Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 47, Master Xia’s Friend

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Spectre


Dong Quan waved his hand impatiently, “Can’t I come to this wasteful region? What are you all doing here?”


“Sir Feng is having fun inside. We accompanied Sir Feng over here!” One of the men answered politely.


“Leave it. I have things to attend to,” Dong Quan waved his hand and asked the karaoke hub’s security guard, “Is Wang Gang here?”


“Y-Yes, Sir Quan!” The guards replied promptly.


“Did someone come looking for trouble with him?” Dong Quan interrogated.


“Y-Yes!” The guards peeked at Wang Gang’s room and then looked towards the skeleton soldier in fear. Dong Quan finally noticed the black-robed man standing before him and felt utterly shocked.


Dong Quan didn’t think this black-robed man was Xia Yan as this man was taller and slimmer than Xia Yan, but he was certain that this man was acquainted with Xia Yan. If not, it would have been too much of a coincidence for this black-robed man to have arrived here to make trouble with Wang Gang just after Xia Yan had inquired about Wang Gang’s location from him.


Dong Quan looked at the black-robed man deeply then sprinted towards Wang Gang’s room and was stupefied by the tragic scene inside the room immediately after pushing the door open. It wasn’t wrong to call him a spoiled rich brat, but he wasn’t a vicious bully, so he hadn’t seen such a gruesome scene that many times. In fact, these thugs hadn’t got injured that badly, yet they looked pretty horrible.


Dong Quan exclaimed at the ruthlessness of Master Xia internally and ran back towards the black-robed man swiftly only to notice that the situation looked far from peaceful. A girl was hiding behind the black-robed man while Dong Feng’s two minions were glaring at her.


[Dong Feng couldn’t have provoked Master Xia’s acquaintance, right?]


Dong Quan quivered in fear and felt his limbs turn cold. [You f•cking bastards! Why don’t you go take a look at the tragic state of Wang Gang’s crew?! Since Master Xia possesses unbelievable abilities, do you think this black-robed man who acted in his place would be an ordinary person?]


He wouldn’t have cared if it were someone else, but Dong Feng was his little brother, so he couldn’t just watch his little brother invite disaster upon himself from the sidelines!


Dong Quan wore an obsequious smile on his face as he extended his hand towards the skeleton soldier, “Hello, I am Master Xia’s friend!”


Xia Yan naturally couldn’t shake hands with him, so he just nodded to confirm Dong Quan’s guess.


“How arrogant!”


“Who do you think you are? Brother Quan is doing you a favor by shaking hands with you and you actually dare to disrespect him like this?”


Dong Feng’s two minions made a fuss immediately when they saw the actions of the black-robed man.


“Shut the f•ck up for me!” Dong Quan was frightened to death. [Are the two of you blind? Can’t you see that even I am acting prudently here? And you still dare to say such crap? You aren’t upholding my reputation but instead pushing me into a pit of fire!]


The two minions, the security guards, and even the girl were stunned by this as they were perplexed about why Dong Quan seemed scared of offending the black-robed man. The two minions also felt that the situation didn’t look too promising.


“Allow me to deal with this matter, Brother. I definitely won’t disappoint you and Master Xia!”


[If I don’t fix this issue and this black-robed man reports what happened back to Master Xia, his impression of me that I improved with so much difficulty will get ruined again.]


Dong Quan didn’t hesitate a second longer and kicked the room’s door open with force, which caused the men and women who were having fun inside to pause their activities and look back. One of the young men got up suddenly and yelled, “Who is so blind to dare kick Sir Feng’s door, I… Sir Quan, how come you are here?”


Dong Quan rushed inside and turned his fury to the max, “Dong Feng, appear before this daddy!”


“Elder Brother, why are you here?” The others kept quiet out of fear as a young man flanked by two voluptuous women on either side got up from the sofa and expressed his displeasure, “Elder Brother, if you wish to become my daddy, you’ll definitely get scolded after returning home!”


“You’ll get scolded all the same, you bastard!” Dong Quan strode towards him while pushing aside the other men and grabbed Dong Feng’s arm to pull him outside, “Come outside and apologize!”


“Apologize for what?” Dong Feng was dumbfounded. He knew he wasn’t a decent person, but his elder brother was no better than him, so Dong Quan essentially never criticized him, and the two of them would have fun together often. Never had he asked him to apologize to someone!


[Damn it. Did I offend someone powerful?]


Dong Feng pondered on it while he got pulled outside mechanically by Dong Quan. [This doesn’t make sense. There aren’t that many people who I cannot afford to offend in Chengdu, and I would never provoke them since I know them! Even offending the city mayor wouldn’t have frightened Elder Brother so much!]


Dong Quan had already brought him outside while he was pondering about it. At a glance, the black-robed man was the most eye-catching, but Dong Feng didn’t feel like he was the reason for it as no powerful man in the city would dress like that. Hence, Dong Feng looked around but couldn’t find any special individual, so he asked his brother, “Elder Brother, who do you want me to apologize to?”


“To this brother!” Dong Quan said loudly as he pulled him before the skeleton soldier.


“What…” Dong Feng was stunned, “Who is this man? I don’t remember offending him!”


“Don’t give me bullshit now! Your two minions were the ones who offended this brother!” Dong Quan said.


“Can you tell me who this brother is then?” Dong Feng asked helplessly.


“He is Master Xia’s friend!” Dong Quan answered as he whacked Dong Feng’s head hard.


“Oof——” Dong Feng’s eyes turned into saucers. All the upper echelon of the Liu and Dong family knew that someone called Master Xia had cured Elder Liu and that too using occultic methods. In other words, this Master Xia was an expert and also a benefactor of the two families.


If his family’s elders learned that he had offended Master Xia’s friend, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine. Even a cut in his pocket money alone was enough to make Dong Feng feel aggrieved, let alone something worse than that.


“You motherf•cking bastards! Are you trying to get me killed?!” Dong Feng rained a volley of curses on the two minions in a rage and slapped each of them twice before giving them a few kicks. He then arrived before the skeleton soldier and bowed deeply, “Forgive me, I didn’t teach them well!”


The two minions didn’t dare to squeak when they saw their boss apologize and bowed together after arriving behind Dong Feng, “Please forgive us!”


“Brother, is this fine?” Dong Quan asked the skeleton soldier with a smile.


Xia Yan didn’t feel like wasting time here, so he nodded towards Dong Quan then nodded at the girl who was watching the scene before her curiously, and walked downstairs after that.


Dong Quan intended to follow after him, but he stopped in his footsteps immediately when Xia Yan gestured to him with his hands.


The ponytailed girl rolled her eyes and pulled a face towards Dong Feng before she followed after the skeleton soldier. Dong Feng turned pale immediately and asked in a low voice, “Elder Brother, does Master Xia’s friend know this girl?”


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