’s a much better option than laying like a corpse on the bed,” Hou Xun smiled at him.


“I’m not as worry-free as you!” The patient shook his head, and then seemed to recall something, so he asked another question, “Oh, right. Old Hou, could you give me your number? There might still be hope for us!”


“Okay!” For ward-mates who were in the late-stage of cancer, the chances of them having the opportunity to talk to each other were close to nil, but Hou Xun still exchanged numbers with him.


After the father and son duo left the hospital, they booked a room nearby to Sihe University. Then, Hou Xiaotian returned to the university impatiently. He was worried and wished to request Xia Yan’s friend to come to treat his father again.


As for that report, it was obviously still in the hospital’s records. However, since all the doctors felt that there was a mistake in the report, it would, at most, result in the lab worker’s pay getting cut. No one would bother to find out whether the diagnostic values on the report were right or wrong.


The military training was still going on. However, since the second week of August had already passed, the weather had become much more refreshing and pleasant, so the freshmen didn’t suffer as much as they had a few days ago. The freshmen used the training time to get acquainted with each other and also formed a good relationship with the instructor.


And during today’s training, the trio from 402 had become the target of an inhumane interrogation by the crowd. Xia Yan, especially, had taken all the limelight and bore the brunt of about ninety-percent of the savage questions.


“Xia Yan, you better confess now. How did you manage to hook up with pretty girls from H504?” One of the scoundrels from room 403 asked.


“Good people are always rewarded!” Xia Yan stated justly.


“Details! We need the details!” The group racketed discontentedly.




“Fu•k! Looks like our goodwill wasn’t enough, get him, boys!” Xia Yan’s stubborn attitude had roused their anger, so they wrecked him once, and continued with the interrogation.


“What are Anna’s three sizes?” Another scoundrel asked.


 “How would I know that?” Xia Yan shook his head.


“You really don’t know?”




“How about An Xiaoru’s three sizes?”


“An Xiaoru, huh…” Xia Yan recalled the image of her fair body, as well as the sensation from his hand and, couldn’t help but try to make a guess on the size.


This slight pause caused the scoundrels to make a racket once again, “So, you actually hooked up with An Xiaoru!”


“A wolf in sheep’s clothing!”


“A pickup artist!”



Xia Yan lamented his lack of experience that had let these scoundrels find leverage over him. Still, there was no way he would admit to anything, “Stop spouting nonsense. Our room just has a pure friendship with H504. Aren’t I right, Zhao Qiang, Qin Jian?”


“Indeed!” Zhao Qiang and Qin Jian obviously stood on the same side as him in this battlefront, “We are pure!”


“We know you both are, but Xia Yan definitely isn’t!” The scoundrels began hitting them relentlessly.




Zhao Qian and Qin Jian’s cheeks were marred with tears. [We also wish to get rid of it, but we haven’t got the chance to do it!]


Fortunately, the instructor arrived to disperse the group.


After the break ended, the training continued.


Xia Yan and Qi Ziyu stood at the front of the file, and when he looked at her, he saw this superstar classmate of his give him a thumbs up quietly. Although her head wasn’t facing him, Xia Yan could see the smile on her face.


When it was lunchtime, Xia Yan finally saw the mayhem that had set off on the forum.


“Flash News: The Girls’ Dorm Room with the Prettiest Girls Forms a Fellowship with a Freshman Dorm Room!”


“List of C402’s Inhabitants and an Analysis of their Backgrounds!”


“Overall Grades of Freshmen from C402 (Graded by a Girl for Girls)”



Xian Yan and his two roommates checked the forum on their phones eagerly. They were feeling very excited since they had become popular in Sihe University so quickly. As for the thread which showed how girls had graded them, it made them jab at each other.


“Fudge! Which girl graded us like this? She has given me just five points, that’s not even a passing score!” Zhao Qiang slammed the table to vent his dissatisfaction.


“I might increase to seven if you cure your acne. Hahaha…” Qin Jian began laughing loudly.


“The heck are you laughing for? You don’t even have acne, yet you only got a five, you’re much worse than me!” Zhao Qian checked Qin Jian’s points and began laughing out loud too, “Short heighted and vulgar-mouthed, so he can’t be given more than five points. IF you wish to nitpick, you can even reduce another point.”




“ASDFGHJKL!” Qin Jian cursed out.


“Look at my score. Hahahaha!” Xia Yan laughed smugly and read it to them, “Eight points, do you see it? A whole eight points!”


“This doesn’t make sense! How come you have such a high score? You’re obviously not as handsome or tall as me!” Zhao Qiang pointed out the disproportionate grading standards.


“Perfect height, healthy skin tone, firm facial features, and a good body build. He just manages to enter the ranks of the campus princes. Since the girls’ dorm room with the prettiest girls formed a fellowship with C402 because of him, it proves his charm power is pretty high. It’s also possible he’s a ‘perfect rich guy’ hiding his identity!” Xia Yan couldn’t help but grin as he read the description.


“The girls these days all are all after the looks!” Zhao Qiang stated gloomily.


“Yeah. His skin is dark like Africans, and they actually call it a healthy skin tone. Korean femboys are all the rage these days, so, Xia Yan doesn’t even conform with the current esthetic standards of girls!” Qin Jian stated.


“However, the guess that he’s a perfect rich guy in hiding might actually be true!” Zhao Qiang stated, “This guy had a Nokia on the first day, but in just two days, he swapped it with products from Fruit and even came back dressed in clothes that cost thousands! If you tell me that he isn’t a perfect rich guy, I wouldn’t believe it at all!”


“It’s imperfect rich guy, I say!” Qin Jian corrected him.


“Right! Imperfect rich guy!” Zhao Qiang expressed his agreement.


“You’re both just jealous of me!” Xia Yan simply ignored these traitors that were wailing like defeated dogs, and continued jabbing at them, “Eight points, five points, eight points, five points…”


“Dammit! I can’t hold back anymore!” Zhao Qiang screamed and teamed up with Qin Jian to hold Xia Yan and beat him up.


As the final inhabitant of C402, Hou Xiaotian, rarely appeared on campus, there wasn’t much information available on him, so the girl hadn’t graded him.


In short, C402 had become slightly famous because they had formed a fellowship with H504. Of course, this gossip would cool down in less than three days, and the students would forget about it.


“Xia Yan, remember to ask Anna and An Xiaoru’s help for hooking us up with girls! Don’t you forget your starving brothers now that you have a buffet at your hand’s reach!” After beating him up, the two scoundrels passed down this order to Xia Yan.


“Got it,” Xia Yan replied.


After that, Xia Yan rested on his bed and took the time to order a set of black-colored magician dress with a hat and all. This dress would allow him to cover his entire face. He gave the delivery address as Building 13 of Hearthcreek Apartments.


After having dinner, Hou Xiaotian returned to the dorm room. He called out to Zhang Qiang and Qin Jian before pulling Xia Yan out.


“Why was Hou Xiaotian so excited after seeing Xia Yan?” Zhao Qiang asked doubtfully.


“They are definitely doing gay stuff for sure!” Qin Jian stated.


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